Authority vs. Control

March 23, 2009

Molly Rowland channels St. Germain and the Council of Light

 Every human being has authority over their own life! This is Divine law.

And so it is, Beloved Masters. I give you this decree to awaken a remembering in your soul. There is a vast difference between personal authority—owning your divine self fully—and control which desires to take authority over everything and everyone in the sphere of influence. People say “I love you”, and so often, with that statement is the implication that love means “I now have the right to decide how you live your life”. Hence, the often heard statement, “If you really loved me you would do what I want”.

This is a blatant demonstration of authority that is colored by control.

When the Master Jesus laid down the tempest on the sea, He, in that moment, demonstrated dominion over the elements. Allegorically, he showed that every person on the planet had and still has dominion over the elements of their life—the fire of anger, the storms and tempests of mind and emotions (air and water) and the effects that all of this has on the physical body and world.

(Let me interject here that Jesus was not an illusionist. His magik was and is real. He was and is a great teacher. Teachers show you how to grow and understand.  A teacher does not teach you something important and then say, “Don’t try this at home, in your own life”. The things that Jesus demonstrated are totally possible for you, now. Why don’t they seem to work? You are exerting control rather than a deep, clear understanding of your own dominion over your affairs. You are fighting to get what you want rather than allowing the complete assurance that everything that is good and true for your life is available to you. You are counseling with your Ego and still looking outward to gain the desired results in your life.)

Control is full of passion, but it is the destructive heat that can create a meltdown of emotions. Fighting for your right to the things that already belong to you keeps your focus so far away from this moment that you do not notice the good accumulating in your life. You fight authority when true authority is your own ability to say how your life is now. In saying how your life is now you continue to create the future by each statement you make. You have gotten so caught in the web of illusions that you believe that what you see is the only thing that is. You have forgotten to feel—go beyond the outside appearance. You have gotten so involved in what your Ego and the Egos of others are shouting that you have, for the moment, lost touch with your own authority. Your authority is about you and your life. It is not to be wielded over others. Again, I say, there is a vast difference between authority and control. The parental society has designed life in such a way that obedience is a prerequisite to becoming anything important. In this game you can only succeed by compliance. There is a great chasm between the deep satisfaction of personal achievement and having to wait for someone else’s approval in order to be sure your have done something right. The parent—mom, dad, minister, doctor, teacher, political leader—must say it is all right before you can trust that you were right about your accomplishment after all. That is control. It has been labeled authority, but it is simply control. Those in control make laws, but because they are the authority the laws are for everyone else but them–the police officer who uses his or her authority to speed, run red lights, abuse their power, the military leader or teacher, who in the name of discipline, dump their anger and fear on their command and call it preparation for the battle field. All of the officials in positions of trust, who have convinced themselves that they are not covered by the same rules as the “little people”. THERE ARE NO LITTLE PEOPLE ON THIS BALL!! Even the children, though small of stature, are far from small in essence. In fact, Beloved Masters, some of the greatest fear and abuse is waged against these children of the stars—indigo, diamond, rainbow—because they came remembering their own authority and are not duly submissive. They came to help you remember who you are, not bow down to old theories that no longer serve you. Money is NOT the defining point of personal power. Your authority is of spirit and it is time for the veil of illusion to be lifted so that you may live your spirit every moment of every day, rather than occasionally.

Your authority, as you discover it, is a quiet, fulfilling peace that lives in your center. It is not troubled by the chaos of the world’s collapse. This authority has absolutely no necessity to fight because it doesn’t operate where threat exists. When you know who you are, truly, really, you don’t wait with bated breath for the approval of another so you can say, “Thank, God, I’m all right”. When you are in your own authority you see differently, beyond the appearances of illusion. You will not be swayed by false information, because someone looked the “right” way or acted just like they were supposed to. You see/feel, hear/feel and think/feel because your authority puts you in touch with your soul’s desire. You cannot find this authority with your mind. There are no “how to do spirit” instructions. Every self help book that you read tells you the steps to get to authority, but most of them do not say that you can only reach this state by letting go of how. (Obtaining positive outcomes in other than mental ways is still questionable in many circles) Those who are beginning to understand feelings (this is not a popular or highly acceptable practice, especially among those who wish to remain in control) will often “stumble upon” the way to authority. They may not know exactly how they got there so “it only works once”. (“You know good can’t last”, the Ego reminds you.) Therefore, being present and paying attention to what you feel is important in every accomplishment. “Am I centered? Am I willing to own all of the outcomes of this project, rather than just the ones I judge good? Can I delight in each adventure with the same enthusiasm that a child exhibits when approaching something new?” You are now on the brink of entering into the Kingdom of Heaven as a child and it is here and now. Many would say if this is the brink of Heaven how is it that it feels so much like what we have termed Hell? Because, Beloved Masters, Heaven isn’t just getting exactly what you want, but getting the very highest good for all concerned. This requires adjusting your sights to a more refined perspective. Control focuses only on “my good and my best outcome”. What the mind decides is the best for all is usually rather limited because in its haste and the desire to cover all of the bases, the mind misses important points. In personal authority there is plenty of room for everyone to do well. Hence, competition and conflict no longer are required. The Ego says, “How boring”. Divine understanding feels the breath of fresh air that comes with safety and security from within, rather than an illusion on the outside than can crumble in a moment if someone else’s perspective is off balance.

There has always been a much higher incidence of good, on Earth, than bad or wrong. Because the soul has remained a part of the human existence, even though it has been dismissed frequently, human nature, in most instances, is intrinsically good/God. There are those who have let the wound of separation become their excuse to do damage to the planet, other people and most of all to themselves. Their authority is still there, but the fear of not being obeyed, has turned the authority to control and sometimes the control has gotten out of control.

As each one of you regains your authority in your own life, the sense of security that can only come from within is more noticeable. You begin to see/feel the reason for all of the changes that are occurring everywhere. For the first time in a long time, on Earth, there really is no where to point the parental finger and say they are at fault completely. Everyone is loosing control and, we the Masters, are celebrating the magnificent openings that are happening within you. You are not loosing anything, really. You are making a space within to fill with your authority as you remember. As more people feel their authority there will be less and less war. Authority is not totally without fear, but there is a recognition of what the fear is and its purpose, rather than just blind terror that strikes out at every thing different or new.

Inner peace, clear vision, forgiveness of accepting what you see as all there is and the ability to live real for the first time in life times are all aspects of personal authority. Letting go of control frightens the Ego, but it leads to something so much bigger and grander. Beloved Masters, we await your awakening with open arms. You aren’t leaving the planet. You are just becoming aware of a level of living that you could not imagine in the chaos of control. There is not another Earth for you to escape to, but higher dimensions of this one, which are being revealed as quickly as you will allow. This is not a race to get there before anyone else so that you can get your share of Heaven first. That is the perspective of control. You will not achieve the sight to recognize higher dimensions by cunning, calculation or deception. You cannot cheat someone else out of Heaven or take more than your share because “they are too stupid to know the difference”. All of those ploys of illusion and control are being revealed so quickly that people can hardly take it all in. The craft of the Ego becomes as obvious as Wily Coyote attempting to trap the Roadrunner. You cannot put God on a box, any box, your box. In order to really understand your authority, you must leave the box of control behind.

Our constant intension for the Earth and all of her people, you Beloved Masters, is that you awaken, recognize your own authority and use it lovingly and wisely. This is the old Earth and this is the New Earth. It all depends on which side of the illusions you are on.

Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, Beloved Masters, I bid you Adieu!

Lord St. Germain