July 14, 2006

“Victimization is one of the most important tools of the Game of Separation. There are no Victims and never have been, but when one is separate from themselves they feel as though they have no Mastery over their own life. Therefore they are victims, powerless to change things for themselves.”

“As the New Understanding is emerging humanity must find, each within themselves, the Truth of overcoming victimization. The magnificent Children of the Stars have come to teach the planet of the courage of overcoming the past. These children have the courage of their convictions to live powerfully, many at extremely young ages. All over the world these wonderful children are leading the Old Order to a new level of consciousness. Their primary desire is to raise people out of the belief that they have no choice in their lives.”

“When there is a feeling of hopelessness, it is to reach deep into self and draw on the unlimited resources that God has provided for everyone. The good is not only for a chosen few, but for every soul on this ball. We do so desire that each one will remember how precious you are. You have looked outside of yourself for so long and the answers do not lie with others. Your answers are within. Remembering how to accept your answers as valid for you is a loving thing to give yourself.”

“Two things that cause a belief in victimization are timing and “the voice of the parent”. The Old Order is the parental order and most people view authority figures as parents. When people are told to do things that are against what they feel is good or appropriate, often they will obey because the parental voice in the authority figure is so strong that they feel victimized. The authority figure demands that things occur within a certain time frame and that frame is not workable for the “victim”. “Get the job done, pay the bill, do it now, what ever it is.” Quite frequently the authority figure is driven by their own fear of failure to meet the demands of their own parent, which may be internal, rather than external.”

“The most important tool for overcoming victimization is Self Worth, Self Esteem, and Self Value. Owning yourself as important by what ever name you give it is the healing that is now, required. The game of separation has called for self devaluation. You have been degraded, maligned, belittled and told that others are far more important than your self for eons. Making others more important than self does not always make a “good” person. Quite frequently it makes an angry person, because if you are constantly required to pour yourself out without ever having permission to fill yourself up, the emptiness wears on the soul. This has become a planet of self appointed victims seeking to save others in the hope that “if I save someone else, I may get saved also.” How difficult is it to save a drowning man? When someone is desperate to be saved more often than not they will fight off the rescuer, even though it means their life. The fear that victimization creates makes people difficult to rescue. There is struggle to save others and the struggle to live well yourself. Humanity desires peace without realizing that peace only comes when the battle ceases. As long as people are asking for help and then fighting off the help because they are afraid that if they accept it they will lose their freedom, the insanity of victimization goes on.”

“What is Self Value? It is the knowing that you are important because you are. Self Value requires no justification. “I am important because….” leads to judgment and measure of the degree of importance. I am Valuable requires no qualification. Forgiving the deep seated, long standing sense of guilt and shame that comes from unworthiness creates a place where you can actually feel you value. As you replace victimization with value you stand tall. You respond to life with zest and passion. It is as though you have dropped a huge weight from your shoulders and in the middle of your body, in the solar plexus there is enlightenment—ease, relaxation. The victim is gone and there is no need to look for that part of self to return.”