September 25, 2009

Beloved Masters! I bring you warmest greetings in this time of your time.

Equality like prosperity is a word that is both desired and feared. The concept of being equal takes away the perspective of being better and therefore, appears to reduce one to a lesser status. If you are equal it means that you might be as bad as those that you disdain. However, if you are equal it can mean that you have to stretch, get out of your comfort zone and aspire to higher, loftier goals. Since everyone on the planet has been asleep for so long the necessity to be aware, alert and present is extremely uncomfortable right now. The EGO is complaining about any and all changes that you must make in order to fulfill your spiritual up spiral. The mind wants to put outlandish interpretations on very clear directives. So let us return to equal. Take away the robes of flesh and the souls are equal. Take away the trappings of physicality and you are all equal. Take away the highly individual choices of how to achieve Mastery or not and you are equal. Now take all of these aspects of your uniqueness to heart and recognize that equality means that each one of you has this Divine right to design your life just as you say. (The EGO has just run forward to the front of the court of law to argue the case that you would have never, never chosen the life that you are living.) Beloved Masters, We do beg to differ with you, because We understand that you are totally capable of bring about Heaven on Earth for yourself if you will it. You are so convinced that what you see in front of you and what you hear from your media is real. You make your choices based on limit and the blindness of the illusion. The EGO mind wants to assure us that We just do not understand because We do not have to pay bills, take care of a family, deal with illness or difficult relationships and therefore We have no concept of human life. (We are either too far above you to care or to close for comfort and butting in all of the time <that parent thing>) We love you beyond your imagining. We see how close you are to realizing who you are. We know how hard the EGO is working to keep the illusions in place, to keep things the way they are. We are holding powerful intensions for the changes that are occurring to move as easily and smoothly as possible. We cannot make you accept that ease is the natural order of things, that abundance is your true estate, that loving and being loved is not a soap opera but Divine right and health is who you are.


We watch the cunning and guile of the old ways snaking through the mists of illusion and We know that it will not be long before there is no where for these forces to hide after they have set situations at odds. Up to now they have hidden behind closed doors and laughed about the variances that they have set in place. Already the Revelation is working, but so many still remain blind to the exposure because if they dare to allow themselves to see they are afraid that they too will be revealed. It isn’t about right and wrong, but about unfortunate habits and patterns that cannot remain in place and soon must be gone. The reason that these times have been painted so dark is the fear of the EGO of being exposed at its mischief. Dire happenings and disastrous endings have been predicted and as you may be aware, you are amazing creators and therefore, many of those predictions are coming true. How do you stop it? Change your focus, forgive your old habits and beliefs and dwell on the positive outcome that awaits you just beyond the veils of illusion.

The Ego says “I focused on the good, but they didn’t and I wasn’t strong enough to stop them”. It isn’t about you stopping them. That is a distraction. It is about you drawing your own good into your life and LIVING IT. Now the Ego runs to the opposite side and says, “It isn’t right to have a good life when others are suffering. I must show them the error of their way.” The EGO still wants to be in control no matter what side it stands on. When you accept that you are the only one that you can change you will forgive donating your precious power to those who cannot use it and begin to fund your own life. The EGO is still sputtering that if you just did a little more you could make them see it your way, what ever it is.

All are equal in their right and ability to turn around and move into a new energy, a future that is so different that it cannot be planned, manipulated or forced. This future cannot be formulated based on what was because that is breaking apart right now. You must live by FAITH, trusting in the unknown which is so familiar to you deep within. Envision (feel it) being protected, loved and prospered in a joy that exceeds anything that you can remember before. Don’t try to shape it, just be open. This is a big challenge to those of you who always have to know what you are getting for Christmas. This is like Christmas every day. The old order had to have let down so that receiving a gift could be special. Imagine SPECIAL every moment. Not more special, just special. That is equality.

Now the EGO asks, “How can I know that what I am doing is right if there is no measure?” Because, Beloved, when there is know measure there is no wrong.

EQUALITY—feel it, allow yourself to enter into its essence and become one with it. Forgive taking this energy to your mind. Meet it in your “safe place” within. Until We meet again in what ever manner that might be, in the greatest of love I bid you Adieu!