Experiencing Revelation and Enlightenment

March 23, 2009

The Master St. Germain

Channeled by Molly Rowland

Voice of the Gatekeepers

Beloved Masters, we speak to you today of the gifts that are being brought to you in the midst of all of the apparent chaos on the ball. You are so very precious to us and we truly are with you to assist in your birthing into the places of enlightenment and recognition. We are holding the intension, for the revealing (revelation) of all that you are, as mighty creative masters. We would call the glorious light of your spirit to illuminate the world (enlightenment). When We speak of might it is like a code word to the Ego and the emotions roil in the desire to fight a battle and win. There is no fight when what you are living is what you already are. You already are a winner. There is no foe.

As humanity moved through the shifts of time (devolution) the Ego became more clearly defined and much stronger. Some would refer to this as the realm of Lucifer, which is insidious because it gives the power to something outside of you. In this belief you become a slave, a helpless victim. Others, of a more scientific mind set, point to the Annunaki and a being called Anu who created the mind grid or mind control that keeps people in a dark place of paralyzed fear. This “Mind Control” occurred in the earliest times of Atlantis. The crown of power was offered as a choice and the lure was great wealth in the physical world. For various reasons most of humanity chose to play this game.

The mind is divided into three parts: The unconscious or “Collective Consciousness”, the subconscious which connects you with your linage and the conscious, which is your personal belief about who you are.

The Collective mind is where decisions of agreement are made that create belief systems. These can include anything from “the sky is blue” to “I never get what I want” to “You can have love or you can have freedom, but you cannot have both”.

The subconscious mind is where you are hooked into the thoughts, ideas, beliefs and fears of the linage you were born into. Everyone on the ball is dealing with linage issues at this time, because they are the tangles of the Egos limitation.

Today the conscious mind is so involved in reflections (mirroring0 that you rarely have a clear picture of who you are. “What would they say?” is the motto of Ego in this mind. If someone is having a good day they may praise you, but the next time you see them they may be in a totally different mind set and you get the full impact of their judgments against themselves laid at your door. People want to see themselves as good, honest beings, willing to serve others. They do not wish to see that they can be angry, fearful, untruthful or capable of doing great harm. These are the issues that are floating up from the “bottom of the collective pond”, so to speak, and it is getting harder and harder to deny that everyone, including yourself have both aspects to their nature. God isn’t worried about this. This is a world of duality. Now each person gets to let go of the hellish illusions of the “mind grid” that hand out blame and guilt like a mother would hand out cookies. Often, the punishment is accepted as the price that you have to pay for having a moment of joy or peace or delight in your life. God did not set up life that way. Those beliefs only got set into place by the choice to pay a huge price for physical pleasure and riches.  (A price, by the way, that was never necessary)

The Ego sits on one shoulder and says, “You have a right to the very best.” (This is absolutely true in God.) Then the Ego rushes to the other shoulder and whispers, “You are so unworthy of the love of God that any joy you have will be rewarded with sever punishment.” There are millionaires who have no peace or joy in their lives and the Egoic belief systems points to their suffering and says, “See this is what you get when you are rich.” When riches are allowed into the life in love, rather than gotten through lust for power, the wealth is a light in the world. When you realize that living “the God life” is your purpose, you become a great teacher by living your life well. Preaching is telling others what to do without living the experience. Teaching comes from living the example of the good life (love, health, joy and yes, money) from you own wonderful experience.

In the midst of all the changes that are occurring on the ball, the worst possible outcome for Anu (Ego) is happening. You are beginning to gather the strength to remember who you are in the Oneness of I AM. You may feel, at times, weak, confused, distracted and generally depressed, yet so much is coming clear. You cannot look anywhere that REVELATION is not occurring. You have unlimited power to succeed—mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. That ability to see and hear clearly has been perverted and you have been taught that power is corrupt. The “might makes right” power of control and brutality is corrupt, but We speak of personal, spiritual power that is encoded into the DNA of the ten sleeping strands that are now being stirred awake by the breaking down of the web of entrapped mind.

Drugs reinforce the mind grid and strengthen the hold of separation. Cruelty, brutality, war and destruction are the most negative side of the lust for power at any cost and encourage the belief in helplessness and victimization. The masses are still looking through the cloud of distortion that Ego has used to keep the world in its grip. Religions have been constructed by the elitist minds to cause people to accept that they are worthless, hopeless, useless and should be full of guilt for daring to dream of being great, grand, beautiful, creative—all of the things that God/good made you. On the other hand the religions tell you that you can be good, but the measure of good is defined by scholars. If you are good enough to pass the test then you will be saved. The Ego always speaks out of both sides of its mouth.

The elitists are those who see money as God and the banks as their institutions of worship. The old systems of commerce are collapsing and soon, even the Universal Commercial Code (the code by which all commerce on the planet has been conducted), that was based on old Canaanite law, must be reworked because the operation of business on the planet will move more and more to a place of honesty and clarity.

Let me walk you through the 23rd Psalm and define it from a spiritual rather than religious point of veiw. This Psalm is full of promise, but not the promise of being taken care of because you are mindless sheep. It is filled with the joyful mystery of love. The Psalms are love songs to the creator/creation.

The Lord is my shepherd”. This does not mean that you are sheep that have to be guarded or governed because you cannot think for yourselves. The life of the shepherd depends on the flock as much as the flock looks to the shepherd. God created you in love. The love that was poured into your creation is beyond your comprehension. You are precious.

I shall not want”. This is not about shopping trips to the mall or having the biggest house or fastest car. This is about a fullness of spirit that quenches the hunger and thirst that has driven people to attempt to fill the inner void with things. Having a joyful life is not about deprivation nor is it about striving. When you are so clear about who you truly are you can desire beauty in you life without it being competitive. You will want for nothing because you understand (not know), but understand, that you may be fulfilled again and again, each time on a new level of awareness, without guilt or punishment.

He brings me to verdant pastures and leads me to still water”. The green pastures feed the soul as well as the body. You are shown the very best of life in every way. The still waters are the “cool pool” of serenity that exists within when your emotions are not running your life.

He restores my soul: he guides me into the path of righteousness for his namesake”. These are the times when the soul is being restored to its true estate of love that has always been real. Righteousness is not the judgment of a mind distracted by the actions of others. Right-use-ness is the appropriate conduct that flows naturally from at-one-ment with God/Goddess/All That Is. As you reclaim your true self the fear of what others might do or think dissolves in the strength of your own loving resolve.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for good is with me”. It is so clear that death is an illusion and yet the distortion of fear has caused death to loom as “the grim reaper” or “the great escape”. The shadow of death is not reality. When you turn the word EVIL around it spells LIVE. When the life is focused on good, evil does not disturb your mind. Only when the focus is on evil, does life diminish to a tiny prison of fear. To focus on wrong is to bring more of the energy of misalignment into being. This does not mean pretend that imbalances do not exist. What it does require is your own powerful focus on the greatest of good for EVERYONE.

Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”. The spinal column, shield of the nervous system, is the rod or support of the body. It is the conductor and protector of the nervous system. The staff is the crook where the spinal column connects into the cranium and the flow of currency moves through the pineal gland to the pituitary gland–your divine en-lighen-ment.

“A table is placed before me in the presence of those that I have called enemy” The old interpretation of Ego in this phrase is “I can prove that God loves me better than you, because I have food and drink in difficult times”. The real promise is that you would be fed spiritual food which would open your inner eyes to the clarity that you have no enemies and never have had. This allows you to be safe in all of your affairs and capable of sharing because you feel the truth of fulfillment within. THERE IS PLENTY!

“My head is anointed with oil and my cup overflows”. The anointing with oil is an ancient ritual that indicates the full blessing of love which brings a stilling of the mind. You may allow yourself to open your heart, not only to give, but to receive honestly, the inner cup is filled to overflowing and that influences all of the affairs of your life.

Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of good forever”. It is now time to recognize that goodness dwells in you and mercy is granted without asking. Forgive the belief that joy and goodness can only be achieved through hard work. Again We assure you that you are loved unconditionally and the only forgiveness that is required is that which you will give to yourself for accepting the lies of illusion as truth for so long.

As you read the instructions of the Bible (the Master book) or any of the great books of wisdom on the planet , you will begin to find how they speak to Masters to assist them in remembering that they are completely children of God.

You can submit to hearing only the “bad news” through the filters of Ego or you can draw up the internal courage to “see with eyes that are open to clarity” and “hear with ears that are tuned to truth”. Truth is heard in the center of your being when you still the Egoic mind and listen to the stillness of the inner voice. Clear vision brings you the recognition that beauty is everywhere, even in the midst of what many would call disaster. There are those who, in great amazement, are finding wonderful gifts when they look beyond the illusions. These revelations are giving them the strength and courage to look deeper, higher, further than what appears to be going on. “Ain’t nothin’ what it seems”! People are discovering that even though there is no scientific proof , they feel that things are getting better. The old mind lock of Ego will do its best to convince those who are touching on awakening, that they are just imagining things. What, Beloved Masters, is Imagination, but the feminine principle of God? Desire is the masculine principle and when the two aspects are brought together their union is THE WORD made incarnate.

Feel the goodness blossoming within you. Feel the love that wants to embrace you. Get out of your mind where control has imprisoned you and feel the freedom of belonging. The mind’s desire for freedom has been the main cause of separation from the love of God. The mind thinks, plans, calculates and goes around and around in tight little circles. It speaks of change, but only turns its back on its old activities and does the same thing over again, swearing that it has changed. Only by feeling into your essence you can be aware of how change lifts you to higher levels of perspective. The mind is a box. When the mind is opened to love the square box is rounded out. When the circle that is created is broken by forgiveness it becomes an upward spiral.

We see your greatness and we can not impress you enough with just how wonderfully delightful you are. Feel it. Take it in. Let it inform your cells. Let the greatness of how you are loved rock your old world and increase your scope. You won’t fall. We are there to catch you, as you allow. The Ego says, “What if….? What if…?” We, the Masters, say “Why not?”!!!!!

In the greatest of love I bid you Adieu! Lord St. Germain