All That Has Been Hidden Shall Be Revealed!

January 23, 2010

Molly Rowland channels The Master St. Germain

Greetings, Beloved Masters. It is our honor to serve you in this time. We come to speak to you about the monumental changes that are taking place right where you are.

Certainly there are many distractions occurring that cause you to dwell upon the limits of your planet now in this time. Everywhere you look, in all that you listen to the media is presenting you with information that requires your discernment. You simply cannot take anything that is said at face value. This person says that things are just this way, but over there another person is absolutely assuring you that, that is not the way things are at all. The ethics of those in high places are being exposed for the limited, fear-based aspects under which they have functioned. We have said that just because someone looks the “right” way, says the “right” thing or even has the “right” credentials does not mean that they are what they appear to be. What is the ceiling of their own credibility? What is the measure of your willingness to see beyond what you have always believed is so? Beloved Masters, “Ain’t nothin’ what it seems!”

Right where you are, right in this moment there are mystical, magikal energies moving that will open portals of goodness beyond your imagining the instant you are willing to stop trying to find them. For longer than anyone on Earth can remember the way of obtaining what you want has been through war—fight to get what you want, fight to keep what you have, fight in defense of your right to get or keep what you want or have. The moment we speak of some powerful secret, the mind begins to work on “How I can get that secret and use it for myself. Even better, to keep others from getting this knowledge or information to use better than I do”. The wisdom (the secret) I am speaking about holds no competition, because it is available to each and every person, in their own time. It cannot be withheld from one person by another because no one person or group of people can own it or control it. It is the most precious and valuable wisdom and it has always been with you. Throughout time a few have found it. Some of these souls thought that they had something that no one else could get. Some understood that this mystical information belongs to anyone who can find it. Most people simply believed that the idea of this wisdom is mythological or allegorical and therefore not worth their time to look into it because survival takes too much energy to allow time to explore anything bigger.

Right where you are in this moment, in the ethers around you and in the cells of which you are made exists the wisdom of the ages. War will never reveal it. Fear blinds the eyes that desperately seek it. Neediness prevents the veil from lifting. Plotting and planning will never open the door. The gateway is passed through surrender. You cannot fake surrender. Pretense will achieve nothing. Surrender is not giving up, but giving over. Perhaps the most difficult possession for any human being to release is control. It consumes the mind, stresses the nervous system, clouds the memory, takes away precious good from the life and creates such fear that the possibilities, of anything beyond the heaviness of what appears to be all there is, are dismissed.

Surrender is the allowing that things that you cannot see, hear, taste, touch or smell exist. They are not somewhere out there, but here and now. You look at people and things everyday and do not really see them. You see what you think is there. You begin to assume that what you think you see is all there is. Often you even decide that if someone else sees something different they are wrong. A dozen people can look at a picture and when they describe it to you it may seem as though they all looked at totally different pictures.

Humanity has become addicted to taking for granted things that may not even be there. If you begin to be willing to release how you think things are and allow yourself to be open to unlimited possibilities you start to notice things that you never saw before. The texture of fabric, the tones of people’s skin, the rich aromas of food or flowers, the geometry of which everything is constructed reveals itself to you—things that have always been there, but you were never aware of them. The mind says “I don’t have time for all of that”. Beloved Masters, you have all the time there isn’t. For time has been one of the major instruments of control. “You are a good and worthy person if you show up on time, but a bad or careless person if you are late”. “Time is Money”. Here is one that perhaps you never really considered. “Time is of the essence!” Where else would time come from but the essence, but the interpretation of the world has changed the meaning.

So, let’s return to surrender. It means forgiving the need to say how things work. It means forgiving the need to be RIGHT. It means waiting for something to happen without letting your mind drive you crazy with “what ifs”. It means discipline and focus without manipulation. It means love and compassion and gentleness consistently. Live it! Live it! LIVE IT!! Suddenly, when you are in a state of acceptance, you see beyond the limits of this illusion. You see, “Could it be heaven?” What you will see when you stop trying certainly could look and feel like what you have been told heaven is. The only difference is that you are included rather than just observing. The real world is a breath away, a heart beat away, right now. “I wish I could be there”, is a statement of disbelief because it holds an energy of unworthiness. Pay attention to your solar plexus when you affirm and you will begin to understand why so many affirmations do not work. You may think that what you are saying is a way of owning what you desire, but when you feel into the essence of it you discover the underlying concept of lack is woven into the fabric of the statement. “The good I want is still out there, away from me some where and I have to find it.” For many that is what “the path” is all about–the journey to where the good exists, the price you must pay for the good. Again let us remind you that your good is right here, right now. We do understand that the concept can be frustrating because you cannot fight the unseen. You cannot corner the market on the invisible. You can own all that is yours, which is ALL, but you can never own anyone else’s. Each Master has been eternally gifted with ALL. The human mind cannot grasp the idea of ALL, therefore the understanding that each person has a right to ALL and yet none can take that which does not belong to them seems insane.

The Secret has spoken about believing in what you desire to create. Take that a step further and trust in what you cannot see so powerfully that it comes into focus. It is like adjusting the lens on a camera or binoculars until the image gets clear. As your faith increases, your ability to see what you could not see before clarifies. The statement “Faith is the evidence of things unseen” has much deeper meaning. Faith adjusts the lens of the inner knowing and fine tunes it until you begin to see clearly what has always been there.

WhenColumbusswore that the world was round people wanted to lynch him and, Queen Isabella for backing him, in some “wild eyed idea” that would take money out of the public’s pocket. When what he said turned out to be true it changed the world. Many will say that the idea that a bigger, better, more beautiful world exists right where you are standing, is a cruel lie. I assure you, Beloved Masters, it is where we are and it is not closed to you, accept by your own lack of Faith.

The paradigms are shifting. You cannot go back. There are many people who are fighting to hold on to what was. They are playing games that are based on old, worn-out premise. They hope to keep enough people in the dark so that the misrepresentations will go unnoticed. Revelation is exposing the unfortunate ways of the past. The reason revelation has been considered so dire, is the fear of those, who have for lifetimes, made their fortunes off of illusions. Revelation is dispelling the facades of the few to control the many. A mark of the New Order is equality. All People (not just Men), but all people were created in the image and likeness of God with the ability to co-create equitably. It has always been there right where you are, but the illusion said, “Fight, you must fight, to get what is yours.”

Feel into your solar plexus, feel the tension, the necessity to fight and let it go. Let it go and focus on seeing beyond the limit. Let the tension be gone. It is all right. You don’t have to prove a thing. You do not have to justify your existence or you right to God’s blessing. Just allow your self to move into the Oneness and be lifted into those desirable surroundings that include everyone. Recognize the mental limits that want to define the beautiful places as only yours or only belonging to certain groups or stratums of society. This good belongs to all. No one is excluded. No one is denied. God is not measuring your worth by any standard. You open the gate by your own willingness. No one can open your gate, but you. You have the power within. It was given when you were created. You now get to reclaim your power. You cannot get it by fighting. The power that is truly yours already belongs to you and can only be obtained by the acceptance that you deserve it. You can see and feel what you, personally, must forgive in order to live powerfully and you may even recognize what others require to give up in order to overcome. As you begin to understand that the reason you have not allowed your good is because you haven’t really believed it existed, you will grasp why no one else can give you your good. They do not have the power to change your beliefs.

We will repeat again what we have said many times. You are magnificent, wonderful, amazing, divine, beloved Masters with unlimited capabilities. It is now up to you to let go of your restrictions and allow the lens of your vision to clear, in order that you can see what is really there. There will be those who will shout loudly that none of this is true. They will attempt to prove that it has no grounding in fact. They will use the same old, worn-out excuses that have been brought out ever time new concepts are presented. The question, beloveds, is will you still accept the limit or will you have the courage to explore new territory and find you there?

We do so desire that you will choose to discover the now and present future, where you are. We support your inner quest and are willing to assist you, as you become willing to accept our presence. Read this and read it again. Feel it. Embrace it and let it be yours. Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, I remain you humble servant, the Lord St. Germain.