Sexual Prosperity (Power) (Wealth)

September 2, 2003

In our journey of separation in the earth plane we have gone further and further from the memory of our mastery—divine power.

When we think of sex we think of physical relationships, attraction, co-joining to create children of the body, and the word “love” which has become interchangeable with sex.

Prosperity is viewed in terms of money and things. Our value is more often measured by material goods rather than inner worth.

Sexual (creative) prosperity (wealth) contains the elements of our divine inheritance from the God force. Sexual prosperity is a name for reclaiming our sexual power (creativity), our material power (prosperity) and our personal worth (divine power).

These three issues—sexuality, prosperity, and personal value—are associated with the three lower chakras: sex with the root chakra, power with the splenic chakra, and prosperity with the solar plexus. Our fear of sex and power has caused teachings that encourage shutting down these charkas. As we become more spiritual, these teachings say that we don’t need worldly involvement. However, if these charkas do not function in balance and harmony with the upper charkas, we have no foundation in life to support our spiritual selfhood. The root chakra and the crown chakra flow in a circular motion when the kundalini, or sacred serpent, is raised. Creative energy rises from the root to the crown and returns to the root in an infilling/outpouring/infilling or receive/give/receive cycle. Sexual prosperity is achieved by receiving and giving in balance. Sex is not love in and of itself, but when sex is considered as a sharing from a soul understanding, it becomes enlightened rather that limited. Sex becomes infused with love.

Money is not God, but the currency flow it stands for is. Prosperity includes everything that makes life better—love, health, joy, freedom and, yes money.

The light is returning to the Earth. We are confronted with all of our miscreations. Sex has become another recreational drug. Money and things measure our value and fear of change is an overwhelming disease. All of this is called revelation!

Our dark side is nor always the worst side, only the most repressed and misunderstood. The shadow side of power, sex and wealth often conceals our deepest treasures.

Judgments of ourselves and others have caused us to question our own personal worth and value. Our precious treasures of talent, compassion, beauty and joy are being revealed as we remember who we really are.

We are remembering all of our lifetimes—those we are pleased with and those we hope no one will find out about. As we simply forgive them we free ourselves to claim more of who we are. We remember power, both positive and negative—sexual, material, intellectual and spiritual.

How do we access the light, remember our mastery, and reclaim divine power in the conflict of uncertainty on Earth? We will attempt to give some answers, even to touch potential solutions.

Sex: Transformational Creativity

Let’s start with Eden. The issues did not begin there, but they certainly got a good push downhill. Blame, judgment and misinterpretation have created greater and greater separation between the sexes and between humanity and God. The land of Nod, the state of loss, caused a belief that everything, including sexual understanding, is hard work. Judgment of experience as bad or flawed has created mistrust of self and others. Man searches for the perfection he believes he has lost, and I frustrated when his expectations fall short.

The story or Eden is that first there were created man and woman, Adam and Lilith. Lilith was a woman of power and self knowing, equal to Adam. When the ego begins to run the show we fear others who may appear to be stronger, because we judge ourselves weaker beside them. Adam became concerned that Lilith was getting the upper hand. He complained to god. Lilith could no longer stay with Adam because she was growing and he was attempting to stay the same for safety.

So God put Adam to sleep (the state of separation) and created Eve from Adam’s rib. He now felt bigger, stronger and very protective—which soon became possessive. Eve’s submissiveness allowed Adam to be in control. He had not realized when Lilith was there how much balance she created. Now he had to be responsible for himself as well as make the “right decisions” for Eve. He was in complete control; however, control is full of fear, and soon he did not even trust God. Little by little the fear closed Eden to Adam, and he moved into the land of Nod.

Definition: A divine relationship is entered into be two sovereign entities who love themselves so well that they do not collapse into themselves or each other (:Do something for me.”)

The dissatisfaction resulting from wanting an equal partner and wanting to control life has escalated to monumental proportions. Sex has gone from the pure, loving innocence of Eden’s beginning to jaded big business and the hottest sales pitch ever. The anger over lost innocence has led to violent sex and to less and less self-respect. Confusion over how to stop the downward spiral looks outward and says we must stop them.

Mankind has attempted to legislate how people conduct sexual relationships. Laws that say how, when and with whom we may become sexual involved create fear, repression and lies—but people continue to have extramarital affairs, live together without marriage, and enter same-sex relationships. We have proven that we cannot, even with laws, change human nature unless humans choose to change themselves. Threats, punishment and embarrassment create shame and hatred, which prove to be distractions from the real issue: self-mastery—remembering to use our sexual power wisely.

We talk about going back—back to innocence, back to love, back to honesty. However, life’s progress is always about going forward. If I choose to receive honesty from others in my life, I must lovingly be sure that I walk my talk at all times. I must be clear what my personal truth is be looking within rather than without. I must curb the desire to cloak accusation in a “truth skin” and the attempt to make others believe I am honest rather than judgmental. When we speak in “I” verbiage we must consider what we really mean. When we speak in “you” terms we can get careless and overlook what we really are angry about. We fall into the blame game. Always speak in “I” terms. It gives the other person space to consider what you have to say.

Sex is the strongest creative force in the Universe. As it was originally created, it is magnetic force—positive and negative, male and female—to manifest loving creation in the Earth plane.

Positive polarity (desire) is masculine, outgoing, assertive and capable of impregnation negative polarity (imagination), which is feminine, receptive, nurturing and fertile. When imagination and desire are brought together they create beauty, love, art, music, harmony and children of the body as well as the mind

To heal our sexuality, we would now, in this moment commit ourselves to paying attention in each moment to how we create—how we think, how we feel and how we manifest in our lives.

Sex as a creative power influences everything in our lives, for we function in a male/female world. To deeply forgive our gender judgments assists in healing. We cannot judge male or female without judging ourselves, for each person has both male and female polarities, both God and Goddess.

Call you inner male and female to come and talk with you. Ask him how he is feeling and encourage him to speak freely. Allow her to talk about how she feels. They are a part of you; however, if you with to learn from them, be objective. Do not attempt to put words in their mouths. Ask them to speak to one another honestly and clearly. In doing this exercise you will learn a lot about your inner concepts of male and female. Remember, when we judge we are thrice accused be any judgment we make. When we heal our inner male and female we truly achieve the sacred marriage that the fairy tales refer to. Fairy tales where never about an outer union, but are allegories. Until the inner union is made, no outer union is satisfactory.

We believe we are attracted by looks or sexiness, but the inner certainty of loving power makes the most magnetic attraction. A male or female who is centered in his or her power is the most attention-getting of all. The real test of mastery is a sexual relationship with another human being, for what appears to be love can often become a power struggle over any weak point. The mate becomes the mirror in which all of our light and dark are reflected—thus the conflict of “my creations versus thy creation”.

We must forgive the habit of thinking that one partner gives up his or her power, creativity and/or life for th other. There would be a loving give-and-take in all things. Sharing is equal exchange, not one always giving and one always taking.

Remember, to everything there is a season, so keeping tabs on “I gave you this much today and tomorrow I expect you to return that much to me” upsets universal balance. Give with an assurance (self-knowing) that all necessities, obligations and joys are met now, in this moment and allow the universe to fulfill the prayer rather than focusing on the mate or partner to do it for you. Stay sovereign!

These times are literally removing old structure, law and limit. We now get to redefine our sexuality from a new point of view, so ancient that we have forgotten it. Affirm each day: “I love my sexuality. I ask for greater clarity to understand my sexual role in these times. Thank you Father/Mother God that it is so.” Then be conscious, willing to pay attention in your life to what you see, hear, feel and perceive. Divine inner direction comes as we claim our creative transformation—sexual prosperity.

Personal Power: Magnetism, the Cohesive Force

Everyone wants power—to be in charge, to say how we run our own life. Yet there is concern over, even fear of, power. We want to do the right thing, but there is confusion over what is right. Personal power is imbued with clarity, patience and the courage to live one’s own personal truth.

Truth does not make war. The ego makes war. Living personal truth is an internal understanding based on love. There are many people who wrap judgment in a truth skin and hurl it at others: “My truth is, you did this and you did that.” It contaminates the space of another to fill that space with judgments and accusations. This causes defense, which leads to conflict. Conflict leads to separation and disintegration of relationships.

Truth and love need no accusations. Often others may not agree with our personal understanding, and that is a test of personal power—to stand by what we believe, even if we stand alone. Truth feels different from conflict in the body.

The seat of power in the human body is in the area of the navel—the splenic chakra. If this chakra is out of balance the emotions run amuck, life feels out of order, and prosperity does not seem to flow well. Here is a simple exercise that may help you to find this center:

Move your attention from your head to the area of your navel. With your inner eye look into this area and see the light within. Perhaps you will notice little lines of light going out from this area, each line represents a place where you have given your power away, in this life or another. Visualize all the lines of light returning to this center as you call your power back. You may feel heat or tingling in the area of your navel. Your stomach may feel full because you have not been power-full in a long time. Sit quietly and become familiar with how your power feels so that you will no longer be in danger of giving it away. The moment you feel your power leave your body call it back. Others cannot use your power and you cannot live without it.

The illusion that we can obtain something from another by bartering power for it is a fallacy. When we give our power away the other person seems stronger only because we have weakened ourselves before them. Many people have lower back pain (issues of being unsupported). If we consider that the lower back reflects the navel chakra, we get the picture—no power, no support.

Since all creation begins within us, if we believe that no one cares, we will believe that we have to do everything by ourselves and cannot accept help because that would be a sign of weakness. It is no surprise that we get no help and turn away any offer of help that might come by making excuses. How many times have you said, ”When I need help, everyone is busy, yet I am always helping others?” whatever you say, you are right. So when you make a law in your life by repeating negative statements over and over, then you must live by them in order to continue being right—even if the laws hurt you. If you are always helping others, when can they possibly help you? You are too busy to find time for them to assist you.

The electric company sends electricity (currency) to your home. You pay cash (currency) for it—currency for currency. When we serve others, currency put out and deserves and equal currency input. Discernment allows us to perceive balance in service. There are times when we may serve someone who cannot serve us in return, at least not in the moment. However, being one with out god-self disallows our being used against our will or giving our power away. If we choose to serve someone who cannot return the flow, that is an appropriate choice, but when we do not allow ourselves to be balanced by someone serving us, we run out of power. ”What goes around comes around” is divine law. If we are too proud to allow others to help us because, it is more noble to give than to receive, then consider how this “all out and no in” upsets our balance. What a wonderful way to lead people to powerlessness—by convincing them that giving is blessed and receiving has something wrong with it.

God did not create us in poverty. God provided abundance in all things. When we give till it hurts, we create anger and pain, which must be compensated for in some way. The bottom line on using power well is a good, healthy attitude about accepting help as well as giving it.

One of the most aggravating truths we can hear is,” you are entirely responsible for every event in your life.” When I first heard this I spent several months thinking of things I was sure had happened in spite of me, but even as I thought of them I could sense my part in each event. Again and again I saw my part in it, though I did not like seeing it. I could not deny my part, how I created it. As I could see how I called in the things I didn’t like, I also became aware of how I have created and can create what I do like. “I am the creator of my own flow of divine prosperity.” God provides and by positive choice I allow.

If we allow ourselves to be constantly replenished, we are never empty and we can always share. Consider what sharing really means. In our giving society we only think of one side, so if we cannot give in this moment we judge ourselves inadequate. “To all things there is a season.” We give and receive. It is called balance.

The process of allowing love and trust cannot be done in the head or by trying. It is not accomplished be aggression or doing. We come to love and trust be allowing all thoughts and emotions that are less than good to pass away. Whatever we thin, we energize. Fighting “bad” thoughts only feeds them. Trying to get rid of the negative puts the focus on what is unwanted. Only when we commit to empowering the things we truly desire, thinking about our own understanding rather than worrying about what others are doing or thinking, will we bring forth what we desire—reclamation of our divine power.

Prosperity: The Power Issue We All Talk About

When you say the word rich, what comes to mind? Feel the word in your stomach area, as though you swallowed it. Perhaps you have some judgments. Maybe you feel fear or need or confusion over money or some other thing you don’t have and believe someone else is keeping you from getting. Perhaps you even feel a thrill about having money, followed by a letdown because you don’t believe you can have it.

The solar plexus is the truth center of the body. You process your food and thoughts there. A thought that is not your truth, even if you like the idea of it, may not sit any better in your stomach than a bad piece of food. Judgments against “rich” or neediness over being rich,. Can make you feel sick to your stomach.

As you take the word “rich” to your solar plexus, record on paper the judgments that come up against rich. We are all taught inappropriate ideas against wealth and money that create confusion and anger over our allowing into our lives the very things we are taught to want. “Money is the root of all evil” was originally “ the love of money is the root of all evil.” Anything we put above God in our lives can blind us to our greatest good/God.

People say, “I don’t want to be rich, I just want enough.” When we begin to realize that this is not a static universe, we understand that what is enough in this moment is not enough next week or next year. So we must always be expanding our consciousness to manifest what we require in this moment and the next—literally remembering that the universe provides everything we require the moment we require it, and not one moment before.

Grant yourself permission to be rich on your own terms. One of the greatest sources of anger people have is a belief that they must be rich on someone else’s terms or measure up to some elusive standard the world has set. Remember, even the rich have issues with “rich”, for it is a relative state of mind. As you record your judgments, on the seventh day of record keeping examine your judgments, forgive them (let them go0, burn the paper they are written on and then say out loud, “I am rich!” Feel this in your solar plexus. Does it feel good? Can you live it? If not, you may take another seven days to forgive more deeply. When you can say, “I am rich” and feel it is true (the chills of truth on your body), then and only then will you begin to allow “rich” to express fully in your life.

Only when you feel something is true will you allow it into your life. “I think I am allowing,” “I thought I did better that that,” and “I think I want to be rich.” Are all chin-uppers, statements made from the mind without connection to the feeling or truth center. When we are afraid to feel or have gotten out of touch with our feelings, we may believe something outside of us can influence the outcome of our lives.

Jesus taught the truth of Universal flow. He put out His hand and called from the Universe that which He required—with no guilt. He didn’t call more than He needed in the moment because He knew it would always be available. He didn’t have to prove He was rich by amassing things. He didn’t call forth to show off or show up others or prove He was in some way better because He had more.

Jesus understood that all are equal in the One, and therefore all can put out their hands and call from the Universe all they require for themselves. He  understood that, in love, He was abundantly cared for; therefore, He could freely care for others. We cannot give to others, when we are empty ourselves. Poverty rarely spawns great creation, because striving for existence is a full-time job. To be in the physical, material world we must be physically cared for. The truth of mastery—claiming our own prosperity—is an attitude of love and gratitude. When we create the love, feeling it flowing through us, and filling us, we benefit and so does everyone else.

Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle that for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” What is Heaven, and where? The kingdom of Heaven is within—a peaceful mind and heart. When our goods own us we become security-minded and full of fear of loss. There is no peace in fear. As we surrender, we allow our divine inheritance to be ours. Surrender leaves a void to be filled with greater good than we had before. Surrender is not just selling a house, quitting a job, leaving a relationship or getting rid of all of our money. It is allowing a shift to greater love and trust within ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As soon as we truly let go, things change. If we think we have let go and things are still the same, we are secretly clinging to some piece of the past or some thing, and even if it is very small it can delay the desired good.

As soon as we are comfortable with a new level of prosperity, it is time to allow a new shift to occur. Growth in love has no limits; therefore, there is no “there” place where it never gets any better. When we are willing to open and expand our acceptance of more and greater good. God joyously provides.

Poverty is very expensive. It takes energy, time and money that the poor do not have. It is the hard way. It is easier to flow with the abundance of the Universe, but this requires letting go of old familiar, limiting patterns and living empty for a while. The fear that god won’t notice is great. We have been taught to live in the future because there is not enough here. Putting the attention out of now disallows the good coming to us now. The future always stays ahead of us and we exhaust ourselves pursuing it, when we could still ourselves and let God send the good to us NOW. Learn to be.

The state of being is not just sitting with your hands folded, waiting for something to happen. It is very action-oriented. The action is strong, positive thought-creation and the patience to let things manifest in the divinely appropriate time. Our divine prosperity is available at all times, in all places, to all people, if we are open to receive it.