Are You Loving Yourself?

March 23, 2009

By Molly Rowland

Channel for St.Germain and the Council of Light

Greetings! Beloved masters, this is a question that you would be well served to ask your -self many times a day, “Do I love myself in this experience? Am I true to myself with these people? Do I feel myself involved in my life? Am I in love with who I am? Am I living my dream or a dream that someone else told me to live?”

You live a life that has been designed for you by your government,Hollywoodand most especially, by the churches. This life has called you to leave yourself for family, friends, work and religion. As time has passed, people have found them selves feeling angry, resentful and even afraid because following the teachings of separation stirs within you a depth of loneliness. You say, “I am there for others, but they don’t seem to care.” Then you begin to reason with yourself, that it doesn’t matter if others recognize the sacrifice you make, as long as you know you are doing the right thing. Masters, you cannot control your emotions with your mind, even though talking yourself into doing the “right thing”, too, has been a teaching of the world. The world implies that there must be something wrong with you if you don’t just love giving everything, not just goods or money but your selfhood, away.

Because of the separation the society has become progressively more focused on “What about me? Where is mine?” At the same time there is the need to convince others that you don’t care what happens to you, as long as others are happy. The chasm of loneliness deepens and widens. Why? Because, Beloved, you are missing from your life and it becomes like a photograph with a hole where your picture was. The duality is pulling your apart.

THERE is NOTHING WRONG with LOVING YOURSELF!! In fact We, the Masters, ask that you love yourself as much as we do. God’s desire is that you live in the love in which you were created. When you look into the mirror really look at yourself. Take the time to love the face you see, the person you are right now. Stop withholding love from yourself because you have not yet measured up to some unrealistic expectation. In truth, your whole life will improve as you feel the love flowing through you first. Forgive looking for some form of punishment as the reason that things that you don’t like happen. This Earth is a great University. Life brings tests. Guess who designs your tests? You, Beloved Master, you. You make progress and then you decide to set yourself a test or series of tests to see if you are doing well. When you begin to understand that the challenges of life are not punishment, but measurement created for growth, life becomes much more interesting. Being on Earth is not about doing battle with life, but about meeting your own tests with grace and faith. The whole planet is now in a dramatic test designed by the collective consciousness. No one else designed your part of the test for you. You agreed to participate.

Loving yourself requires that you be awake and present in your own life. The tendency to numb out with drugs, alcohol, television, computers or any of the multitude of distractions that are available on the ball would be well set aside. The lack of involvement in your own life leads to depression. Comparison to the lives of others is a painful illusion. What you see is your perspective of their life. If you were literally walking in their shoes you might feel quite different about what is going on there. Every point of view on the planet is based on a relative understanding. One man is angry because he is only making a hundred thousand dollars a year. Another man is satisfied with twenty-five thousand. There are those who believe that if you make enough money to live on you are not spiritual and often they believe that you should just wait for something to be given to you. There are those who would never be fulfilled no matter how much they have or do not have.

Because money has become a primary measure of human worth, those who make less are often viewed as failures. It truly is not what another person believes about you, but your own real assessment, in love, of who you are.  Money is, potentially, a pleasant and necessary part of life. Because the collective mind has designed the game this fact often gets lost. Then the ego sets about to find as many creative ways to fight the collective as possible. You do not have to be in agreement with others to love and be loved. The belief that agreement is love is a fallacy and creates a lot of pain. Neither is it loving to say that you have your beliefs and they are right and you frankly don’t care what others think. As you begin to find the love (you will not find it intellectually) you will love yourself so well that you can allow others to be who they are without the desperate need to change them. Making others comply with your understanding of life is not loving, it is controlling. Put yourself, energetically, in the place of those whom you feel must think like you do and feel how uncomfortable it is to have someone using their authority to make you comply with their beliefs. All of these unloving tactics are being revealed in the changing paradigms on the ball.

Most of all, Masters, recognize that loving is not and never has been a logical, reasonable process. It is a feeling from the soul and heart. The idea that relationships must not happen between certain people because of race, religion, status, rank, education, origin or any other practical purpose, has been the basis for wars throughout time. These wars, both political and religious,  have started within a family or encompassed a  whole country.

As you truly love yourself you will begin to find that judgment has less and less of a place in your life. Judgment stems from lovelessness, which breeds jealousy, fear and resentment.

Just because we, the Masters, recognize how humanity has created this game, does not mean that we judge you. We are amazed at the ability to devise such an intricate system of logical reasons to avoid other parts of the same organism (other people). You can begin to understand disease when you realize that everything is connected. If people, who are the body of God, are at war with other parts of the body then each human body becomes susceptible to the war within self. When you are out of love you are uneasy with yourself (disease). We hear you say that you have a right to be angry, unforgiving and any other unpleasant emotion that can be experienced. By Divine law that is absolutely true. What has not been taught or impressed is that the right to put yourself into separation brings the right to suffer more separation (pain, disease, impoverishment of all kinds).

When you exercise the right to be separate you feel the loneliness of being out of love. Love and hatred are mutually exclusive, as are God/good and acts that are a violation of goodness. Abomination in the name of any god is a lie of separation. Killing anything that you do not agree with throws you into separation. The killing may be physically taking a life or emotionally creating the destruction of a character. The opposing ideas that the Ego has set before humanity are now becoming blatantly obvious for what they are—illusions.

This is a call to love. THIS IS A CALL TO LOVE YOURSELF. We adore you. You are a part of all that we are. God loves you beyond your ability to comprehend. You are Beloved. Live that love every moment of every day. Forgive all that is not loving in your life. Be the love, dwell in the love, soak it up. Fully experience the love that you are.

Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, I bid you Adieu!!

-Lord St. Germain