Everyone is a Channel

September 5, 2003

Everyone person on the planet has a unique gift from the creative Source. It has been called intuition, hunch, gut-level instinct, and perception or psychic ability. All these can be summed up by saying we have a channel just like a TV set. Our channel functions on our own frequency. To be centered is to stay in our own frequency, or band of energy. In order to channel for other, we must scan across other bands of energy and connect into the channel of another. Many people are so busy “channel-surfing” others that they live in confusion in their own lives because they are not familiar enough with their own band to distinguish between what comes through for them and what is for others.

Boredom: “Believing that you must do a particular task, not wanting to do it and refusing to allow your self to do anything else.” There is guilt for not accomplishing and dissatisfaction about inability to move on. The resulting stalemate is called boredom. When we know that our lives are important, but we do not wish to deal with our own issues, we start getting into other people’s lives for distractions. Like a channel-surfer, we pick up a lot of stuff and maybe none of it appeals to us, but we don’t return to our channel because it will mean change. Growth and change bring us new programming. We all can get attached to certain programs on television, and when they are taken off the air it is almost like losing friends of family. The result is change and adjustment to change.


Our own channel is where we receive the input from higher source that guides our lives. Fear of change often influences how well our own signal comes through in channel. Often it is easier to pick up someone else’s channel because we are much more objective. When we get information for others and attempt to put our interpretation on it, it can create mixed signals.

The word “psychic” comes from the Greek word psychikos, which means “of the soul or spiritual.” Though to word psychic has gotten bad press, it still means we are one in spirit. In our belief that we are separate, we have decided that we tink in our head and a psychic reads our mind. The truth is that every thought we have is projected out through the solar plexus and when we scan other channels we receive the impressions back through the solar plexus. The solar plexus is a huge power generator/ receiver. When we go on the defensive and do not wish to hear what someone else is sending, we cross our arms across our chest. The body language says, “I refuse to receive what you are sending.” The truth is, rarely do the arms actually cover the solar plexus, so we can still be bombarded with unwanted energy.

A simple exercise is: Put your left palm over the area just below the heart, perhaps in inch or two out from the body. Rest the right palm in front of the left an inch or two. Feel the energy begin to change in your stomach area and if someone has flipped the energy in the solar plexus this will flip it back. Normally, the energy in the solar plexus flows clockwise, but if someone attempts to get to your power center they can flip the energy to counter-clockwise and you may feel as though you have been punched in the stomach. When feeling a requirement to protect the solar plexus rest your hands comfortably over your solar plexus in the manner described above. It allows you to hear what others have to say without feeling that you are being forced to accept what they are saying. Free will!

Psychic ability is being in channel is accessible only when we are willing to develop it. It is a Gift, as are muscles; It all comes with the human package. Muscle tone and coordination are vastly improved when the muscles are used in a disciplined way. The channel is much more useful when it is used daily in our own lives and worked with constantly. If you stop using muscles, they get flabby. If you refuse to listen to channel, distortions occur and you will doubt that the messages that you are receiving are correct.

Trust of what you are receiving is vital to being a good receptor.


There is a lot of controversy over the idea of losing your power when you ask another person for intuitive input. Yet the same person would consult a doctor or minister and never give a thought to power give away, yet if the person is unwilling to make their own choices it doesn’t matter who they ask to make the choice for them, it is still a power give away. So many people are saying of their spiritual choices, “I must do this all by myself.” If someone is out of trust with their own inner knowing they cannot discern the truth and shutting the door of the inner self and being alone won’t improve the clarity. When we reclaim our power and stop needing outward validation that we are right, we will then realize that the answers to all the questions exist within us NOW. While we are making the journey to that place, a second opinion is helpful. The validation can help build confidence. “We absolutely must do this for ourselves and we absolutely cannot do it by ourselves.” ST. Germain

Notice that I said, second opinion, not third, fourth or fifth. Taking a pole to find those in agreement can totally weaken your resolve. There are those people who spend a fortune looking for the “right” answer, rather than the true answer. If five psychics basically give the same answer, but the sixth one agrees with your opinion, don’t get too comfortable that all the others are wrong. Something is working in the energy around you that five intuitives have connected with. The signal you are sending is being picked up similarly be the greater number of channels.


Fear brings the greatest distortion of clear receiving. “What if it is evil? What if it is not what I think it is? What if it is just me?” The ego is very interested in keeping attention focused on itself. When we begin to trust channel, we begin to shift our focus to the God force, and ego goes into action to get us back in line. The scare tactics of ego are liberally used by churches, parents and wherever in society there is a fear that control will be lost if we begin to listen within and trust what we receive.

There are those who feel they get instructions from God to do harm. Remember, God is love. Love absolutely will not kill itself, abandon itself or harm itself in any way. Therefore, any information that instructs us to do harm should be considered with great care, for what we create always returns to us a hundred fold. There is no justification for bringing pain to others. Revenge and retribution all perpetuate separation from God, from ourselves and from others.

There are those who go “off the deep end” with psychic things, but there are people who also become compulsive or obsessive about football, work, hobbies, relationships, religion and so forth. Balance is vital in all areas of life. When channel is lovingly and wisely attended to it is a wonderful tool for living, but any tool can become a weapon if misused.


There have been many guidelines provided on how to choose a psychic. I can say from experience that people are attracted to the energy that will serve them in the moment. The most credible psychic can be found lacking by someone whe wishes to prove the psychic wrong. In Choosing, use discernment, trust your own feelings (not logic, but feelings), and if all else fails, close your eyes and draw a name out of a hat. Your soul knows what is best.

Liking a reading (or hating it) is no measure of its worth. A strong psychic will speak of what he or she receives without a lot of sugarcoating. Often when big changes are occurring in a person’s life, the reading can be extremely frightening. Ego desires the status quo and fear is a great paralyzer. At other times a person might get a great reading, but nothing predicted happens afterward. The person then thinks the psychic was wrong. Not necessarily. A psychic reads what is there in the energy at that moment. The symbols are interpreted according to the psychic’s understanding. The person receiving the reading might give the symbols another interpretation.

For example, the reader might say, “There is money in your future,” but does not explain or see clearly how the money will come. The client then expects money, without thinking about where it might come from. Some people have deep-seated belief that they heve to pay a price for any good that comes to them. There could be an accident that brings money, but also pain. Inheritance through death might also fit that belief. If the money comes from a windfall such as a raise or a bonus, it might be overlooked because the person was not expecting to work for money. Some people , upon learning money is coming, will block it, fearing that more money could mean greater responsibility. A few people will receive money easily. Perception is a big factor in this scenario.

Other factors now coming into play are multidimensional realities. This energy can cause a reader to connect with a parallel or simultaneous life. A reader might see a new relationship, yet there is no clear understanding of which life in which that is occurring.

The most important thing is for people to lovingly develop their own channel; however, just like exercise, not everyone likes the discipline. The discipline involved in developing your channel is the discipline to love yourself so well that you stay present in the now. When you develop a focus and center, you hear through your own channel much more clearly.

Back in the 1960’s a new paradigm emerged—that we are responsible for our own lives, healing, welfare, abundance, and relationships. Having a clear channel allows us to take that “response-ability” in joy and mastery. Someone who is a victim cannot afford to hear divine directives, or if he/she does, to understand them through channel because they could no longer be a victim. A victim is not necessarily a weak person. Anytime you hear yourself say, ”I can’t” in that moment you have become a victim.


One very good , very easy way to discipline yourself to listen to channel is to set aside a certain time each day to get quiet and write. When you sit down, breathe a few deep breaths and then let your breathing become even. Visualize or feel yourself surrounded by light. White light is God force; violet light, St. Germain; deep dark blue, Lord Michael; light blue, Mother Mary; orange-red, Jesus; peach, Buddah; and green, Hilarion. When you call the light, the light protects you. When the ego says, “What if this isn’t the light?” the answer is, the light is here. When you call a specific name—God, Jesus, Michael– that energy comes. When ego says, “What if this is evil?” the answer is, the master has been called. If the question arises, “What is this is only me?” remember that we are all masters in the reawakening. When the answer resounds within you as truth, it doesn’t matter if the idea came from you the master or an ascended master. The master is with you and truth hears truth.

Write a question on paper. Then feel your energy connect between your mind and the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the area just below the heart, “the body brain”, the seat of the soul. This is the area where we can hear “the still, small voice of God” that the Bible refers to. Center your energy and pay attention to what is happening in your midsection. There might be butterflies, a tightness of the stomach muscles, or just plain fear. There also can be a warm feeling, comfort or excitement. Sometimes it really takes discernment to tell the difference between fear, agitation and excitement. Fear and negative emotions feel off-balance, unsteady. Excitement or joy feels more fulfilling. “Be still and know that I AM God” is a good thing to remember. The more peaceful the soul area, the better you can hear. The soul must know stillness before it can hear its own true song.

Record whatever you receive and make no judgments. Remember, the ego will attempt to distract you at each level, and it gets more subtle the more you evolve. Simply record the words, pictures, symbols, paragraphs, phrases, feelings, emotions and so forth, even is they don’t appear to make sense. When you feel you have received everything that you can , go back and read what you have written. Most of the time it makes a lot more sense than your ego wanted you to believe.

One of the greatest games ego plays is to create a lack of trust and supicion about the process at the point of your weakest link. There might be doubt that you received real information or doubt that the master spoke with you. The ego might tell you you’re being picked on or beaten up. Remember, the ego will do its best to distract you and even get its own two-bits worth in if it can. The ego can make you feel guilty. A really important thing to remember is that God does not love you more because of what you do or don’t do, because God never loved you less. You have been loved unconditionally forever. Love has no judgment.

Keep what you write in a journal and go back occasionally and reread what you recorded. Sometimes the information that made no sense at all when you got it will become quiet valid later.

Breaking discipline is just ego drawing you off-center. Excuses serve no purpose, because masters do not make excuses. Your friends do not need excuses and  others won’t believe them. We all get busy and yet taking the time to stay in touch with the inner guidance keeps a balance in the daily insanity.

In the beginning it is best to set aside a time each day to journalize because we learn from habit. If you just cannot meet the time schedule one day forgive making judgment against yourself. Forgive trying. The harder you try to journal the same time each day or the harder you try to hear what is being given to you the more you block the process. Relax, allow, anticipate, but do not expect something to happen. Your outcome may be very different from someone else’s so don’t measure your progress against anyone else. They could be making up something so they don’t look bad in their own mind.

Because the movement toward “I am responsible” is causing the inner child to say “I can do this all by myself,” we see the equivalent of psychic two-year-.olds. The person pushes away help and then suffers alienation because of the subsequent confusion.

The bridge of oneness is built as quickly or as slowly as each person allow.

Some want to rush, but the Universe functions in its own time. Some slow down their progress be seeking consent to change from people who are terrified of change, and the answer these people give is “Absolutely do not change unless I say so, and then do it very slowly.”  Listening to your own channeled information, really hearing and trusting it, is action-oriented. Having someone else tell you things is passive and requires no involvement. You must in the final end make the choices for yourself. Healing your psychoemotional/physical self is action-oriented. You must participate. Letting someone else tell you what you should do or what pill to take is giving up the power that your own channel supplies.

Trust your channel. Trust is imperative for allowing divine directive to work with you and through you.

Be willing to work with any information you receive, because whether it comes through you or to you from another, your choices about how to act on it are the final authority.

Patience is a major factor. Bigger, better, faster is life in the fast lane and has little if nothing to do with life in the spiritual lane.

Feel rather than think. The mind is wonderful; however, it cannot override our feelings. We first led by our emotions. Allow the feelings and emotions. Do not try to stifle them. Your life depends on being in touch. Logic seeks to override our truth. We don’t want anyone to be hurt by what we hear coming to us, so we use our mind to attempt to persuade our internal message to stop or change. Then we say, “I just don’t get anything intuitively.”

Each person has a fully equipped, ready-to-use, online channel. Individuality determines when, how much or if the person will utilize that channel. It is a gift, but not a gift that only a few can trust enough to use for others and that only a few trust enough to allow it to work for them. It is instead a gift bestowed on each one of us by a loving Creator wh never wanted to lose touch.