The Shadow

March 24, 2010

Greetings, Beloved Masters! We desire to speak to you on this day about the Shadow self. In the Master Book (Bible) the twenty third psalm speaks, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of death, I will fear no Evil. The Shadow of death is the illusion of this place of separation. At this time of great changes on Earth the shadow seems to be everywhere. Your Shadow self is the part of you that, in separation, has been pushed away or hidden from your conscious sight. Now, revelation is exposing all that requires to be healed.

The Ego, the dreaded Ego, is actually an ally in the healing process because it will not allow you to turn away from the things that must be forgiven, released and transcended. All that has been must be allowed to change form so that the true essence of yourself can shine through. You are so Loved. Yet you keep the Love at a distance with the memories of “wrong doing”. The Shadow is a mirror of the things that you require to forgive in yourself. Where ever you are angry, uncomfortable, afraid or incensed you are looking at your own beliefs and deep-seated emotions that require gentle healing. Some of the fears and judgments you are feeling are reflections of what you fear exists within you. Other thoughts and revulsions are things that you have actually done in other lives and now you must forgive them in order to transmute them so that you may rise above the old limits.

A spiritual person is not a judge, superior to those who are less by action or deed. The spiritual journey is one of moving further and further beyond the planes of separation of any kind. Spirituality cannot be measured by actions in those places, because nothing is as it appears to be. Those who tout that they are spiritual, yet display hatred against others are “tinkling brass and sounding symbols”. Love is not bloated by its own importance. Love is kind, considerate and compassionate TO ALL! Love never discriminates. Love makes no war of ANY KIND, within or outside of self. As each one of you seeks to feel, in the depths of your heart and soul, the sweetness of Love, you begin to find Love in everything and everyone that you encounter. Love is not touchy or easily offended. Many, in these times, are allowing themselves to find offence in the actions, words and deeds of others, while forgetting to take inventory of their own Shadow self. It is necessary that each one consider that their own anger and fear might, truly, be the source of these offences rather than the mirror that stands in front of them. Love is not a doing thing. Spiritual action is guided and directed by Holy essence, not the mind of man. Love has a feeling of peace within in all times and places, no matter what others may be doing. Love does not condone false actions or statements, but surrenders the outcome of those actions to higher spiritual power. If any physical action must be taken Spirit will clearly show the Divinely appropriate way. Spirit does not, under any circumstances, advise harm. Love does not kill itself, punish itself or abandon itself.

The Ego is a gift, an aspect that works with Higher Self. Ego has assisted each one in the learning of the lessons of separation. You have all reached the point where the necessity to pursue separation further is finished. Now the process is to forgive pushing deeper into the “Darkness of the Illusions of Death” and turn your conscious awareness to the light of Love. You have a right to create any way that you choose—it is called free will. You make decisions for your spiritual progress with each and every thought and action. You have explored the Valley of the Shadow from end to end. You have walked it life time after life time. It has, for many, become a rut that they cannot seem to leave.  They have become so entrenched in the old beliefs that they continue to blindly walk the time-worn, familiar way rather than the Blessed Path of Love. It is your right to hate—that is separation. It is your right to hold yourself above others—that is separation. It is your right to keep on acting the same way that your forefathers did and hold to the belief that things will eventually work the way that you want them to—that is insanity. You cannot stubbornly keep hating while waiting for Love comply. You cannot destroy all creation and expect Eden to spring forth from the wasted land. There are actually those who believe that they can kill people, destroy the food supply, toxify the waters, pollute the air and when enough unworthy people are gone, these souls think that they will bring forth a Utopia. That spiritual arrogance will be its own reward. Love and hatred cannot exist in the same place. Those who have, in order to be more separate than others, set them selves up as superior, cannot live in the Higher dimensions of Spirit. Their own fear and anger will deny them access. The Love of the One-ness will never deny a single Soul.

Are you angry with the medical profession? The government? Anyone who should be taking care of you and isn’t doing their job? Each one who causes you to find discipline within is lovingly moving you to spiritual Mastery and personal responsibility. If some one else is responsible for your life, how will you ever realize who you are and of what you are truly capable? You send people to govern you, but have you considered where they are in their own spiritual journey? Did you assume that because you heard the “right” words these people would do what you would do? What would you do? Do you agree with those who deride certain races, religion and beliefs and yet feel that those who belittle your ideas are wrong? Do you want to start a fight to prove that YOU are right? Beloved Masters, where is your spirit? But we were taught that righteousness fights for good. Right-use-ness is not your will but that of God/goodness working through you. Do you believe that it is right and fair to go to other man’s home or land and destroy it because he has something that you want—land, money, water? Is it only fair to say that because someone looks different, speaks a different language, goes to a temple, a synagogue or a mouque instead of a church or sees life from a different perspective that they are less or unworthy? Is it fair for them to believe that you are unworthy? All of the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that I have mentioned are tools of the Shadow, nothing more. NO ONE IS LESS THAN ANY OTHER AND NO ONE IS MORE. You are cells in the body of the All-ness.

Most Beloved Masters, you have walked through the Valley of the Shadow. Now it is time to Love the Shadow. Embrace this aspect of your selfhood and in the embrace it will lift you up to a new perspective. You have heard of climbing the allegorical Mountainof Spirit. It is symbolic of living in a higher plane of understanding. Spirit waits. It will not swoop down on you and force you to see the right way. Spirit is forever. It is what you truly are therefore it does not see you or any other as lacking. The Shadow says, “They are wrong, they are bad, they just don’t get it. I am good, I am deserved, I should be the one that the Divine picks.” Dearly Beloved, this is not a contest. All are winners because you were made in the image and likeness of the One-ness. You are equal—different, unique, special and equal. A hand is a hand and an eye is an eye. The hand cannot see, but if forced to adapt the hand will learn to recognize its surroundings. The eye is not tactile. It cannot reach or lift, but it can reveal ways to accomplish what might appear to some to be impossible. Each part of the body is amazing, marvelous, wonderful. It does what it was designed to do and can, if required adapt in astounding ways. You have walked in the Shadow until you believe that you must fight to prove your worth. The Darkness, called separation, has blinded you to your own beauty, wisdom and creativity.

“Yea, though I have walked through this plane of illusions I will now embrace the Shadow and love all that is. I will allow myself to love all that I am, every part and piece and particle. I will see the goodness in each and everyone, which is a true reflection of my own goodness. I will hold dear each child of the Creator, no matter what they believe themselves to be or what they believe me to be. I will lay down the tools of separation called war and study thoughts and plans of war no longer. I will remember that I cannot hold the fear of the Shadow in my hands and mind and have peace in my Soul. Yea, though I walk through the Valley (low places, depressions, doubts, fears) of Death (end of all that I have known) I will fear no Evil (evil is the opposite of being alive).”

So, Beloved Masters, MASTERS, we call you to release the ways of separation. We ask you to integrate the Shadow and therefore, reveal all that you have feared about yourself for life times. You will find the fear was illusionary. We ask that you embrace every aspect of light and dark that you are and every bit of you that you see in others. Aspiring to Mastery and looking down on those who haven’t reached it yet, is disowning yourself. Believing that Mastery is something that no one can attain, but something that you are in a race to achieve is Shadow. Stop attempting to become what you already are. It divides you in two. Relax, you have walked the Valley. Be at peace and let yourself enjoy the rewards of Masterful accomplishment. The only competition you would now make is you competing with you to improve yourself for the sake of your own joy. Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, I remain you most humble servant. In the greatest of Love I AM the Lord St. Germain