August 26, 2006

“Beloved masters, your power is a Divine gift. It is an energy field that is personal to you and totally involved with all that is. Understanding your power is most important in these times, as it is such a valuable tool for your evolution.”

“When humanity first began to move from the most rudimentary clan to a more sophisticated being the power was still basically used for survival in nature. However, as humanity has moved into an understanding of nature from a more scientific point and technology has become the rule rather than the exception, personal energy has also, become a commodity. Consider the phrase “power struggle”. What is it really?”

“You can see the devastation of war on a physical level, but what you may not be aware of is the devastation on an energetic level. If you could see the energy around your body and the bodies of others you would become sensitive to the interplay of those fields of light in the shifts of power between two people, two or more groups of people and even two or more countries.”

“Sit quietly and allow yourself to relax. Think of pleasant, peaceful things. Feel your energy lifting, your body lightening. Now take your forefingers and touch them together. Feel the current flow between your fingers. Hold your hands so that the background behind them is darker than your hands and slowly separate your fingers. Look with “soft vision”, slightly unfocusing your eyes and you will see what looks like smoke or whitish strands between your finger tips. If you try to see the energy more than likely you will be unable to see it, because it must be viewed from a higher vision. When you try to do something, you begin to force it and the vibrational frequency drops. As you experiment with seeing the energy field around your own body you will notice that plants, rocks and even inanimate objects all have a light around them. You can see the light around other people, also. As you become better at seeing the light around people you may notice that at different times the light changes color. If someone is happy, calm or in a meditative state the light around them will be much brighter, possibly blues, greens, whitish yellow or pinkish. If they are agitated or angry the colors around them will be much darker– brown, red, muddy orange or even black. Fear causes greens that are muddy—olive or brownish green. Many of you will say “that is just the aura”. Exactly! This is true, but if you have not seen an aura before or if you do not pay attention to the auric fields of those around you, it is time to begin to learn to see them. It is an excellent tool to help you understand what is going on with others.”

“You walk into a room and you feel the tension. You don’t know what happened, but you know that something very tense has occurred. You feel the auric field. Move your energy to your center, the solar plexus. Take a deep breath and relax. Now look at the light around the people in the room, if there are people there. See the colors if you can. See if the light is very close to the body or if it is a larger field. When one person dominates another, the dominate person will have a larger energy field because they have drawn the energy of the other person to them. This is what is called a “power give away” because the stronger person manipulates the energy field of the other person or people around them. If no one is in the room look at the furniture, the doorways and objects around the room. You will become a wonderful energy detective. It isn’t just to know what has happened as much as it is to bless the situation and hold an intention of love and peace for all concerned. This is a positive use of the understanding of power.”

“Pay attention to your own energy in different situations. There are people who make you feel good because they either give you their energy voluntarily or they share energy equally so there is a balance. There are those people that you may actually avoid because when you are with them you feel devitalized or confused. These people often are dominators, whether they realize it or not. They need to control the energy in their space and they will use what ever means it takes to get the energy flowing their way. They may intimidate or belittle or use force to get you to give up your energy (power) to them. If you can see the light around people and you witness two people having an argument you may actually see the field of light around them shifting back and forth as each one attempts to gain control of the power in the situation. Someone who understands how to contain their own energy is not as easily pulled into a power struggle as those who need to take someone else’s power to feel good. That is why winning an argument feels good, at least in the moment, because the winner emerges with the most energy. As the “high” wears off the feeling of power lessens and the person may feel depressed or guilty, which could trigger the necessity for another battle in order to build the energy again.”

“When you consider power as a fuel, then you can understand the purpose for the global war that is going on. Leaders who feel powerless stand for countries that feel powerless. The powerless people support getting power from others any way they can. The anger of futility fuels the fires of insecurity and more and more power is required to keep the energy up. War uses up all available sources of energy and those resources must be replaced by taking them from others. This is true whether the battle is waged on the land or if it is fought in a corporate setting or if a family is engaged in conflict within itself.

“As you understand how the energy of power works you can begin to fund your own strength and discover your own authority over your life. You will be able to manage your own power and recognize when you or someone else is seeking to get an energy fix.”

“Codependent relationships are a perfect example of abuse of power. Most often, what appear to be two strong people come together in relationship, only to have it become a power struggle. Each person may use the methods that he or she commonly uses to maintain their energy or get energy from others, but the tug-of-war in the relationship becomes progressively more demanding of fuel. Each person may feel depleted and therefore make greater attempts to gain the energy of the union. One person may tend to dominate, taking more and more energy from the other until the recessive partner fights back. The cycle of domestic violence goes round and round—“the honeymoon, the dissatisfaction and the eruption in violence”. All of this is the need to own the power of the union.”

“People are feeling progressively more depressed on the planet because the “battle for fuel (power) is more intense as each person fears that they will not have enough. The fossil fuel is running out and humanity becomes more afraid that the spiritual fuel will be depleted also. Every person is funded constantly with new power, but how that power is spent is seldom considered. If each person is granted, for example, 100 units of power per day, how do they spend that power? Many spend the power on worry or on trying to get what they want that is over and above the amount of power they received. Many spend their power on the past and how things were. Some people never cease giving power to their parents, while others are giving their power away to their children, their partner or their boss. All of this power give away creates a feeling that there is never enough of anything good or important and that filters into the financial arena.

You are constantly funded with power from an unlimited source. There is unlimited power from that unlimited source, but you have been taught that there is not enough of anything so in order to tap into that unlimited power supply you must raise your consciousness to a whole new level. Power and love are one.  The more love you feel the more you become aware of the power. There are crystals that can assist you in raising your frequency because they are so tuned into universal consciousness or things in nature. The point is to make a connection with something that brings you a feeling of love without condition, a heart/soul connection. As you focus on the object allow your energy to build. You will experience a sense of lightness, buoyancy as the love becomes the dominant power source. When you are in this field of love energy you feel a new sense of confidence and clarity. Your mind feels clear and focused. The love brings a renewed strength. In this state of love you are prepared to face difficult situations, the unexpected or just normal, daily affairs of life with a whole new lease of power.

Because of the many power games, the World is always bringing you some situation that potentially can deflate you and bring your energy down. Fear is the biggest thief of your power. That is why the government wants to constantly keep scenarios of potentially life threatening situations before you on the evening news and in your newspapers. Is there any truth to what is being said? The more fear you feel the greater the potential for something to happen. That is why staying in the high frequency of love is so important. Not only does it make you feel good, but the love holds you in a vibration that is much more connected with the positive things that you are seeking in life. It is difficult, to say the least, to have a magnetic attraction for good, which vibrates at a high frequency when your power is at low ebb. Faith functions at the high frequency of love. It is vitally important to keep your energy up. People all over the planet speak of having low energy. The main reason really isn’t something physically draining them. It is the emotions of dread and drama. These people take vitamins and exercise. They even go to the doctor for a prescription, but most of them don’t find that these things work for very long, because they have not attended to the state of their emotions. Oh, yes, there are drugs for the emotions, however these drugs just contribute to holding the low vibrational frequency, therefore nothing is truly resolved.

Let us consider a scenario. You are having a wonderful day. Your energy is high and you feel strong. You have accomplished many of the things that you had planned for the day. One of your coworkers tells you that the boss wants to see you. Now, for all you know the boss wants to give you a raise, but the boss is notorious for firing people without warning and your energy plummets to your toes. Before you go to the boss’s office it would be well to go to a quiet place and bring your frequency back on line. Breathe deeply and remember the feeling of accomplishment that you had before your coworker spoke to you. Get your power flowing, so that the people and things around you look brighter and clearer. You have just raised your vibrational frequency with you own conscious effort. The more you practice the easier it gets to keep your power level up. Forgive the lies that your ego wants to tell you. You may have to restore your power several times a day until you begin to recognize the signs of declining energy and raise the level immediately. Forgetting to keep your power up is just ego attempting to bring you down. Where are your thoughts right now? What happened ten minutes ago, an hour ago or yesterday that is stealing your power now? Keeping your attention on the moment is helpful in holding up the power level. Look for helpful people and situations that occur seemingly without you having to do anything to make them happen. As you begin to focus on all of the positive, loving things that happen each day you soon have no time to spend on the unfortunate things because those negative happenings get less and less.

You are becoming the Master of your own power. The power is yours and it is within you. This power is a direct gift from unlimited source. There is plenty for you and everyone else.