Personal Value

May 4, 2008

Beloved Masters, where does your value lie? If it is inside of you, where is it and what does it feel like? What does feeling mean anyway?

These are important questions that more and more people are asking all of the time. The churches have no answers, so they say, “Just take it on faith”. Many religious leaders are highly educated in the thoughts and laws of their church, but really haven’t tested the teachings in their own lives to see if they are workable. Faith has a foundation in the unseen realms, but it isn’t an ungrounded illusion.  Faith is evidential by its very nature. In order to be in touch with it you must learn to trust, yourself first and then God/good. You will not trust God or the love of God if you cannot own yourself as valuable enough to trust. Personal value and trust go hand in hand.

How can I trust myself when I don’t trust anyone else? Going into the center of your body’s energy field in the solar plexus and discovering what is going on there is a first step. When you feel your solar plexus (the area just below the heart where the ribs separate) is it tight or soft, does it feel unstable or is it calm, are you afraid to go to your center or is it comfortable? When ego is running the show the solar plexus is often painful with doubt and fear and there is so much emotion going on that it is difficult to sense much of anything.

Take a deep breath with the focus on the area of your stomach and lower abdomen. Can you breathe that deep? If not do not force it, but begin to practice breathing into your center. Breath in a circle, in and out, as God is a circle, unending. As you breathe in let the breath flow all through your body. Visualize or feel light entering into every cell. Sit with this and let the breath flow all through your body. Visualize or feel light entering into every cell.  Experience the changes that occur as you get in touch with yourself physically and emotionally. The out breath is a cleansing breath to make room for greater good.

(The physical body is a barometer of what is going on, on the unseen levels of your being. If you get extremely out of balance on the mental, emotional or spiritual levels the physical body will manifest a dis-ease to get your attention. Unfortunately most people see the dis-ease as a threat and go to war with it, when it is truly a blessing in disguise.)

If you feel as though you cannot breathe deeply consider what would happen if you get in touch with your deepest self. Remember that you ego wants to stay in control and if you begin to feel, you become less controllable.

When you were originally created you were totally aware of your value. It wasn’t a measure against anyone else. It was truth. As you moved further into the illusion of separation, you began to doubt your worth and then you began to do things to show that you were valuable. Slowly feats of strength and prowess, heroism and domination replaced the truth of your value and you have striven for the “perfection” of an illusion rather than the value of your true self for so long that now it is difficult to accept that you are valuable just because you are. You are so loved and it requires no tasks or feats to earn it. You are simply loved.