The Second Harmonic Convergence

March 17, 2008

Clients have been calling to ask, “What in the world is going on?”

I feel a desire to comment on this new portal of fire that has opened in the heavens. On June 18-19, 2007, we experienced another portal of fire very similar to the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17, 1987. I saw no mention of it anywhere and perhaps it did not totally meet astrological standards. However, since it occurred there has been an increase in floods, earthquakes and disasters on the planet. It is not to say that the opening of this portal was to bring destruction, but to bring a wake up call to the whole planet. We can no longer stay asleep. We must pay attention to our own internal mechanism that is truly and divinely connected to God/Goddess/All that is.

In 1987, there occurred a trine of planets in fire signs that was called the Harmonic Convergence. The trine included Jupiter in Aries, Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars in Leo and Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. In June of 2007, another trine of fire occurred that very closely fit as an overlay of the 1987 trine of fire. Mars was in Aries. Venus, Moon and Saturn were in Leo and Jupiter and Pluto were in Sagittarius.

In 1987, the planet Jupiter was in Aries calling the world to begin to awaken to Higher Self and a new perspective about where each individual would be moving energetically/spiritually in the future. In 2007, Mars, ruler of Aries was in its own sign and closely conjunct Jupiter’s place in the 1987 chart. The call is to the Spiritual Warrior to stop fighting illusions and begin to see the reality beyond what we have called real for so long.

There have been stories about the battle in the heavens between light and dark. The Master St. Germain says that it isn’t a battle in the way that we understand war, but the forces of Heaven lead by Lord Michael holding the most powerful intension of love as the forces of ego attempt to pull that love off center. In many ways this is like Harry Potter and Lord Voldermort locked in an energy combat with magic wands. The desired outcome is that the light and the dark blend into a loving Holiness.

In 1987, the Sun was in Leo and the Moon in Gemini. In 2007, the Moon was in Leo and the Sun in Gemini. This time the focus was on Goddess emerging through the Lion’s Gate of Leo and she stood conjunct Saturn, the old order, as though she could touch the shoulder of Saturn, so that her power of love and gentleness could be felt in the deepest recesses of the soul.

In 1987, the planets Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars were all closely conjunct in Leo. In 2007, Venus stood slightly apart from the Moon/Saturn conjunction, almost as though the gift of love is waiting to be presented to the Earth as she is willing to see and understand it.

In 1987, Saturn and Uranus were moving though Sagittarius. Both of these planets were bringing changes in how we look at the world and our country, and calling the world to move to a higher consciousness. Saturn represents the earth and grounding while Uranus represents the essence of our future selves. As the second Harmonic Convergence occurred, Jupiter, that rules Sagittarius, was within one degree of Saturn’s place in 1987. This lifts the mind and soul to higher understanding in these times. We can no longer say that the limits that we have experienced are all that is. We are, by the nature of the planets, being asked to get a new perspective of our lives.

Pluto, in 2007, was conjunct, though by a wider degree, Uranus’ place in the 1987 chart. Just as it is about to enter Capricorn (the old order), Pluto (the revealer) lost stature in the astronomical community. It would appear that there was a belief that if Pluto could be demoted, its power to influence our affairs would be lessened.

Pluto has a most powerful effect on the earth herself as it rules the very magma of the earth. Pluto can set off earthquakes and tidal waves and internally, on the emotional/spiritual levels it is breaking apart the limitations that we have held to for so long. Uranus is always disruptive in its nature and creates lightening-like changes.

The 2007 trine of fire expands the portal that was opened in 1987. According to St. Germain, the portal to higher consciousness is now fully open and will not close again. The earth is being flooded with new energy, new ideas and new hope as the last vestiges of the old order are literally breaking apart.

The masks of illusion, or false appearances, are falling everywhere—in government, industry, banking, the stock market, religion, medicine, education—everywhere we turn things are changing. Many people fear change and yet change is always an opening for something better to emerge.

In the 2007, Harmonic Convergence both of the Warriors—Mars and Pluto—were involved. A spiritual warrior is not a battler or a scrapper, but one who is so clearly focused on the highest good for all concerned that the thought of destroying to obtain wholeness would be out of the question. Unconditional Love would never kill Itself, punish Itself or abandon Itself. This last great conflict, Armageddon, is to bring home the point that if we continue to fight to get peace we must always fight to keep it, and peace will never be enjoyed in the midst of fear and war.

Molly Rowland is a channel for St. Germain and the Council of Light. She is an astrologer, medical intuitive and tarot reader with over forty years of experience.