Pride & The Mind Grid

March 31, 2009

Molly Rowland Channels St. Germain and The Council of Light 

And so it is, Beloved Masters, let I tell you a story about you. When I speak of MIND it is intellect driven by EGO. This is Intellect that has become bloated in the worship of its own PRIDE. Pride is a false sense of superiority. You have been taught by MIND that to honor yourself is inappropriate, selfish. If you are divorced from a clear understanding of your worth and value, you create false measures that make you important by belittling another. That is PRIDE which is a creation of MIND. PRIDE is a source of guilt and shame because it is a product of separation.

To be proud of your own accomplishment is the beginning of the remembrance of who you truly are.

In the beginning of this wondrous planet you knew all that you are. You understood the Laws of the Universe and lived them naturally. The animals, nature and the elements were your council and your friends. There was an acceptance of other people as companions on the road of life and the appreciation of God’s love was a pure steam of consciousness flowing through your being. Your desire was to live the best life in the way of truth and delight in the gifts that you received from being God’s creation.

There were those in space who observed this blue-green sentient jewel of this Universe and they feared the power of such at-one-ment. A being called Anu came to visit Earth and to speak with the peoples of Atlantis because they were sending a current of desire for changes. Anu came and told the people of great wealth that existed on the Earth. He promised to link them to a grid that would open their minds to an understanding of how to use the Earth for their own purpose and scientific knowledge that would make the planet more efficient. Remember, up to this time, everything on the planet was available to fulfill the requirements of all. There was plenty for everyone. Anu said that this grid meant advancement and growth. The people were excited at all of the possibilities that Anu presented. There were those who counseled that this grid should be felt into first, but those who wanted something new agreed to the mind-grid and they began to have new ideas. These new ideas were felt, in the beginning of the mind-grid. But there was treasure and there was the necessity to learn how to take it from the Earth in large quantities. Up to this time gold and other precious metals and beautiful stones were only taken in small amounts to uplift and inspire, as only beauty can. The new way of thinking brought increased understanding of mathematics, but in a different and more limited way because the feeling of connection was lessening. Since mathematics is the building blocks of the Universe you as Masters understood them as an operational energy flow that made life connected to all things. The “new thought” seemed to be so big and intriguing. It brought entertaining byways of thinking. The mind began to create intrigue and the ancient mysteries were replaced by the mysterious plots of the intellect. The mind-grid was connected to the Ego and therefore as time passed the mind operated more and more in fear and limit. The immense love and all encompassing protection that you felt, as a part of your beingness as a Master, began to fade into the annals of time. The MIND set itself up as the ruler. It stood separate from the whole (holiness) of your original nature. The MIND created wonderful temples and magnificent concepts. It taught that only things that you could see, feel, taste, touch and hear were valid ways to identify right and good. It explored the technical aspects of the Universe and began to put them into boxes. Then the MIND began, in its fear of being alone, to set up an order that said, “Those people, in other towns, temples or countries, are inferior because they have not found the same understanding of life that we have”. Those who are different are to be feared because we don’t know what they are doing (more secrets). Separation began to divide the “Masters” into tribes or stratums of society. Slowly the peoples moved into groups that felt anger toward others. The MIND decided that the color of skin was a measure of worthiness or the amount of education meant that one person was superior (PRIDE) to another. There were the Goddess worshippers who had to be conquered because the male MIND was becoming far more competent than the mind of woman.

Soon the MIND began to calculate how to make war on those who had goods, knowledge or anything else that was considered valuable. Because the mind-grid had slowly closed the connection to the love of God, the MIND began to say that God had abandoned the peoples of Earth. “God was gone and you were all alone here to make the best of a failing situation”. The mind-grid said that since God was not here there must be an exploration “out there into space” to find where God had gone. Ships were sent out, but they never came back, so MIND said, “Not only has God abandoned you, but God killed the explorers, so you would never know the truth”. Then MIND created religions to help the people who were feeling the separation so painfully. Each religion had a god that made various demands on those who came to worship him. Even those who worshipped the Goddess Mother began to feel that she put demands on her love. The love that you lived in, in the beginning, was the natural estate of God’s creation. What you have come to experience in separation is a striving to achieve a love that has become a veritable “carrot in front of the donkey’s nose”.  You are never quite enough. There is always something flawed in your make-up.

 The truth is that what you already are and have always been is waiting right where you are. The illusion of separation always makes the goal somewhere else. If you cannot see what you desire, it isn’t here yet. If you cannot hear God’s voice within, that means that God isn’t talking to you. If God isn’t in the form of a human then it isn’t really God–illusions, all illusions.

The MIND became progressively more powerful and less connected to love and compassion. War, for the sake of gain, became the way of life for many. Seeing something that was desired, became the only reason necessary to take what belonged to another. The MIND justified the rape and pillage of battle, as necessary because “those people just do not know how to deal with things of value. They cannot take care of themselves. They are children”. The MIND became the Father and created a god in its own image. This Father was a punishing, angry entity, never to be truly appeased and the “children” had to constantly work harder and harder to make this god happy, in the hopes that somewhere “out there in the future, somewhere else” there would be a reward. The NOWNESS that you lived in, in the beginning of your stay on Earth, was pushed further and further away.

Now and then, there would be those beings that vaguely remembered the truth and saw beyond the mind-grid. They would speak of what they saw, only to be killed, because those concepts were a threat to the MIND and they were called heresy. There have been those of us who remembered the Oneness from the beginning, who have come to Earth and been called Avatars, great teachers. Even those teachings became the basis for war. (Our God is mightier than yours. Our Master brings the right and true message. Yours is a false God, a questionable Master.) We are with you now to help you through the “time of remembrance”. We are not parents, come to save you from your choices. We are those who have held the structure of Love in place with our desires and intensions, so that when the gateway to God’s love was opened again you would be able to reconnect with unconditional love as quickly as you will allow. You cannot see the Love of God with your physical eyes, but the eyes of the soul see it easily. You cannot hear truth, fully, with your physical ears, because the MIND controls the thought. Discernment is a tool that exists within. As you surrender the MIND to spirit, you will see/feel, hear/feel and think/feel with greater ease. This is not a scam of the MIND, but a return to the immense and complete freedom that belonged to you in LOVE. You may experience suspicion and or feelings of mistrust because you have been so far removed from recognition of your most amazing self. How can we begin to tell you, just how wonderful you are? Wait! You will not have to wait too long, before this dawning enlightens your inner being.

The mind-grid was an experiment, an agreement that would last for several hundred thousand years. Now, on Earth, the contract is coming to an end and the veil of illusions of MIND is thinning. There are those who fear the changes that remembering will bring, but still the time has come for you to begin to recall All that you are. The mind-grid was insidiously slow in its process. The awakening to who you are is moving at the speed of light, in comparison.

This amazing planet is your home. It is not a place from which to escape, to get away because MIND has destroyed it. The intellect is still attempting to “figure out” how to get out of the “mess” that has evidenced itself here in the latter days. Even spirit is viewed from in intellectual point of view. You cannot “do” spirit! There has to be two separate Earths because what you see is in upheaval. You have to do enough good works to get you to the New Earth and that means following prescribed plans and doctrines of the MIND. The MIND has even said that it is impossible to get beyond the mind-grid. “You are stuck in this limit forever.” Beloved Masters, there is another Earth essence that functions on a higher dimensional frequency. The second Earth is right here, right now. The only thing that is required to get there, is to let go of believing in what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell in this illusion is all there is. There is so much more to all of this wonder and of you, Beloveds, than you have been allowed by MIND to know for so long. As you allow yourself to become mind, connected to the Divine, you remember. Let your emotions begin to function as feelings (the higher octave of emotion). Live your spirit that is the guiding focus of a life well-lived in love, every moment of every day. Recognize that as a master you are also a physical being that can transmute the body without having to die. In these gentle, loving changes you reintegrate with All that you are.

War, pride and hatred are just by-products of separation. The fear of the unknown and  the misunderstood is so accepted on this ball. This is not who you really are. These fears are a thicket of illusions. Rather than taking a machete and cutting through them, you can hold your focus on what you desire and the next level of awareness opens before your eyes. Seeing beyond seeing and hearing beyond the words of MIND brings a whole new world of delights that does not cost a thing, because God puts no price on you or your good. How could there ever be a price when, you, Beloved ones, are priceless?

The New Age is here, NOW! You have passed through the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, who pours out the waters of a new electrical frequency that transforms you where you are. These are not terrible times, but times of the most awesome change the Earth has ever known. It was incredible in the beginning of creation, when cells developed and transformed into higher consciousness. When life expanded and the collective of humanity came forth. But this, this is even greater. You are moving into a higher consciousness with a broader understanding of yourselves as spiritual Masters. You can be stewards of the Earth without looking for your payment for the occupation. The reward is theEDENstate that belongs to everyone. You can reestablish the holy friendship with your Earth home and live the life that belongs to you, without thinking that you are deprived because another person’s intension is different than yours. You can, in this moment, realize that there is a delight in the diversity of ideas, ways of creating and positive outcomes that emerge from a unity of spirit. The MIND wanted freedom, but it put a price on everything, so nothing could ever be free, most of all you. In the unconditional Love of God you were always free, totally free, to be your own Divine self.

We await, with total patience, your awakening and hold the intension that you will forgive “how it was” so that the New Age and New Earth emerge for each one of you, NOW. Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, Beloved Masters, I bid you Adieu! Lord St. Germain