Spiritual Weight Reduction

September 10, 2003

Absolutely, the best weight reduction plan on the planet is forgiveness. There is nothing else that lightens the weight of our bodies like letting go of the old burdens and unforgiven issues in our lives.

Thoughts are things in a very real way and as we go through our lives we accumulate anger, guilt, pain and judgment as baggage. Judgment is heavy. Just pick up a law book and you can feel the physical, as well as, the emotional weight of judgment. Grudges are another weight that we pick up along our journey and many people refuse to put down their grudges. It is true that not everyone who is angry or judgmental or grudge bearing is heavy physically. Some may feel heavy energetically or even carry depression as their weight, but as we are being called by the energy changes on the planet to be more enlightened our physical weight is getting our attention.

You notice that the word “loss” is not being used because the human psyche has a fear of loss. All the so-called “weight loss” programs are built on a foundation that constantly recreates the need for what they are selling—“loss”. If you lose something you will look for it and in attempt to assure yourself you will be careful not to lose it again. So if you lose weight, it gets progressively more difficult to lose it again. In fact, most people who “lose” weight will gain back what they have lost and a little more or a lot more depending on how their psyche reacts to loss.

The process of forgiveness does not involve loss, but willing release. Picture an alter in your heart and on that alter you are going to place as much of the old “stuff” that you have been carrying around as you can imagine. God is there at your alter and as you place the weight of your burdens and judgments on your alter God is going to change the energy to Light. With each old emotion that is forgiven you can feel physically, as well as, emotionally and spiritually lighter. You will begin to feel more powerful. Power is not heavy, but strong. You feel less victimized. Victimization can create the feeling of armor or a need to armor, which is heavy. As all of the old weight, plus your anger, which is always heavy is laid upon your alter you can feel the lightening of your heart, which then begins to effect your physical body. The process is slower than a weight loss program, because most people have to get the hang of forgiveness, but as you get it, the weight comes off in a gentle and effective way that will stay gone because you are not attempting to find something you have lost.

Many people over eat for emotional reasons, using food to distract themselves. As you practice forgiveness the requirement for emotional eating begins to lessen. If your mind and psyche are not so cluttered with old emotions you can find more peace within yourself. It is important to replace the old weighty thoughts with new lighter ones. If you think you have forgiven, but you keep going over old material in your mind you have not let go. You did a mental ritual, but you have not made the demonstration of Faith to really let God take over. Food is the drug of choice for many people and therefore, forgiveness requires breaking the addiction. Just like a alcoholic who must stop being with drinkers in order to quit, one who is addicted eating because of anger, shame or judgment must find companions who are interested in something besides making others wrong or being a victim or rehearsing the injustices of life, as well as making food the center of their attention. If you are attempting to eat less, then thinking of food all of the time—counting calories, measuring portions, avoiding certain foods—can be self-defeating.

“We are what we eat” is not only true about the physical food that we put into our mouths, but the words, thoughts, and ideas that we take in from ourselves and others. Often, the intake of painful, disturbing thoughts can add physical weight through the excess fluid of unshed tears or a feeling of having to defend ourselves by putting on extra weight.

Give forgiveness a month. If you still feel that you must count calories then add forgiveness to the program. Not only does the weight come off easier, but also the body responds by firming and toning in a way that other weight reduction programs do not offer except through strict and often strenuous exercise. Don’t forget the self-love, which makes any change you undertake easier.