You Are A Holy Temple of God

August 25, 2009

Beloved Masters, We desire that you would take into your heart this message of truth. There is not one of you upon the planet that is not a holy temple. Your heart is the center of truth and when you focus your best and most blessed thoughts, ideas, dreams and energies on your heart you begin to create a stillness in the temple that allows you to worship I AM every moment of every day. This brings to life a joy, excitement and enthusiasm that make it worth living. This is the stuff of which all things are created. As you breathe success into your heart it begins to inform your mind of new concepts for living that make life interesting. So many are depressed. They feel as though there is nothing to live for. Hope is gone. The body is filled with trash, toxins and dis-ease so the heart gives up and the mind becomes distorted with fear and pain. The temple has been defiled.

Sit quietly and breathe in the breath of life. Envision radiant light pouring in through the top of your head and filling your whole being. Breathe success, the energy and essence of what it takes to bring about your passion, into your heart. Feel the lightness and joy of being complete. Feel the realization of At-one-ment with All That Is. Feel, feel, FEEL! Focus on your heart/Soul area in the solar plexus and allow yourself to move into the pleasant, warm, comforting sense of your true self. As you connect with your heart the mind chatter begins to cease. You may even forget what you were worried about, because worry and doubt are products of being disconnected from your spirit. Rekindle the spiritual flame that burns in the heart/Soul temple. Breathe the light essence into your body clear to your toes. Feel new life moving in your feet, your toes and your legs. Move your legs and feet and imagine that you are dancing. Feel the rhythm of dance in your body and heart. It doesn’t matter if you cannot dance physically. Allow yourself to dance energetically. Join in the dance of life, the rhythm of the Universe, the music of the spheres and let yourself be swept into the Oneness without resistance. Move your feet and legs as best you can in time to the music. If they do not move well there is no judgment. If you cry when the life force moves into your heart do not feel blame or shame, but let the cleansing grief move through you. There are those of you who only want to feel joy, so the control and fear of an adverse thought has brought you to dwell on the negative things that you do not want in your life, in order to guard against they invasion. This fearful defense holds these thought forms in your auric field so that you are always meeting the situations you sought to avoid. Through the acknowledgement of the toxic thoughts you begin the process of clearing the temple. Admit that the thoughts are there and that they have, at some time, served a purpose. Then, like birds, let them fly away. Feel the freedom of no longer holding or hiding the things that you judge about yourself or others. Denial holds you suspended between Heaven and Hell incapable of being fully involved in anything. NOW it is time to clear the temple and live as though life fully belongs to you because it does.

Food is so important to health. It isn’t just to eat what you THINK is healthy, but to feel the glow of health in your body, emotions, mental condition and spiritual values when you eat for life. In theUnited States many eat far too much, because food can be like an opiate that momentarily calms the inner crisis. In other countries there are those who are forced to eat far too little. However, when one type of eating habit is compared to the other, those who eat less fare better in the general aspects of life. (We ar not talking about starvation, which drains the temple of fire.) In the more mental societies the process of eating as moved away from the consciousness of the natural rhythms of the Earth, the seasons and the elements. Those who live in their head would sneer at the idea of eating according to the time of year or eating to address the places where the temple requires to be shored up (dis-eases). It is, Beloved Masters, not only what you put in your mouth, but what comes out of it that affects your greater health and well being. When someone is very perfectionistic about their food, yet cannot say a kind thing about their family, friends, partner, job, community or country, they still contaminate the temple. The addiction to monitoring the thoughts, actions, beliefs and life patterns of others has been one of the greatest destroyers of the holy temple. All focus is removed from the heart and the thoughts are often fearful and destructive, mostly to the one who thinks them. Right now, inAmerica there is much panic and dissension over health care. Most of the fear is that allopathic drugs will be denied, that non productive people will be euthanized, that freedom to be sick would be pointed out to be less than positive and that personal responsibility to wellness might be enforced. Dearest Masters, you are a temple. Would you defile a church or synagogue and then argue that you have a right to do so. A few might, but most would be disgusted by the idea. Yet these same people would argue that they have the right to defile their bodies, because healthy food doesn’t taste good or it is just too much trouble and too time consuming to prepare good food. When the spirit returns to the heart the values shift. Keeping the temple clean allows the fire of the spirit to burn brightly on the alter of the heart/Soul center.

Love is the element of spirit that most heals the heart and allows the mind to become uncluttered with thinking, thinking, thinking. As you eat food that alkalinizes the body the mind becomes clearer. (The body functions best at a 7 to 7.5 alkaline Ph.) Most all fruits and vegetables promote alkalinity. There many fine resources to discover how to eat healthy. As you eat to nourish all aspects of your nature, not only are you well fed nutritionally, but the consideration of your own worth and value feeds your emotional/spiritual bodies. When you live in your mind you become divorced from your feelings and the physical heart suffers. When you eat “heart smart” the physical as well as etheric heart heals and you return to dwell in the temple in joy.

There is much talk about over weight. Refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, beverages such as coffee, tea, alcohol and “power drinks” (which, by the way, burn out the adrenals), drugs, both prescription and street and all foods and drinks that suppress the kidneys create what Chinese medicine call dampness. Some foods that help to dry up dampness are rye, amaranth, corn, aduki beans, celery, lettuce, pumpkin, scallion, alfalfa, turnip, kohlrabi, white pepper, raw honey; all bitter herbs, such a chaparral, chamomile, pau d’arco, wild blue-green alge and raw goat’s milk. Many, who are called over weight, carry excessive amounts of fluid. The kidneys and the heart simply cannot deal with the excessive fluid and it builds up in the tissue of the body. These people are working very hard to get rid of fat, but there is little if any consideration given to too much water in the cells. The fluid is not caused by drinking too much water, but by under drinking water, lack of exercise and insulting the body with inappropriate foods. Excessive weight is an emotional armor that very sensitive Souls put around themselves in the hope that it will keep the pain and roughness of life away. Often, the weight (which can be unshed tears) simply makes the sensitivity more heightened. There are those, especially women, who remember other lifetimes when people who “carried a lot of weight” were considered the most powerful.

The children who are being born now came from the stars to teach love. Having found themselves in places where there is no heart energy, they eat to numb the pain and loneliness of “being different”. Children were created to be emotionally and spiritually nourished by the parents. When there are many children and/or too little time for them, the children starve emotionally. This too contributes to poor health and unclean temples. Masters, God’s design is perfect. There are foods that will address dampness in the body. Not everyone is interested in making nutrition a life work, but finding good nutritionists and learning to eat well is an honor to thetemple ofGod that you are.

You are only a little over three years away from the absolute necessity to live in clarity of mind, emotions and spirit. The physical world will function very differently when it is created and directed by those whose love and compassion is centered in a healed heart. Feed the emotional and physical heart and the balance will return to the mind. When emotional, mental and spiritual balance is restored the temple becomes a living monument to I AM. You are Masters whose flesh is a construct of Divine thought. Your mind is one with Divine Mind and your emotions are preparing to become the Feelings that are directed by Love once more. You are a HOLYTEMPLE.

Ponder these essences of Love. Feel the truth to the core of your being. The lies of the illusion have impressed you for so long with the corruption of your worthlessness. Hear I Now. You are Divine. You are Sacred. You are aHolyTempleof the Living God!

Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, in the greatest of Love I bid you Adieu! I remain your humble servant, the Lord St. Germain