Pretense & Imitation

June 15, 2009

Molly Rowland channels St. Germain and the Council of Light

Beloved Masters we come to speak in greater depth of the changing times. You are being opened to the refined frequencies of the higher dimensions. Your smallness is being revealed as the lie that has been lived under the influence of the mind-grid.

People on the planet are beginning to polarize because the fear of change is affecting everyone. Those who are so caught in the illusions of the old order are so wounded by the separation that they are expressing their beliefs that the only way that the Earth can be saved, is through more violence and killing. They have become so numb that the taking of life is considered a necessity rather than an atrocity. Those who are feeling led to seek a higher consciousness are feeling fearful of these wounded souls who have become estranged from their spiritual connection. The belief that one side is totally right and the other is totally wrong is creating a schism that must be healed in order that the Earth can move more easily into the new becoming.

The religions are feeling great fear because they can see the potential that the masses are turning somewhere else for guidance and education. The church leaders cry out that the people are turning away from God. The reality is that many people are beginning to feel that the old “hell-fire and damnation” approach isn’t loving. The soul wearies of judgment and accusation and desires to hear words of encouragement and upliftment, rather than finger pointing and fault finding. The collective consciousness is beginning to seek spiritual food more that pain and suffering and the heart tires of living in a battle zone.

The mind-grid has created the belief that the only thing that sells is sensationalism. The media hurtles toward the brink of disaster in its attempt to get the attention of a jaded public. Slowly, the momentum of the old, empty ways is being redirected and here and there, there are those who are involved with the press who are making a conscious effort to say nice things about others. The words are like honey rather than saccharine and they heal the wounds of heart and soul. Those who are willing to be courageous enough to begin to operate lovingly not only assist the world but also, with each application of love are healing themselves. Revelation is becoming progressively more difficult to ignore. Pretending that you are being kind when you are not is so obvious that even the most bitter notices how the energy feels. The pretenses of polite society are often quite shallow. The streams of spirit run much deeper and cleaner and heal the old wounds. You can feel the difference within yourself when you forgive pretense and begin to live real.

Pretending to be great when you don’t’ believe that you are looks like a sham. Control dramas that are used to prove that you’ve “got what it takes” are looking more and more like tantrums of frightened children. You are SO MUCH GREATER THAN YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO PROVE THAT YOU ARE! When you fall into pretence you focus on your limitations. You are “trying very hard” to get others to recognize that you are important, but if you refuse to acknowledge that you truly are wonderful and capable and awesome, soon everyone gets tried of attempting to support you in your illusion. Example: The boss who feel inadequate, but acts like a bully, so the workers play along. After a while the energy drain affects everyone and people begin to leave the job.

You cannot get enough energy from others to ever make yourself feel fed. Your power comes from Source/God and not from other people. The boss who also has not yet discovered that he/she is powerful attempts to steal energy from the employees until they wake up and recognize what is happening. Pretenders are really not making themselves bigger or better. In fact, all the energy that is given to pretending is energy that does not fuel the empowerment of living your most amazing self.

Advantage taking actually uses more energy than being honest. Pretending takes more of your precious fuel from God that you are granted each day, than living who you are well. Pretending to be rich or well off has been the down fall of the global economy. The fear that if you don’t look prosperous others will think less of you has been the major contributing factor to economic disaster. People have been spending money that they did not have to buy things that, within a week either fell apart or became obsolete or boring. The attempt to make the lifestyle appear to be impressive became the focus. Keeping up with the rich and famous has become progressively more challenging, especially when most of the rich and famous didn’t have any idea what they really wanted. Nothing seems to fill the ever widening void. The pretense has led to the escape from “the real world” through drugs. The mind distorted by drugs, prescription or street, no longer deals with life clearly and Beloved Masters, clarity is a major component in creating the life that you truly desire to live. Drugs numb the pain of feeling like a failure for a time and then the pain gets bigger than the drug can control and the drug eventually takes the earthly life away, either physically or spiritually.

When the Pretender enters the higher realms (this may be in death or not) there are those  souls who are present to assist in the clearing of the self-imposed illusions. Often the Pretender is still so caught in the fear of change that even in those refined energies they draw away from help. The pretenders create thought forms that appear to be the life they were living and they experience their death over and over and over. These Pretenders could be helped, but the souls in higher realms are very clear that free will must be honored. If there is such a fear of change on the part of a soul, that the helpers are shunned, that must be respected.

On earth the illusion has said, make people get well. Put these Pretenders in treatment until they admit that they are wrong and that their lifestyle is bad. Nothing is done to heal the wound that caused the descent into drugs, alcohol or any other addiction that distorts clear inner vision. In the polarization, the people who don’t want to be bothered will condemn others and their actions, but will not offer assistance toward change because they don’t know what to do and do not want to be found lacking. Those who have some understanding of spiritual evolution may want to be forgiving but, the healing requires both forgiveness and recognition for strong guidance to bring the addict back to harmony.

“Fear is a mind killer”. The aging process on Earth is created by fear. When you were young you did not feel nearly as much fear as you do as maturity takes you forward in life. What is the fear? In many ways it is the image of aging that the media presents, that at a certain point you become useless and if disease takes you before you become useless it is a blessing. If you encounter disease in later life the point of view that is often expressed is that “it doesn’t really matter that you have disease if you are old. The elderly don’t have any quality of life anyway.” The mind-grid has brought the thinking about aging and illness to the cold, calculated statistics of a machine. People, all people, have a divine right to quality of life. It would be well if that quality of life were honored. This view that older people have less value is beginning to slowly be overturned by those who respect the value of life. The polarities direct people to put money away to pay for the diseases of old age and this causes more disease. There are still undercurrents accepting extended life with honor, dignity and enjoyment.

The pretense of youth does not make one youthful because trying to look like something you are not or attempting to act like a teenager only underscores the lie that is motivating the pretense. Older people acting out the rebellion of youth would be well served to give way to the grace of maturity.

When a dream is accomplished in the later part of life it is just as grand, if not more so than when something wonderful is done in youth. Always there must be the consideration of the attitude that accompanies the fulfillment. If the outcome feels like “So there, now you can see that I can still function” the power of uplifted thought is not present. When the excitement and joy of being awesome is the outcome the person, not only is fueled with new energy, but also can uplift others.

As the person matures the desire is that the connection with spirit that was so clear in the child is remembered by the adult. We pray that this can occur in a fashion that brings the life grace, courage and nobility that is worn gently as a cloak of protection as the soul is fulfilled by Source.

The real assistance along the spiritual journey comes when each person begins to recognize within themselves that as they LIVE the conscious life. They produce energy that is uplifting and fulfilling, first for themselves and then for others. As the pretense is distilled into the essence of divine love no one needs to try to take power from another and the belief that others are the source of power becomes obviously untrue. It takes courage and faith and tremendous strength to make these changes. The Ego assures you that you are not capable or tells you that you have to fight to get to the next level. The energy of war weakens spirit. The energy given on the battle field exceeds what the demands of life require. Often the belief in battle is that if “I kill enough of the enemy I’ll be viewed as a good person”. Those who are wounded into extreme separation will continue, at least for a while to think that eliminating people who are wrong will make this a better, stronger planet. There are some who believe that if certain groups of people are destroyed the earth will be better off. The truth of God is that all of the souls that are on Earth came with a much higher desire (soul script) than the life they are living. As the veil between the third dimension and the higher realms tears apart there can be a blending of all of the beautiful dreams that have guided each soul to come to Earth.

There are those who think that if they act like someone who they think is important it makes them important. These are the Imitators and they channel their precious life force into attempting to be like someone else. Beloved Masters You cannot be anyone else. The only one that you can be really is you. The issue with this is that there is no true understanding of what motivates the life of another. The truth divine directive must come from within. If someone studies the life of a great master or scholar or teacher the knowledge does not tell the story of how the Master recognized or understood what being a Master is. The study does not make the student a Master. Only by discovering the love, power and reality of what you desire within yourself can you become the Master. Imitation will never be a substitute for what is real.

Acting the way you think the Master might act or doing what you think they would do in any given situation (What would Jesus do?) is always limited by your own ego and your own fear of greatness. The great Masters did not think they were great and often they had not even considered what greatness is. They felt just like you do until they accepted that they marched to the beat of a different drummer. There was a dawning of truth that enlightened them but it did not make them feel that they were better than anyone else. The motivation was to share a dream, a vision, or a sacred truth and often these Masters were disdained because they didn’t have rank or privilege. Pretense and Imitation do not bring the divine into the world. The most humble of beings are often the greatest teachers. A truly great teacher is the very best student in any class that they teach. He or she will learn from teaching and learn from their students. In the places of Pretense and Imitation the teachers may set themselves up as paragons of wisdom, when that is the furthest thing from the truth. The factor that is always missing in Pretense and Imitation is love. You absolutely cannot fake love. You can smile, but unless there is love the smile will not reveal your soul shining in your eyes. You can do what the world taught you is the “right thing”, but if you are not comfortable with your actions you will appear awkward in the imitation. Even the best actors must recognize the feeling of what they desire to portray. If they do not understand love, their portrayal will be flat, one dimensional.

The need to be important will pass as the realization that you are already beyond the limitations of importance dawns. You are more than important. You are more than special. You are more than great. You are not more important, more special or greater than any other human being. You will become more aware of the grandeur of your true self as you forgive the attempt to prove yourself important through pretending to be what you are not and imitating those you see as greater than you. Find those sterling qualities that you seek to imitate within yourself. Live yourself really.

The world is changing, NOT GETTING WORSE. There are actually magnificent up spirals of spiritual evolution occurring within humanity even as I bring this message to you. Forgive looking at the past for reference to your future and cease to focus what appears to be wrong with others, with you or with life in general. This type of contemplation contributes to the wounds that have held you back. Look forward, look upward but most of all, Beloved Masters, look within. That is where you will find The Way of Love. The only way out of the limit is within. Go deep within yourself and you will find the flow of divine essence that will show you the way to your highest and best self.

We appreciate you. We love you beyond your imagining. You are, indeed, Divine Creative Masters. Forgive the Pretense and the Imitation. Own your goodness to be true. Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, I bid you, in the greatest of love, Adieu! – St. Germain