Forgiving the Fear of Good

February 15, 2007

 Beloved Masters, in the fear and anger of the belief in the separation from God, the world has made laws of lack around the total good that God provided for you.

You have become angry with those who allow more good into their lives than you do. There is an anger, that life is limited. The doubt that you deserve the good has caused the nobleization of limitation. Out of one side of the mouth there is a need for more and out of the other side of the mouth come comments and judgments that suggest that anyone who has plenty is a bad person or has “ill gotten” gains. Those who have plenty are heaped with guilt to give what they achieve to those who won’t allow it. We are not saying that there are not those who have left the love out of their abundance and used unkind methods of getting good/s. Their belief is that you cannot have the good just because it comes to you, you must take someone else’s from them because there is never enough to go around.

People gather and discuss how little they have. They speak of their own lack and reinforce their beliefs with stories of those they know who are also suffering. “The Secret”, the law of attraction is an irrefutable law, a Divine Law, not something that a few people thought up to make money. It works no matter how the person chooses to use it. Like minded people can enable your lack just as easily, unfortunately, sometimes even more so, than your good. In the “game of separation” the belief that “those things work for other people, but not for me” has brought the laws of limitation to be far better understood than Divine Law. Many believe that Divine Law is only for a few and certainly, the refusal to teach the Laws of LIFE have encouraged the masses to forget the good that is there for them.

Human consciousness is being lifted again and again in these times. It is lifted high enough now to see how limiting the rules of this game have been. There are those in high places of the world, who still desire to play the game as it was—that only a chosen few would know how to use the law of attraction. Therefore, only a few would be in control of the world. The youth of today are being born with an understanding of the laws of abundance in place. They can accept the good without guilt and shame attached to abundance. There are more billionaires on the planet than ever before, because the gates to higher understanding are open to all. No longer are the laws of God/good only for a few.

There are many who are caught in “how it was”, who believe that the world really is coming to an end, in a finality of devastation.

Even in this moment the Truth of Love is expanding and transforming the energy of the Earth and it is available to everyone. Your greatest obstacle is logic: because logic is based on the ego’s rationale of limitation. Beloved Masters, “You think too much.” God is not and never will be logical. In order to prosper, to allow the Divine Inheritance, there must be a willingness to rise above the limits of logic. The mind is Divine, but logic can hold it in a place of smallness. Practicality can be grounded or it can be rigid.

Mathematics is a science and the equations explain the courses of the heavens and Earth. As science has moved to quantum physics the restrictions scientists have made, “that’s just how it is”, are collapsing. The mind is having to stretch to encompass concepts that it would not allow before and this is causing most of the conflict on the planet. It is the struggle between life seen through a knot-hole, and the panorama of life viewed from a higher perspective. When most people say, “Let’s get logical and practical”, basically, they are saying, “Let’s stay in the box of old ideas, because I don’t comprehend the new vision”.

Along with all of the other changes that you are experiencing, the blending of mind with Soul is imperative. Allowing the Soul to guide your thoughts so that you become aware of the outcome of your actions before you take them, is necessary. The refreshment of new ideas that flow with ease, is where love, God/good, is taking you, rather than the caution of how hard things are and how cruel the world is.

Feel the ease of love in the center of your being. Feel how soft and comfortable it is to be in the flow of Divine fulfillment. There is no battle, no conflict, and no defense against anything. Love lifts you over the rough places. It isn’t that there will never be a difficulty again. As long as you live on Earth, there will be tests. The agreement of the game was first, to forget who you are and then when the time comes to remember the wonder of all that you really are and allow it to help you restructure life on the Earth. It isn’t about leaving the Earth; it is about having the honor and delight of bringing this place toEdenagain. Love assists you to know IN THE MOMENT, how to respond to any situation. There is no plan against bad, just the acceptance of God/good in each situation.

As you forgive the limit, as you forgive the fear, your God/good awaits you just at the tips of your fingers behind the veil of your disbelief. As you relax you see with soft vision (not trying to see intellectually, but through the eyes of love) and the veil disappears. You realize that everything you have desired, everything that you prayed for, has been waiting for you to accept it.

In every moment, We, the Masters, are available to assist you to forgive the fear of your good. We desire that you remember the reality beyond this game of illusions. You are no longer required to die to obtain your good. You are not going to leave the planet to find what you are looking for. It is right in front of you, right now in this moment. Forgive your fear and your vision clears. Forgive your fear and the world shows itself as the amazingly wonderful and beautiful place that it is. We do not discount all of the woes that “the World” claims as its own; we simply desire that you would find “theKingdomofHeavenwithin”, which makes life right here in this place look entirely different. This is not for “the chosen few”. This gift belongs to every Soul on this ball.

I give you these thoughts as a gift. I remain your most humble servant, St. Germain.