July 22, 2009

Molly Rowland Channels St. Germain and the Council of Light

Beloved Masters, first let us tell you that in the up-spiral you are moving at an amazingly rapid speed which is why so many of you are experiencing feelings of fear, pressure, doubt and panic. This brings us to speak to you of your most awesome field of energy, your aura.

Any human being on the ball has an auric field of at least seven to ten miles. I am not speaking of extremely spiritual people or those who might be considered more powerful. The average person has an auric field of at least seven miles and on a good day it can influence up to ten miles. Beloved Masters, that means that you constantly affect millions of people that you never see or meet or perhaps will ever know. You powerfully influence those that you do know whether they are in the room with you or on the other side of the planet. The teachings in most places are, “If someone does something to you, then you just go and do it right back to them. They asked for it.” This increases the energy of fear and fight so that, especially in cities, the aura of the area is contaminated not only by the pollution of toxic waste, but also by the pollution of negative emotions. You might say, “There is nothing that can be done about the emotions.” We are here to assure you that this area of pollution can be dealt with and cleared. It is up to each and every person to help. You ask, “How may I help the world? What can I do?” We watch your thoughts move out toward those that you do not agree with like a cloud. We observe the control energy flowing to “make them get it that they are wrong”. The fear, anger and resentment around life and how you find yourself living are great contaminants that can actually have a detrimental effect on all of the people who pass through your auric field every day.

So, Beloved Masters, here is a simple and effective way of changing the energy of the planet from your living room. You don’t have to go to other parts of the world to bring about change or force those that you don’t agree with to make the changes. You sit quietly and change the energy of your own essence. Have you noticed that when someone who is in a bad mood comes into a room, very often their energy pulls down the mood of everyone in the room? It takes time to build yourself back up, partially because you are not accustomed to realizing that you have the power to change the energy of your own aura. You may also help others, who are willing, to lift their spirits by holding the intention of peacefulness and positive outcomes.

The world as a collective is very focused on negative outcomes. People spend a great deal of time thinking about the next terrible thing that might occur. How do you spend your thought time? Where do you send your energy? Are you holding an intension of powerful, positive outcomes for yourself, for others, for the planet or are you literally creating the next collapse of your life by your thoughts? Masters, you have no idea just how powerful your thoughts are and how capable you are of directing the ways of your life into whatever channel you choose.

The Bible speaks of the power of thought by telling you that as you think within yourself (you don’t have to voice it out loud) so are you.

So we have considered that the moods or emotions of others can bring you down. Now be absolutely honest. Your moods and emotions can make others feel “blue”, put them in a “brown funk”, give them the “purple mully-grubs”. (Chuckle) If you truly desire to help the planet, then let us begin by stilling the mind chatter of the Ego. The Ego is the prime motivator of gloom. The Ego is the harbinger of doom, which is always based on what was and how it didn’t work or how it made you sad or even how you wish things had never changed. What do you really desire? Think about it! Even better, feel about it!! Feel the burst of enthusiasm and rush of power as you contemplate the possibility of achieving your desires. Stay with the energy. The Ego may come to tell you that you can never have what you want, but stay with the feelings of strength that the possibilities of positive outcomes bring. Focus on the warmth in the center of your body, focus on the image of you bringing your desire to fruition. Get into the energy, make it real. Allow your imagination to take you into the realms of positive outcomes. Feel the flow of divine power moving you. You don’t have to know exactly how the good will come, just that it is yours. You don’t have to know what you have to do to make things happen. Be ever expectant of the unexpected. Be alert, be aware, because as you are willing to recognize that your question “how can this happen?” is put out into the ethers it will attract those who are aligned to assist you. Visualize that you are casting a giant golden net out into the Universe. Everything that the net brings to you is totally yours. You will not be taking good from others because this net has your intentions and vibrations on it. The new energies call for multi-tasking, using streams of color, sound and thought from numerous places at once. As you are sending the net out to bring you good things, you also hold an intention that everyone may feel the positive power of your dreams and desires. This does not mean that they know what your personal intensions are, specifically, but that they feel the up lifting energy. You cannot do this in your mind alone. You are required to feel the flow of power moving within you. You must become one with the passion of your desire, without any investment in outcome. (You may hear your Ego whine “what if you do it wrong, what if someone interferes, what if…….?”) There is no wrong way to achieve positive thinking! When thinking becomes negative, it simply is no longer positive. Return your thoughts, your energies and your focus to the willingness to have all of your questions answered and all of your outcomes arriving in a positive way in the divinely appropriate time. Listening to your Ego invariably puts you in a low place, a bad mood.

As you apply the process of keeping your focus on the highest and best outcomes, pay very close attention to coincidences–seeing the same person several times in one day, catching someone’s eye more than once, changes in the lighting or color shifts (it gets brighter or more clarified) down a certain path or roadway when you do not know where you are going. The Angels are always looking to assist those who pay attention. They help you more than you know simply because you have forgotten to pay attention. Answers come from places that you would never think of looking. The fears of the Ego can distract you from getting help by making you suspicious or paranoid. Remember, Beloved Masters, positive use of energy is the Masters way. There are those who, long ago, after they began to understand how to use energy masterfully, learned to manipulate it in inappropriate ways. You are now being given the memory of how to use power wisely and well. The refined energy of the Earth is causing inappropriate use of will and action to return quickly to those who are invested in misuse. The Ego will say, “What if you accidentally misuse the power? What will happen to you?” Beloved Masters, when the goodness of the intention is very clear in the flow of things, the color and feel of the thoughts are aligned with positive energy. The old order said that if you made a mistake in a formula or a ritual you could cause disaster. This certainly made the unconscious and unpresent fearful of attempting to use any power. When your desire and intension is to lift your own energy, be open to assistance from the Universe. Then hold that energy steady so that as it lifts your spirit it will lift the spirits of others and your positive intension is noted. Fear and doubt can collapse the energy field and bring you up against a wall of your own negative thinking. As you Master the use of positive thinking and hold it consistently you will begin to notice that your whole life is moving much easier. Not only that, but others respond to you in more favorable ways.

For a moment let us speak of the difference between expectation and expectancy. People have expectations of others and then they attempt to make the other person do what they want them to. Expectancy is an energy of openness. There is no control in expectancy, just a magnetic attraction to positive outcomes. Many people begin to use their energy in a positive way and either become complacent or doubtful. Things become difficult because people have released the connection to positive flow. Things don’t work and the Ego rushes in to say “See I told you it wouldn’t work. I told you that you couldn’t have a better life. You are doomed to failure and that is just how it is.” Masters, it is never what life brings you, but how you come to terms with what life brings you that matters. In every single situation that comes to you, you have two choices—you may choose that you will get the very best from the situation or you can choose to have a bad outcome. Every word that is spoken, every action that is taken—yours or theirs—is an opportunity for positive good, in your life and in the whole world. War is a choice. Peace is a choice. Others don’t make you suffer. That is your choice and yours alone. Masters, Beloved Masters, remember that you are, first of all, God’s creation and you were brought to Earth as stewards of the magnificent resources that were placed here for you. You were never put here to grapple or strive or destroy the beauty.

This brings I to another point. As you hold the intension for positive outcomes, you become much more attuned to beauty every where. The trees, flowers, land, water and yes, the faces of people begin to radiate beauty. The Ego focuses on ugliness and corruption. Your soul desires that you focus on beauty. In the current conflict on the planet the emphasis is more and more on war, war games, competition in a negative way and fear, fear, fear!!! As you strengthen your positive energy muscles and hold you focus on wonderful outcomes, you live a progressively more beautiful life. You are the only one who can give you this life. You are the only one who can prevent it. It is no else’s fault if your life is painful. You make choices ever moment. It isn’t about fault or who is right or wrong. You create by your intentions and use of your own personal power. You can build the power, but you have to let go of fear and anger. You have, so long, known only the ways of smallness that the vastness of your true self frightens you, even as it attracts you. Fear and Anger are tools of the Ego, tools of illusions. I am calling you to recognize who you really are. The collapses of old standards are a gift. Yes, it compels you to look at yourself and your life from a new place and that is why we are sharing this information. It is not to be read, thought about and thrown aside. It is to be applied to your life. It is an answer to your question, “What can I do to help? How can I change the world?” You will never change the world by force. When someone attempts to control you, you feel their energy and you rebel. There are so many people who are out of control in their own lives and so they attempt to feel stronger by controlling the lives of others.

This brings us to prayer. So much of the prayer that is made on the planet is asking a Supreme Deity to make others do what the prayer maker desires. Frequently in this type of prayer nothing happens or things may even get worse, because this type of negative prayer has an amazing amount of power and others feel it. If you are sitting in your living room, but you are projecting your demands called prayer at people on the other side of the Earth, they feel your energy. The Christians of America pray to God that the Muslims will wake up and recognize how wrong they are; while the Muslims are praying to Allah that the Christians will wake up and see how wrong they are. When the prayer becomes, “Let us all be shown the ways of peace. Let us see how we can raise the consciousness of the whole Earth with our own positive intensions. Let me forgive the illusions of threats and enemies. Help me, God, Allah, to find my own highest understanding to make my life a light. I give thanks, I give thanks, I give thanks!!”

Your prayers fill your auric field. Your prayerful intensions influence the whole world. Your aura affects the lives of millions of people that you will never meet and their thoughts and energies affect you. You are an independent being and you are a part of the collective consciousness of this wonderful planet. “How can you help?” Be ever mindful that there is no such thing as an idle thought. Idle and thought are mutually exclusive. Every fear filled, hate filled, doubt filled thought that you have creates. When you wish someone else ill, in the energy of these times it will rush to find you much quicker than ever before. You are Master creators. What will you create? You cannot just wish things would change and then say, “But I can do nothing about it?” and then go unconscious again. You count! You matter! You are important!! Make a conscious effort to keep your thoughts and intensions on the positive. Hold your desires in a flow of good, not just for you, but for all. Too long you have attempted to get the good to come only to you, but not to those that you do not like. That kind of thinking creates a neutralization. No one can benefit. Let go of separation. You can bring this good about for yourself and by holding the positive intension you may also assist everyone else.

When someone crosses your path and they are afraid, you have two choices. You can join them in their fear or you can dwell upon you own positive intensions and beam love and joy to them. You can blame them for spoiling your day or you can stay with yourself in love, raise your vibrations and raise the frequencies of everyone around you. You are required to take responsibility for your power and how you use it, in every moment and each situation.

Feel love. Feel acceptance. Feel belonging and feel these energies for everyone. Embrace the Allness of your world and be amazed that it reaches out to embrace you. You are already Beloved, but as you feed your own love into being Beloved the power of belonging expands to embrace everyone, including those who will not yet accept that it is so.

Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, in the greatest of love I bid you, Adieu! Lord St. Germain