September 10, 2007

So many people ask the question, “What can I do to change my life?”

The Master St. Germain says, “It is not about doing! It is about allowing.” He says you have already asked, but after you asked you acted as though God did not, would not hear you. You immediately began to attempt to figure things out. You said, “I have to do this all by myself”. You ego was falling on the fall laughing and saying, “Gotcha”. The frustration set in again, one more time and you asked again, “What can I do?”

Many people even, very quickly go to the point of judgment. “What have I done wrong?” Then comes the torrent of lament–“I don’t want my life to be this way. I don’t want to be short of money or alone or ill. I don’t want, I don’t want, I don’t want things to be the way they are.”

The programming is so powerful that there is no clear thought in the midst of testing. We are so amazingly creative and wonderful and powerful and we have learned to use it against ourselves instead of for our highest good. The tests are coming at us at warp speed. There doesn’t seem to be time to catch your breath before the next challenge is upon. The tests are very personal and yet they are also universal. The “LOSS” of a job, a relationship, a home is so big that we feel as though we are drowning.

This is where St. Germain asks, “And, where is your FAITH? Did you only trust when things were going well? Were you very strong only because you knew the answers?” “You are moving into a time where the past as you have known it is breaking apart.  There are no reference points. You are moving toward a future that is not based on any past that you have ever known. You are Divine Creative Masters and you are being moved out of the small, “familiar” limits of being separate, into all of the pregnant possibilities of unlimited potential.”

“Why is it so painful?” you ask. The answer is because for so long you have believed in minimal good. The very best good that anyone on the planet can imagine—the biggest and best good you can dream—is small in comparison to what is available to you, right now, here in this place.” The ego quests, “Then why doesn’t God just let me have this magnificent good? I certainly have asked for it often enough.”

“There, Beloved Masters begins the evolutionary revelation of the metamorphous you are experiencing. The Bible promises that if you ask, you shall receive. “The Master Book” holds many wonderful, spiritual principles that absolutely work, but only if they are put into use. The essence of the overcoming, the new age, the death of the old order, are not just clichés, but descriptions of the changes that now must be put into effect, from the Lord God of your being. This is internal shift. Doing is an outward projection of energy/power that attempts to control this illusion by force and/or domination. There is, Beloved Masters, no less action in allowing than in doing. However, the action of allowing is clearly directed in love. There is patience and compassion in allowing. The force of doing often brings people to a place of regret, because they did not consider the outcome of their actions before they took them.”

“Allowing is an internal activity that calls you to be absolutely present now in this moment. The affairs of humanity have long been conducted in outer projection, which over time has brought about a divorce of the clarity of self as included in everything. People say that other people are separate from them. They believe that if an unfortunate situation did not happen directly to them then it has nothing to do with them. Yet from some deep subconscious place those same people will attempt to stop others from “doing wrong, having problems and/or suffering” because in the unconscious places of self there is the understanding that everything and everyone is all a part of the Oneness.”

“Ask and you shall receive”. After the asking there comes the receiving–will you accept what you are given? This is not a question of less or second best. Will you accept in the fullest measure what you have asked for? If you accept it will you trust that it belongs to you? Many receive the good they asked for only to slip into a place of doubt as to whether they deserve it or even the fear that it will be taken away as punishment. If you ask, receive and accept then will you allow what you have asked for to serve you? There are those people who live in such limitation that they do not dare use the gifts they receive because they may never get any more. “This is the last windfall, inheritance, raise or bonus that life will ever give me. I have to hold on to it tightly, spend it with great caution and fear the day when it is gone. What ever I ask for always falls short of the measure I asked for.”

“Following these four simple steps, not as a doing thing, but as a reality check to discover where you are sabotaging your allowing, will let you begin to discover why “nothing you do works”:

1. ASK: Do not be afraid to ask clearly and confidently for what you desire.

2. RECEIVE: Be willing to receive the gift that is brought to you and remember that nothing is what it appears to be.

3. ACCEPT: Accept whole-heartedly what you are given, in joyful anticipation of plenty more where that came from. This is an unlimited Universe. That is a part of your remembering your Mastery.

4. ALLOW: Allow yourself to find your internal safe place where you are continuously connected to unlimited supply. This cannot be done intellectually. You cannot control your emotions with your mind and you have lived under the control of the ego/emotions for life times. Giving yourself permission to feel without guilt, judgment or fear opens the portals of receiving wide.”

“Allowing is the essence of the future that has nothing to do with the past of doing. Allowing invites the good to come and embraces it. “Doing goes out into the world, tracks down the good, hits it over the head and drags it back to the cave, so to speak.”

Allowing is attractive. Doing often is repellent to what it is attempting to accomplish, because it’s very nature pushes out and away. Feel your energy when you are attempting to do something. Now, take a deep breath and move your energy to the center of your body, the solar plexus, and feel what allowing, accepting, indrawing, feels like. As you get used to living all of your life in the energy of allowing things become easier. This is like breaking an addiction. You cannot “do it” once and then expect the changes to just come by themselves. This is a life work and you are the most important person in your life. The rewards of paying attention, being present with your self all of the time and allowing are beyond measure. Allow! Allow! Allow!