How to Access Your Riches

April 22, 2006

The Master St. Germain

Beloved Masters, you ask again and again “How can we make more money?” “There never seems to be enough.” “How do we pay our bills?”

I tell you Masters, it is not about the money, but about the focus upon what is desired. Money is the coin of the realm. It appears to be the way to be rich. Yet, I tell you that there are men who have amassed great wealth who will never know what it is to be rich. Rich is the state of at-one-ment with the energy from Divine source. Logic wants to explain the obvious; it wants to remind us that the world has limitations. These are the materials from which poverty is builded.

Beloved Masters, these times bring gifts that I have desired to share for eons. The world cannot continue to function in the old limited ways. Look around you the masks are falling. Much of the limits that you are now encountering come from your own judgments of yourselves. You are being called from “the Lord, God of your Being” to forgive yourself, forgive the ancient suffering that you have carried with you throughout lifetimes because you believed that it was important that you remember your flaws. Those flaws have served to keep you in separation and their forgiveness is imperative to your ascension.

Lift your consciousness above the energies of the World. The working of energies from multi-dimensions is what will assist you to find what you are looking for. Much of what you desire is achieved from playing with dichotomies. Ascension, the Good Life, is not the utter abandonment of how you have been, to go to some place that is removed from life. That is still separation. The energy of your Divine Inheritance exists right at the tips of your fingers just beyond the veil of your disbelief. You put your hands on the things you desire hundreds of times each day. You have operated on the premise that “seeing is believing”. Now you must turn this around, not just in your mind, but in your psycho/spiritual self. Hear me Masters, “Believing is seeing”. When you have FAITH you bring about what you desire. Your ego has wanted to have proof at every turn so that you could control the way your life goes. You cannot control FAITH, therefore a big part of achieving what you desire begins with letting go of control. It has a palpable energy. You can feel control. As you let it go the energy around your desires lightens. The veil of density begins to roll back. You cannot make this happen, it is not a “doing” thing.

Sit quietly and picture what you desire, not the money, but the outcome: bills paid, happy creditors, a feeling of satisfaction that you owe no one, the desired things in your possession without stress. This is a million dollar feeling that comes from the assurance that your necessities, obligations and joys are met NOW in this moment. Feel how good this feels. Feel it deeply within you. Note how your ego wants to distract your attention and remind you of your limitations. Return to the wonderful feeling of being at one with all the God/Good there is. That feeling is who you truly are. That feeling is how you were before you decided to play this game of separation.

Now you can begin to break the bondage of lifetimes of mental/emotional indoctrination of limitation. We see that some of the biggest arguments that the ego puts forth are that this is too simple, just feeling your good, “Ha” the ego says, “You are not doing enough”. The energy I speak about, the feeling Good, could never be achieved by doing. Doing is an energy that is about leaving self. This new Good can only be found within you. Rich is not only money, but love, friendship, well-being and the freedom to create your life in the best way possible according to the highest good of all concerned. Only Love and Truth can show you how everyone can benefit in every situation. In the moment the small judgments of the world could make others feel that they have not gotten their best, even you Beloved Masters, if you must judge that getting what you want is the only proof of the highest Good, could feel disappointment. FAITH holds you on a steady course to joy, if you will stop fighting it. How often have you received your good, only to say, “I would have never thought of the good coming that way?”

Allowing is a new understanding. Very often We see that humanity gets angry, because allowing cannot be controlled. A great concern of those who are holding the power of fear over groups of people is that the people will begin to remember how to allow—allow their Good, allow their freedom in the truest sense (not a bartering of freedom for an illusion of protection), allowing their riches from the Divine Inheritance.

The freedom to call your life in joy must be allowed without boxing it in limitation. You say, “I don’t want to be RICH. I just want enough.” This is a statement of smallness that requires much attention to the feelings of sadness and anger that accompany the limit. Some will feel self righteous or proud that they don’t want much. Those are the teachings of separation that have created the wounded self. Telling God “I don’t want your Good. I don’t deserve your Good”, adds to the wound every time the Words are said. The Truth is so simple. Breaking old patterns takes time. However the time/space continuum is being dismantled and the energy of time and space is being given back to the Masters who created it in the beginning. So when your ego says, “There is not enough time”, remember, “You have all the time there isn’t”. That is a part of being RICH.

You are so Loved, you are so miraculous, you are so amazing. We are so delighted in you. Allow yourselves the riches of the Universe that belong to you. Forgive the small view of limitation. As you remember that you can have everything, it ceases to be important. Divine law says,  “When it doesn’t matter, you can have IT all”.

We bless you on this day. You are BELOVED. Until we meet again I bid you, Adieu.