St. Germain on the Changing Times

July 22, 2009

Molly Rowland channels St. Germain and the Council of Light

Beloved Masters, we celebrate you. You are rising up into the new essence of the Earth and even though many of you are still feeling a great deal of fear you are accelerating. We ask, that as best you can, you will put your fears aside

What is going on inIran? It is evolution! What will happen withNorth Korea? Whether it is the intense parental domination of the Iranians or the spoiled and wounded child who leadsKoreaand feels that the only way to stay in power is through threat and intimidation, the representations of the old order are being exposed. The revelations will bring to light the actions and ideas that no longer serve the world. The old order cannot continue to stand.

Many still believe that the only way that change can occur is through violence and war. So, witness the revelation of a new order in some of the oldest of cultures. The women ofIranwant their voices heard in the elections. They feel that because the candidate that they voted for was not put into office they have been denied that voice. Even more what is being revealed is the indifference to the value of human life. The hard-hearted attitudes of those who only see “progress” at all costs. These attitudes exist on both sides—in the government and in the people. Martyr hood has been considered the only way to draw attention to desired change. The last of the parental politicians want immediate retribution againstKorea. Like a wise parent, President Obama waits and observes and lets everyone know that violence in any form is abhorrent. The Ego, whether it is the politicians who still want war in America, or the frightened little leader of Korea, does not want to take time. It wants “instant pudding” reaction with no consideration of outcomes in the long term of affairs.

The new order calls for holding prayerful intentions for the highest good. The ego resists this process as too slow, ineffectual, weak and wholly useless in the face of conflict.

Beloved Masters, we are with the planet. We are seeking to assist you in seeing beyond the limits of what appears to be, and behold what is true. It is difficult to be peaceful in the midst of a war zone and yet that is exactly what we are asking of you–to still yourself, your mind, and seek beauty. If you cannot see beauty around you imagine the beauty in your thoughts. Feel the essence of beauty and raise your vibrations. This will lift you high enough to see/feel the dimensions where none of the anger and fear of lower frequencies exists. Your anger is a detriment. Even as you believe that you have a RIGHT to be angry, you deprive yourselves and others of the greater evolutionary view. Fear paralyzes the mind. It locks you into the very outcomes that you despise. The view of which we speak is not only of spirit, but of the all encompassing energy of world affairs.

There is a great difference between “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. Destruction to balance destruction is a theory of the Mind-grid. Beloveds Masters, God has severed the Mind-grid. It has been rent asunder. The “contract” that you made to play this game has ended. It no longer holds sway over your lives and affairs. Because you have lived under its control for so long, many of you are beginning to have vague feelings that something is very different. These feelings will grow rapidly. The change feels like an unknown, which can bring fear, and yet many of you have been awaiting this moment for life times.

Your ability to change the Earth is not so much in your ability to fight as it is in your strength to hold your prayers in a powerful, positive place. See in your mind how you would have the world become, not just for yourself or those that you like and love, but for every man, woman and child. Hold the desire that they may have access to freedom, joy, prosperity, health and well-being equally. The mind-grid created a blindness that has caused the belief in “every man for himself”. This has been the most insidious of illusions because it has divided the Earth. There are many that speak of theTowerofBableonce more, where people speak and no one can understand what the others are saying. As you raise your frequency you will be in a dimension where you can observe what is really happening. You will see that the inability to understand one another is caused by some people wanting to hold on to the past. The past is done, finished. Others desire to move forward. Love brings harmony. If you desire from your heart and soul to understand others you will hear them with the inner ear that may not know the words, but understands the intension.

There are those who are leaving the planet in order to be of assistance from higher realms. “In the latter days (of the old order) the dead will rise.” The mind has interpreted this as something ghoulish and horrible. The truth is that as the planet lifts into higher dimensional frequencies those who are living here on Earth will have greater contact with the “Other side of the veil”. No one ever dies. Those whose bodies are no longer operating in physical dimensions are still quite involved with what is happening here and willing to help. They cannot control what is happening any more than those who are physically present. In fact, control is becoming less and less effective and will weaken until you begin to understand that no one person or group of people has the right to say how all will live. The power struggles and games of abuse and cruelty that many have believed were necessary will evidence themselves for what they are—totally based in fear and therefore extremely weak.

Love is not just a pretty thought or a romantic notion. It is the ultimate power and it is filled with compassion and unconditional essence. Feel the Love in your heart and Soul. Love is not an intellectual concept. In fact, the mind cannot begin to grasp the full scope of Love. It is a wholly and Holy energy. We bring you Love. We shower you with Love. As you will allow it you are filled to overflowing with Love in its totality. If you resist, the Love is not withdrawn. That is a belief of the old, Parental order—that God will not Love you if you are not obedient. God does not seek obedience. God seeks willingness and allowance to accept the gifts that await you. God simply desires that you will remember that you are Loved beyond the scope of all that you know. You don’t have to try to be God. You are One with God, a co-creator with powers for good that have not been tested or tried because you have forgotten. Now you fear your own abilities. It is time to rise up. Hold your prayerful intentions in the most beautiful way that you can and BE AMAZED!!!

We Love you! We are with you every moment, even if you deny yourself the right to know this. We are here to assist and because of Divine Law we cannot force you to see or make you do “the right thing”. You shout at us that you have done your part. You demand to know why we are not fulfilling our part. You say, “So where are you and why aren’t you helping us?” Remember that we will help you as much as you allow. A demanding attitude filled with anger is simply more of the same way you have conducted your affairs for life times. It is the Patriarchy, denier of the balance of Goddess and God, filled with domination and control. These angry demands have no sway over God or the Masters. These energies simply put up a barrier that makes it more difficult for us to reach you. It is your choice. We wait and when you are quiet, willing to listen within, we come to you. We touch your thoughts. We offer healing and upliftment.

Until we meet again in what ever manner that may be, in the greatest of Love, I am your humble Servant. I bid you Adieu!

Lord St. Germain