The Veil of Disbelief

July 26, 2006

“Beloved Masters, you want so much to have the things of Spirit, while you hold firmly to the belief that these things do not exist in the material world. The World game has assured you that only in death can you achieve what would make this planetEden. At this time the Veil between the living and those they have called dead is becoming almost non-existent. That is the same Veil that has separated humanity from the very best possible life in this place.”

“When you, as Spiritual Masters agreed to come to this planet and create this game of separation, the first rule of the game was to forget that you were Divine Creative Masters. If you had remembered you would have never played the game so well. The question you posed as you contemplated the potential of the game was. “If We forget who We are will We lose the ability to create?” The answer, of course, is “No, you did not forget how to create. You just believed that it was something outside of and separate from you.” This belief has become the Veil of Forgetfulness and Disbelief, behind which the amazing good and full life, exist and have existed all along. The illusion called death seems to hide behind the Veil, but death has never been the doorway to the True life in this place and even death is not as it once was. Even the Master Book has spoken of the changes. “In the later days, the dead shall rise.” This has presented gory pictures of skeletons climbing out of graves, rather than a glorious, shining overcoming of the limitations and horrors of this game of separation.

“Imagine that many times a day you move your hands through your good, which lies, just at the tips of your fingers, within reach and yet just beyond reach because of the Veil of Disbelief. How many times do you say, “I don’t believe it,” without realizing that affirming disbelief is like building a wall between yourself and your desires? Whatever you say, you are right. Whatever you dwell upon, you are right. If you don’t like how your life is going, take stock of where your thoughts and actions are directed. You may explain, “Well, I didn’t mean that or I didn’t mean it that way.” When you do not pay attention to your words and your actions, they become secrets you are keeping from yourself. It is personal sabotage, rather than someone else doing something to you. You may look around attempting to find someone to blame, but if you are honest, it was your own actions that that created limitation.”

“Then how do I get beyond this Veil? What can I do?” you ask. “Just tell me what to do and I will do it.” I say to you, “Nothing, nothing at all, because you cannot breech the Veil with your mind, you logic or your control.” You might be walking down the street or lying in bed days or hours after seeking understanding for an issue and suddenly you feel as though the energy around you has shifted. You feel lighter, colors are brighter, and you experience happiness, because without trying you breeched the Veil. You allowed yourself to move into a higher realm of consciousness. You cannot force yourself to stay there and the EGO may attempt to get your thoughts turned toward a lower vibration immediately, but you have experienced being on the other side of the Veil. You didn’t die or Ascend fully. You have had a life altering experience, because now you can never say you do not know how to go beyond the Veil or what it is like to be there. You actually can go there any time you are willing to allow it. Force has no effect on the Veil. Anger cannot tear it. It is impervious to the lower energy of war, conflict or destruction. Worry and competition seem to make it more difficult to move aside. The only way you can pass the Veil is in Love, forgiveness, peace and allowing.”

“You may say, “But, I do believe.” We hear the whine of the victim attempting to gain pity. You do not require pity. You are not pathetic. Feeling sorry for yourself will not get you through the Veil. That is the last vestiges of the old order still attempting to cling to how it was.”

“Passing the Veil and living beyond it are as simple as child’s play. Perhaps you disdain child’s play, believing that you are too important to resort to such things. “Enter theKingdomofHeavenas a child”. The Veil is the gateway to the Heavenly realms, but they are not something that you have to stop living to have. TheEdenstate was a total state of Grace. The seeds ofEdenabide in the heart of every being on Earth. Are you the fertile ground within which the seeds will flourish?”

“Living beyond the Veil simply requires letting go of your fear, in which you have invested most of your power for so long. As you begin to invest your energy in love, awe, trust and wonder you move beyond the Veil.”