Love, Forgiveness & Ascension

August 17, 2007

These are the latter days—Revelation—spoken of in the Bible. Many things have been eased, lessened or even forgiven by the love we have shared with the Earth Mother and the Universe, as well as each other, since the Harmonic Convergence.

Time is moving much faster as we move into no-time. Vibrationally the Earth is spiritually accelerating. The old ways do not work and everything that is not based on love is passing.

There are volumes written on ascension only because if anyone were to simply put the word bein a book and attempt to sell it, no one would buy it.

Ascension is treated mentally, physically and spiritually, but because of our separation little is spoken about the simple emotional process of forgiveness. Why emotional? We have been taught that forgiveness is spiritual. We have also been taught to separate our lives into compartments. “One of these days I’ll get spiritual, but right now, God, I’ve got a life and I don’t have time to do both.” There is nothing we do that is not connected to our spiritual journey.

Judgment is a game of separation. God did not say “this is good and that is bad” or these are right and those are wrong” Or “come Monday morning I must make corrections.” God said, “Behold, all that I have created is good!”

Humanity has created gods in its own image who support the theories of the times, and many of these theories have become religions. Generally, religions were originally based on a spiritual truth to begin with and then people began to decide which parts of the truth they agreed with or believe in—therefore, which parts of the truth would be useful and which ones got in the way of how they wanted to live their lives. Often new religions sprang up to support the newly revised truth, and we became more separate from God/good. In judgment and fear and a great desire to be right, wars and atrocities have been perpetrated in the name of these gods.

I AM—the flow of unconditional love, the Source of all creation—never judged, for in the sight of God there is nothing to judge. God gave humanity free will, imagination and desire. Then God allowed the children to create, in the full understanding (on God’s part) that divine law brings all things into balance. “What goes around, comes around.” As we think, so we create.

At first unconditional love dominated and it was called Eden. One day a child of Earth began to wonder what it would be like to kill another. Another child said, “It is interesting that you mention that, for I have been wondering what it would be like to die.” So the one killed the other. The feeling of separation was so devastating that the child who did the killing wanted to die to balance things. Actions such as this led to self-judgment, judgment of others, karma and separation.

Thus we have come to the apex of separation. We have come as far from God as we can. (Einstein’s theory of relativity, simply put, means “if you run far enough, fast enough, you will hit the back of yourself”) Humanity is meeting itself at every turn. The masks are falling, everything in this illusion is being revealed. Everything that we believe we cannot live without is changing.

“Making it happen” is an aggression that comes back on us immediately, because we have moved into immediate karma. Some say all karma is finished. Divine law calls for balance, so we are now completing all that is unfinished from other lifetimes, as well as meeting all we create moment by moment. God has granted a dispensation so that we might remember that we are cocreators in this game on Earth. If we think something and it happens, if we think again and that also comes to pass, and if we think still another thing and that appears, we finally begin to get it that we create our own reality. It is not about them; it is about us. “They” are just players in our script, mirroring things we would not recognize, were we not to keep seeing these things in the action of others. When we keep meeting the same situations again and again, we are witnessing old laws or judgments we have created in other lives and situations. We now get to rescind these ole=d laws and create new paradigms in love. When it becomes very clear that the common denominator in each situation is us, then we cannot blame others for shoeing up in our lives. Forgiving old laws allows us to carry less and less emotional baggage.

How do we forgive? Be becoming one with the emotion—fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, passion, judgment—and blessing it. Move your thoughts to the center of the emotional conflict and ask God to assist you in forgiving the pain, the fear and its cause. We might not remember the cause, but God is willing to clear it if we are. When we ask, however, we must be willing to receive the good that God sends. Often we believe that God does not hear us, because we have expectations or preconceived notions about how things should/oughta/gotta work. Usually when we ask for help, it looks like change. Quite often we are willing to accept change only7 if we can stay the same. When we are asked to be different or live differently, we want a new outcome from the same old actions. There are no bad changes! In the big picture all change leads to better situations. We can fight change and slow sown the process or we can flow with change and be amazed.

The process of forgiveness is daily, and there is no “there’. If we believe we have forgiven all we need to then ask, “Am I still in a body?” If we are, we still have forgiveness work to do. Forgiveness is like peeling an onion. Forgive one layer, then the next layer is revealed to be dealt with. There are no magic pills or instant-pudding solutions. However, the moment we remember that we have never bee separate from God, we become one with all things. The challenge is, can we unconditionally allow ourselves to be one with all things, or do we still make judgments about what we will be one with?

Ascension requires acceptance of our darkness as well as our light because they are equal parts of us. Whatever we refuse to love keeps us rent asunder. Love holds such a high vibration that nothing less that love can enter. As we focus on love, being beloved and living love, our attention is directed to what we desire rather than what we wish to let go of. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” When we say, “All of this sounds good, but….,” we return our focus to what we do not want, reinforcing separation again.

Positive thinking is not denial. For instance, there is war in the world. However, we do not have to talk about it, worry about it (worry is the highest form of negative creation), read about it, argue over it or try to stop it—all of which feeds energy to the war. We can think, talk, dream, imagine and live peace in our own lives and our own world, and our consciousness begins to assist an energy shift in the world consciousness. We become creators of peace rather than deniers of war. Of course, the first thing our ego says is “That is hard.” Whatever, we say, we are right, and when we change our mindset, we are still right.

Holding an image of peace, love or anything else we desire to create is not a mental process alone. Because divine law is a dichotomy to logic, the practice of creation can seem elusive. “Create with a passion, as though your life depends on the desire, and then let it go as though it does not matter so that God can assist in the creation.” When we refuse to let go of the creation, worry about the outcome or to keep wanting to check the progress of the creation, it is like the farmer who goes into his field at night and tugs on the shoots to hasten the growth of the crop.

Practice feeling every thought in your solar plexus. As you learn to feel the thought, you will begin to understand what others are experiencing from your energy. We do not think in our head. It is a computer. The energy of every thought is expressed (broadcast) from the solar plexus like a radio sender. Others consciously or unconsciously receive what we send. We can say “I love you” gently or we can say “I love you” harshly or in haste; the energy we project is very different. We can say, “I said I love you,” but the other person does not feel the love when we do not feel the love, no matter how hard we try to convince them it is there.

There is no less action in allowing than in doing. However, doing generally leads to reaction rather than true action. Love is the only true action there is. All else is reaction.

The utter simplicity of ascension is that you do not do it, you allow it. We cannot ritualize ascension. We have done rituals for ages. When a ritual becomes more important than the truth it has stood for, it is time to let the rituals go and get new ones. Formulas will not ascend us. The insanity is doing the same thing again and again, yet expecting a different outcome.

When we have read all the books, taken all the workshops and followed all the gurus, then it is time to see how all of this is changing our lives. When we begin to walk our tlak rather than see someone else in every lesson that is brought to us, we will begin to understand that we are masters in the becoming. We are in training to remember something we have always been. It is not something we must earn or even something we must learn. It is simply something we must member. How do we remember? By remembering how to feel again. By living openly, honestly, vulnerably. By entering the Kingdom of Heaven as a little child, with innocence and wonder. Children do not judge; they are taught to judge by frightened, hurt big people. Wounded children raise wounded children.

Watch small children. They will play together—boys, girls, red, yellow, black, white, mentally or physically handicapped, sick, hurt. Little children know the peaceful mind and heart that is the Kingdom of Heaven.

If we do not fight it, the ascension process is gentle and ongoing. Many are in ascension and haven’t even realized it. Competition (“I’ll ascend before you.”), guilt (“I cannot ascend unless you do; therefore, you are holding me back”) or attitude (“I am so holy I might ascend any minute, so you may watch”) will not ascend us because they are based on judgment and measures of separation. Ascension is a return to oneness with all things, rather than higher or more extreme degrees of separation.

Lovingly and willingly allow all things. Focus on what you desire in your world. Feel you thoughts. Be clear in your intent. Choose the highest and best good to come to all, rather than what you think should happen. En-joy!