Love Through Surrender

January 29, 2010

Beloved Masters, we greet you with all of the Love of this time. You are more greatly Loved every day.

Love has no limit and you are loved without measure, however, you have diminished the value of Love for so long that it must be returned to you in relatively small amounts, like water to someone who has been without for a long time. The Love is pure and fulfilling and humanity would gulp it down, but it goes deep into cellular memories of fear and doubt and brings up many strange reactions that the mind would not associate with Love’s increase. Those who have learned to fear Love’s power disdain Love more now than ever. The desire to kill and destroy that which is different or unfamiliar is, for some like breathing. They do not even think about the outcome of their actions and how it affects the waters of the collective consciousness.

We find more and more hearts and souls are turning to embrace the Love. Unfortunately, the changes that bring inclusion do not always make good press so you hear very little about how wonderfully the human psyche is responding to the increases of Love. The news forecasts still dwell on the conflict, with an occasional story about the humanitarian acts of Love that are becoming more prevalent all of the time.

Do not allow the fear that the illusion is stronger than light to hang about in your psyche. Love is and always will be the most powerful of energies. We, the Masters, are drawing closer and interacting with you more all of the time. As the collective mind changes we can be with you in deeper and clearer ways than ever. Feel our Love in the depths of your heart and soul. Know that when it seems as though things just are not working, it is to be still and wait, rather than deciding, one more time, to fight for the right. Patience is an imperative in these shifts. If you do not know what to do, DO NOTHING! If you cannot think of what to say or come up with an answer, be quiet and listen. When the moment is ready you will know exactly what to say, which still may be nothing. The mind wants to coach you to react to what has been judged wrong. As you are willing to hold your focus on positive outcomes without deciding what they should be, things have a chance to move into clearer, more defined perspective.

This brings us to the essence of SURRENDER. When you surrender you do not give up, you give over. You let God have room in your life and you heart to help you make the changes that now must be made for the good of all. Surrender is not deciding what to get rid of. It is allowing that you will be shown where your life can now go to achieve the dreams that you have desired for so long. When you attempt to “figure out” what you must do next you miss the subtle nuances of the Divine that can open new doors inside of you. When you try to do the right thing your focus is on the past rather than on the amazingly vast perspectives of NOW and future Nows. We are aware that the changes that are required for your evolution are so extreme that it takes quite a bit of adjustment to live in the new essence. The changes sound very simple and, truly Masters, they are. However, there are no reference points to this evolution in previous thought. In order to anchor the new concepts, you are required to put your attention on this moment. You have stared into the void of the future and reached for the unknown outside of you. Now you, literally, must stretch your consciousness beyond your imagining and yet stay poised in NOW. You cannot enter into this Love and acceptance, though any of the old ways that you used to use to get what you want. You are already accepted and acceptable. The key is letting yourself merge with the entire creation—people, planets, ideas and ideals. There is nothing that is not you—NOTHING.

The Light is you—neither good nor bad—just you. The darkness is you—neither right nor wrong—just you. The Light and the Dark are a balance that God created. They are intended to be whole, rather than divided into compartments by the mind. Remembering that you do not have to judge anything in order to belong is a concept that is new.  The ways of fear and judgment seem to be like flypaper–you hold on to want you have known. Yet, you must let them go. “What will I put in their place?”, you ask. “Everything”, we answer. You can grasp everything only as a mental concept. You can only begin to comprehend everything when you let go of the limited measures that you have used for so long.

Love is beyond measure. Love is everything. Let it in. It is who you are, it is what you are, it is how you are. Love is all encompassing. This understanding will allow you to move mountains and rise above your limitations.

The understanding of Love is our gift to you and our desire for you. You have thought about the changes long enough. It is time to take the leap of Faith into the void of All-ness. You are real and the reality that you seek is right where you are. Just BE!

Until we meet again in what ever manner that may be, in the deepest of Love, I remain your humble servant, the Lord St. Germain.