July 27, 2006

“To plan is to attempt to gain control of a situation by saying exactly how it will work. Organization is putting affairs in order so that you may see what is going on in any given situation, without the need for an outcome. Goals are desires stated clearly for your own purpose. Goals may be obtained in any number of ways. Plans are mental/physical. Organization is mental/emotional/physical. Goals include elements of all the energies—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.”

“To plan has a feeling of hardness in it. Plans have elements of perfection woven into them. Plans have to follow a certain course or they are considered plans gone awry.”

“We see that humans want to have a plan, because the idea of allowing the affairs of life to unfold without supervision is almost unheard of. Humans need to know where they are going, see exactly how things are going to work and understand as well as possible every detail to feel comfortable with a situation. If someone else is involved in the plan the planner wants to decide how that person will perform, exactly what they will do and how they will do it. Because no two people think, act or see things exactly alike, plans require flexibility. If the planner has decided that things must go a certain way and other people involved have different ideas often conflict will arise because the planner must control the situation.”

“Imagine having an idea and visualizing the idea with passion until you can feel the energy, see the colors and patterns of the picture and perhaps even experience the sound, touch and smell of the idea. Then imagine sharing this idea with God with the absolute Faith that God will not only assist you to bring about the idea, but improve on it so that when you receive the outcome it is so amazing that you almost don’t recognize it. “Red flag!” “You mean God is going to mess with my plan? You mean God is going to improve on it even though I didn’t say it was alright? That makes me feel vulnerable. That means I don’t have control, even if my control would mean accepting less than I asked for. I would rather do without than have anyone, including God do something to my plan that I didn’t think of.”

“Beloved Masters take a deep breath and surrender your plan. Surrender means to give up everything that you believe you cannot live without, in order to have everything, to have It all.”

We find that people are so entrenched in their mindset about learning and how to do things that they feel if we do not give “The Five Steps of Winning” or “The Seven Steps of Salvation” we are not revealing the secret of the situation to them.”

“Have you noticed how plans so often have a battle agenda? “Here is our plan of attack.” “We will plan our next assault on the enemy.” Life has become a battle and plans have become battle strategies. Can you really feel safe with that kind of energy running your life?”

“We highly recommend that you have goals, many of them, as one goal can become stifled by too much attention. When you have, let us say, three primary goals and numerous minor goals it keeps you excited and makes life fresh and new. One of the primary things about the new energy is working with multi-dimensional realities or weaving apparently diametrically opposed ideas into a cohesive whole.”

“ The new energy requires more focus than most people have been used to exerting. The whining cry of the children is, “We want it to be easy.” When you are paying attention everything is easier. When you pay attention you discover details that you over looked. Often when these overlooked details create problems, a great deal of very important power (energy) is invested into finding who was at fault. Sometimes days of work are lost looking into where to place blame. Even research teams are created and a lot of money is spent seeking to uncover where the fault lies. A perfect example is hurricane Katrina.”

“ Surrender actually allows the affairs of the life run much more smoothly, because God/good is always a partner in each situation. It is much easier to be pleased with the outcome rather than investing precious resources looking to find out where the flaw came from. Plans often demand perfection. Perfection is NOT a human condition. It would appear that more than ever on this ball humanity is fretting over their perfection. This creates tension in all things and especially when it comes to planning.”

“Feel the tension in your head (mind) and solar plexus (body brain) when you are planning. The energy of plans may be light and easy in the beginning, but the more you plan the tighter things get. Goal setting is much more fun and keeps the feeling light. The moment “How?” comes up take a break, a breath or shift you attention to something else for a while. “How?” is a major point of control and that is most generally when planning takes a turn toward stress. “How do I stop asking How?” You stop just as you would break any other addiction. When the thought occurs move you attention to something more pleasant. “I need to know How”, the EGO says.” The truth is that you do not require, to know “How”. “How” is God’s business, and when you are willing to listen, God will show you “How”. It will be in God’s timing.”

“Plans always must function in Earth timing which is less and less viable now. Planning is directed by the EGO which gets very frustrated if it cannot say “How” things must function. EGO says, “Then I just won’t do anything if I cannot plan.” EGO will always show you the two most unpleasant extremes in every situation, but never directs you attention to the Golden Middle. In fact, you have been taught to avoid the middle. “Walk the straight and narrow, but avoid the middle. Don’t operate on the edge, but the middle of the road is for lazy people.” Pay attention to the oppositions you operate with and have for eons of time. As you discover how you confuse yourself, directing the affairs of you life will flow much easier.”

”Plans often are filled with mixed messages, that come form a fear of losing control, such as, “I want my business to very profitable, but I don’t want the IRS to come after me so it cannot be too profitable.” Suddenly, the business has dried up because it couldn’t be too big and it couldn’t be too small so it had no where to go.