October 5, 2009

Beloved Masters, at this time of year you are made especially aware of all the many things for which you are thankful. This year many people feel that they are having to look very hard to find something, anything that brings the attitude of gratitude.

As you are moving into higher consciousness every day the power of your thoughts becomes progressively more potent in the design of your life. Where are you putting your focus? The teaching of thousands of years have builded up to cause a deeply entrenched belief that what is going on in the world is how your life will be. Now you must remember that what is going on in the world is the outcome of what you and billions of others said it would be. Take any occurrence in your life and consider how you have energized it. “Money is tight”, “tighten your belt”, “prepare for hard times” and amazingly money gets harder to come by, you feel trapped and things just go down hill. Take the same situation and look at it as a blessing. “This is a time to consider doing the things that I never had time for”, “I will continue to prosper no matter what the world says”, “I am ready for better times than ever” and even in the midst of crisis the feeling that you carry is things are getting better and life is improving. You may get windfalls and extra cash from places that you would have never even thought about.

Be grateful for the challenges. Let adversity be your mentor rather than the “wolf at the door”. Always look for the positive in every situation. Your psyche has been programmed through eons of the Mind Grid to always seek the worst possible outcome. Pay attention to your media. There is a potential for rain and it is portrayed as a potential flood. People catch the fear and begin to worry. The next thing you know there are floods. In another area there has not been rain in a few days and the fear of drought is planted. Now the land is dry and there is fire and the drought gets worse, until the media says “You are going to have rain to end your drought, but since it has been so dry, if you get too much rain there will be a flood.” Oh, the drama. Hold an intention for the divinely appropriate weather rather than attempting to figure out how the weather should be. Hold an intention for your prosperity to flow in a way that means there is always plenty. Keep you mind and heart on love and being loved and loving. The EGO wants to direct your attention to how things appear to be in this moment and tell you that that is exactly how things will always be. “Nothing can get better. Things can only get worse.” Focus on that kind of energy and you will achieve the outcome of sadness and woe. Focus on gratitude and all of the wonderful potentials that are just about to happen for you and life follows the way of goodness.

We have spoken many times about the levels of frequency where the thoughts are all on love, prosperity and well being. In these dimensions things function in such a way that you could say, “this is heaven”. The collective minds are pouring gratitude into everything. The foundational understanding is, “All is well and getting better”, “Everyday, in every way my life is getting better”. The outcome is that things are on a steady up spiral, because everyone is contributing the energy of grateful, trustful, joyful thoughts to the whole. Just imagine, for imagination is the feminine principle of creation, what your life would be like if you made a conscious effort to think of the best, most positive outcome to every situation. If you have no idea what the outcome might be you have a choice to see things working for you or against you. The world chooses to see failure. It looks for the flaw, the fault, the mistake, the dark side and it finds them all. Shine your light into that darkness. This isn’t about making something up. It is about making things go your way by seeing life flowing the good into your life. Gratitude isn’t, “I’ll be thankful if things go the way I want them to”. Gratitude is the overflowing feeling of love because things keep moving and changing. All change is something to be thankful for. Be thankful for the good that comes rather than criticizing the way it comes or that it isn’t what you expected. When you get an unexpected gift it is a lift. Let everything that comes to you be an unexpected gift and life will be Christ-mas every single day.

You are moving into the season of the year where giving gifts is emphasized. You may find that you feel bad if you cannot give as much as you have in the past. Where is your giving taking you? Do you give because you want to or do you give to compete? If you are honest, wouldn’t you be grateful if you didn’t have to do so much? How about a simple, loving Christmas that honors people instead of things? Instead of running until the very last minute trying to find just the right gift, take the time to look into the face of those that you love and tell them you care. Say out loud I LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE!! Give the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of their life and yours—give them you. Take a deep breath and relax and be grateful for them. Be grateful for you being with them. How long has it been since you really took the time to find out what is going on with those you love, rather than assuming that all they want is stuff, money, anything but you?

Gratitude is heart warming. It is fulfilling. It is rich in and of itself. You cannot pretend to be grateful, but when you discover it in the core of your being it is priceless. Gratitude, like love, is uncontrollable. It overflows and floods you with delight. It makes a dark day bright. It takes a moody person and gives them the joy ride of their life. It is impossible to be glum in gratitude. There just isn’t any space for blah in an unlimited wellspring of gratefulness.

We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve you. We are thankful for your creation and for what you create. We live in the joy of Allness because We choose to. We empower the essence of the higher levels of consciousness and invite you to join us in the celebration of GRATITUDE!!

Blessing on your season of thanksgiving! May it extend throughout the whole year. Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, in the greatest of love I bid you Adieu! I remain always, your humble servant. The Lord St. Germain