Mystery, Magik & Myth

July 22, 2009

Molly Rowland channels St.Germain and the Council of Light

Molly: First let me tell you about a vision that I had on June 2nd, 2009. I was an observer and I was involved at the same time. I was looking out over an ocean. The ocean was covered with a “steel-looking” mesh. As I watched, it was as though the “finger of God”, a brilliant light, cut through the mesh and with a sound like thunder the mesh began to roll away on each side of the cut. I then observed that the mesh rolled together under the Earth and simply fell away. I felt that the Earth had been freed of the “mind-grid” that St. Germain has spoken about. This is what St. Germain has to say about the changes that are occurring in relationship to the grid falling away.

St. Germain: Greetings! Beloved Masters, we celebrate you and celebrate with you. You have ended the contract that has bound your world for eons of times. The important point now is how each of you will respond to freedom. This freedom exists within you. As the energy accelerates you will find that your thoughts bring about changes more and more quickly. The more rarified the essence of the Earth becomes the more considerate you must be of where you put your thought power. YOU ARE DIVINE CREATIVE MASTERS, CO-CREATORS WITH I AM AND YOU WILL SEE JUST HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE FOR GOOD VERY QUICKLY.

Many of you have been and are passing through your shadow time. You have been recognizing your deepest, darkest fears and feeling, in many instances, hopeless, lost and filled with doubt. There are those who believe that there is no way up or out of the current state of affairs on the planet. The same old tired games being played in the same old tired ways might appear to go on forever. I assure you that the illusions are thinning and the veil that was associated with the “mind-grid” is falling apart. Nothing, in this time, is as it appears. It may seem to be a challenge to keep your energies up and hold your thoughts on the things that you would call into your life for good, but it is imperative that you exercise your FAITH muscles and hold your prayer intensions on the highest and best good for ALL.

The further the Earth has descended into illusion the more the mind has sought the practical and reasonable. The Mystery of Life has gotten lost in the grappling for “safety, security and money”. As you emerge from your sleep, you are thirsting for the mystical. You hunger for the Magik that was a natural part of your life, before you choose to play the “game”. So much of what is true has been relegated to the realms of Myth. Your mythology is a great piece of your remembering who you are. So many people are remembering the stories that have been called myths. What is your myth? Be open to discovering more about the myth that you identify with. Each person will remember their myth a little differently than others do. It is not about how you are right or wrong, but that you feel, from the Lord/God of your being, the essence of your true self returning.

Physicians were once divine healers. They paid very close attention to how the body of their patients reacted. They used their intuition and their Faith. They did not totally depend on something outside of themselves to determine what illness was in the body or how to treat the dis-ease. As the mind-grid closed medicine became more technical and less humanized. Now when you visit your doctor, you are given 20 minutes or less to tell them what is happening to you. Often they do not listen, but assume that a few words tell the whole story. A prescription is written and you are dismissed. If you feel that you were not treated for the right thing you may go to another doctor, who also does not listen and writes a different prescription, which may operate contra to the first one. You become sicker and are given more medicine rather than considerate attention. The elderly and the ill are ware-housed in nursing homes and often left to die. In the waking up process you must become responsible for your own health and well-being. A good attitude, positive thinking and loving yourself enough to take care of your body, mind and emotions are imperative to a better future of ever increasing optimum health. The body is a divine machine. It was never intended to age or die. “It must have been something that you thought.”

Governments must return to the true estate of caring for the good of the people. You are again required to hold a powerful intention that everyone is treated in a loving, caring and positive way. There is a balance between giving everyone what they want without consideration and making the majority responsible for the extravagant lifestyle of the few. God never intended that anyone would live in bone-grinding poverty. As you return to your true estate on Earth you will find that raising your frequency puts you into realms where life is so sweet and beautiful and fulfilling that what you have striven for in the illusions pales in comparison. The Bible speaks of streets of gold and many awesome things. They are true, but not exactly as the mind would interpret them. The golden essence of spiritual light illumines everything and everyone as you raise your vibrational frequencies. Actually, the wonders of the higher dimensions are beyond your imagination at this time. The blessing is that you do not have to die or go somewhere else to achieve the dream. You just have to wake up, right where you are.

The logical mind cannot conceive of Magik that is good or pure or high-minded. Consequently, the fear of something that operates outside the realms of limit and control has caused the churches, medicine and governments to ban Magik and condemn it as something evil. In the sleep state you vaguely remember that once you were so attuned to nature and life that you would not have dreamed of abusing the power of your Magik for fear of losing touch with it. Now there is great trepidation about even speaking aloud about the desire to be in touch with your Magik again. The more refined the energies become, the quicker negativity will return to the one who put the energy in motion. Therefore, as the Earth up-spirals you will be less and less able to abuse this wonderful gift. God blessed you with intuition. God gifted you with mind and Soul, thoughts and passions and the gift of free will so that, in Truth, no one can make you do anything against your will. In all things you have choice. To make no choice is a choice. To be a victim is a choice. To be a bully is a choice. To forgive is a choice and to withhold forgiveness is also, your own choice. To live the Magik, to recall the Mystery, to reclaim your Mythology takes great strength, patience and willingness as you let go of the habits of hatefulness.

You ask, “How do I let go?” Stop feeding the thoughts of what others are doing wrong. They are living their lives, often quite unconsciously, but you are not the central Sun in everyone else’s Universe. Forgive the arrogance of believing that every thing that happens is directed specifically at you. “Look what they did to me” is a choice. With every gift and every challenge life brings you may choose to see it as a blessing that will further your progress or a curse that was placed on you “because you are bad or wrong or they are bad or wrong”. Changing the thoughts that you entertain changes how you interact with life and the people you are with. You have fears. Don’t fight them. That just magnetizes them into your life. You are angry. Take the energy of your anger and direct it into positive ideas and loving creations. You will be amazed at how quickly your dreams can manifest when ALL of your energies are going into what you desire rather than being split in half by your rage. Anger and fear simply divert your precious power into negative channels. When your focus is on positive, up lifting ideas the essences of these times move you along very quickly and the results are amazing. The Ego is always attempting to take you back to the old ways. As you look forward, you recognize very quickly what the past looks like and feels like and you can keep moving toward your loving goals.

You are a Magikian. You carry the ancient Magik in your cellular structure. The stories of your Magik are written in your Akasic records. How you lived in harmony with nature and other people is the Myth that you identify with. Whether the Myth is Lemuria, the Pleiades, Atlantis, the Arthurian legends and Merlin, Dragon riders, Faeries, Elves, nature spirits, wind/water/fire/air, any and all of these things are more real than ever and they are calling you to remember who you are. The Mysteries that once filled you with wonder have been relegated to the realms of fear and doubt. Now you hear the inner call to pull out the Mystery and Magik and live your Myths really! This is not delusional. The reasonable thinkers have feared what is outside the box of what they can explain. Logic is, in many ways, just a means of staying small. GOD IS NOT LOGICAL. In fact, everything that God is about is highly illogical—mystical, magikal and unexplainable. So much of what your brilliant scientists have said, “is all there is”, is being shown to be far from the limited point of view that science has held for years and in some instances centuries.

Quantum physics is reaching once again for the Mystique of what lies beyond the veil. You can speak with those who are no longer in a body, but fear prevents you from making the attempt. Open up. Speak to them. It is just like it was when you sat across from them and chatted. Let them share the energy of your dreams. Perhaps, when they were in flesh, your paranoia prevented you from telling them what you desired. Now, as part of your “dream team” they can assist you to draw into physicality the things that can help you, and through you, the world. Let go of your judgments. Accept that the energies are raising the Earth into love despite the grandest efforts of those who still believe in negativity.

As you hold intentions for higher aspirations, you will be amazed at how quickly the good can manifest People who still desire to fear monger are loosing ground. The “finger-pointers” are showing up for what they are and looking small in the light of increasing goodness. (Remember, Beloved Masters that as you point at another, three of your own fingers are directing the energy of judgment and accusation at you. You stand thrice accused by your own energy. This can bring physical pain and dis-ease.) Negativity is like a plague. It has spread the dis-ease of drugs and wars. If you would wish to escape what is going on, on the planet, remember that it is time to FORGIVE and FORGET IN LOVE. Being in a drug-induced stupor does not change anything because there is no self awareness or personal dominion over your life when you are not mentally, emotionally and spiritually present. Drugs are like an endless death that moves the essence slowly into what might be called Hell. It is an illusion, but one that seems to become more real with each “fix”. The beauty of life, the joys and aspirations turn to ashes and at some point the realization that the energy to come back seems to be missing.

Beloved Masters, there is never a point of no return. You are so loved, that when you choose to turn to the Magik and live the Mystery, there are so many in the seen and unseen realms who are ready to be of assistance when you are ready to accept it.

A magician who does cleaver tricks is admired and people are amazed. If you live the Magik of your own Mastery, you may feel as though you have to hide. “What would they

(the nameless, faceless they) say if they knew that you are beginning to remember how wonderful you are? It takes courage to rise above envy and fear of the unknown. You are building your spiritual muscles. You are renewing your FAITH. Have the strength to live well. Let go of the limited belief that you will not be loved if you live a GOD life. What a contradiction. Raise yourself into the essence of GOD/GODDESS/ALL THERE IS!! Live life boldly. Star Trek fearlessly went into physical and not so physical places that had been forgotten. Now, Beloveds, it is time for you, right where you are, to BOLDLY GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE!! You don’t need a ship. The Merkaba is the light body that, as you raise your energy, will take you into connection with people, entities, beings, Angels, Masters and higher level Spirits that all are waiting for you to own your Divine Inheritance.

The way is open. Walk it. The Rainbow bridge is being built by you and all others who will move forward and leave the need to get “there” quicker, better or more wisely behind. Competition does not further spiritual evolution. Forgiveness, patience, releasing the past and being willing to go forward without all of the answers moves you right along. You might even notice that the moment you slip back into old patterns/habits you can feel the momentum of your progress begin to lessen. All it takes is raising your energy, seeing the beauty all around you and feeling the help that is there, available to you. The EGO is on constant alert to stop you when you begin to raise your frequency. It draws on all the fears and doubts of the past. You have counseled with your EGO for so long that it is as though you are breaking a major addiction to begin to listen to the stillness and profound quietness that exist within you. In this stillness GOD gives counsel. In this stillness those of us who are assisting you to overcome can reach you and touch you with our energy. The resurrection and Ascension are simply being open to the frequencies beyond your logic and reason. They are the MAGIK!!!! You are remembering to blend spiritual understanding into practical daily life. That is Mysterious. You are becoming SUPER HUMAN. That is Myth brought into NOW.

And so it is, Beloved Masters. We hold the Myth, the Magik and the Mystery for you—gifts and treasures of your becoming. I bless you in the greatest of LOVE. Until we meet again in what ever manner that may be I bid you Adieu! –Lord St. Germain