April 4, 2010

Beloved Masters, We wish to speak to you of FEELINGS! When we say feelings, many of you think of pain in the body or emotional suffering or even the wounds of childhood. We would ask you to allow yourselves to reach into the physical body on a mental level and examine the area of the solar plexus. Take your fingers and press on this most important power center of the body. Is it tense or relaxed? Does it hurt? Do you find yourself resisting touching this area? It is the energetic “SEAT OF THE SOUL”. It is where you register anger, fear and confusion on the emotional levels. The joy that emotions offer is often short lived because the mind does not let you stay in the pleasurable spaces for very long. THIS IS ALSO THE AREA WHERE THAT STILL, SMALL VOICE OF GOD SPEAKS QUITE CLEARLY. It is time for you to learn the language of your Soul and Art of listening so that you can have dominion over your creations.

God speaks in such a still way, like a light touch of Spirit on the waters of your Soul. It is readily felt in this wonderful Soul center, but the EGO rushes in screaming like a four year old who isn’t getting enough attention, shouting “Don’t listen to that. Listen to me!” You have been so programmed over life times to listen to the loudest, most rancorous voice. You thought you heard God, but now in the light of the EGO’S den you question, “Did I really hear anything. Maybe that really wasn’t God. Perhaps it was something evil trying to ensnare me.” The EGO claps its hands, slaps its thigh and rolls on the ground laughing in relief. It has distracted you once more.

The language of the Soul is feelings, the higher octave of emotion. Feelings are uplifting, encouraging and supportive. You can experience compassion and total love, but feelings do not plunge you into the depths of fear and sorrow. Feelings call you to connect to the immense treasure trove of wealth, love and wholeness that is what you truly are. (The diseases of life come from separation, rather than integration.) As you touch your solar plexus let you essence gently flow into that area and allow your self to experience what is going on there, not just physically but energetically. Are you holding your body rigid with tension? Is there fear that you are vulnerable? Are you afraid that if you relax you will be hurt or taken advantage of? Let yourself go deeper into the energy of this area. Go beyond the fear. Speak quietly to the EGO, “We are safe. It is all right.” Feel the love that lives in the center of your being. Sit with it. Go deeper. Connect with the essence of Light, Truth and Purity that exists in the very center of YOU. It does not matter what you have done (or not), it does not matter who you are (or not). In this Love failure, wrong and evil simply do not exist. This Love that lives in the Heart and Soul of your being is the Master that you are. This Love does not strive to over shadow or over power anyone else. In this Love you recognize that there is nothing to combat or compete with. Feel the Love embrace you in all that you are. Forgive your shame and guilt. They have no meaning or purpose in the depths of God’s Love. Let your judgments disintegrate in the Divine Love. Immerse yourself in the totality of God’s presence. God is not and never has been dangerous or destructive. God does not take sides. (That is the realm of the EGO) God is not a parent that is going to draw you in through love and then confront you with your flaws. (That is separation) God is not a game player. GOD IS LOVE, PRUE AND TRUE.

When you feel yourself wanting to get up and go on with your activities, relax and just dwell in the sweetness of the Love. The EGO may be beginning to whine or even shout that you have got to get out of this place. Invite the EGO to come and join you in the Love. In the realms of Love everything is included. The EGO will attempt to draw your mind back to the paranoia and suspicion of the World. Let it go. Just let it go! Return your attention to the Love and Light and Peace that lives, right there within you. It has always been there, but the chaos of the World as kept your attention focused outward. This is what COMING HOME really is, the total reconnection and recommitment to yourself in Love. You will not accept your Mastery until you are willing to stay connected to your God Self a little more each day, each hour, each moment.

The mind holds the idea of control, domination, and belittling as Mastery. That is fear at its most extreme point. There is nothing Masterful about causing pain or taking the joy and delight out of the lives of others. The EGO has been doing that for eons of time. Mastery is the deep remembering, acceptance and expansion that belongs to everyone. No one needs or desires to dominate when everything is available and there is a sense of knowing that there is plenty and plenty more where that came from.

As you return your consciousness to the places of Loving At-One-Ment within you your awareness of all that you can share become almost overwhelming. There is no longer a question of being good enough. You can see/feel just how valuable you are and in turn recognize the worth and value of others without requiring that they value you back. In the realms of feelings give and take, take on a whole new meaning. You find that you are just as capable of receiving as giving and the energy field of your solar plexus is completely different.

We are ever willing to assist you to slip into your feeling place. We will show the way and be with you in the times of uncertainty. We are here to be “mid-wives” as you experience re-birth in its truest sense. Through feelings you rise into the dimensions of higher consciousness. Through your willingness to accept and allow the inner connection you cannot miss the Love. When you think you have experienced Love you are still resisting. When you have to assure everyone that you have got this Love thing down, you are still holding yourself apart from the immersion. When you really allow yourself to just dive into the Love, the Love does all of the “work”. Love lifts, enlightens, informs and inspires through no effort on your part. “I can do this all by myself”, becomes laughable, because you can perceive just how impossible it would ever be to live in the Love of God by your own will. I will to live Thy Will becomes a gift to yourself and the rest of the World, rather than a fearful promise of something that you doubt because you are not sure what is going to happen to you if you let God have your life. The Ego says, “Who is this God any way?”

Certainly, in separation there are so many versions of God. Each religion, philosophy or sect have their own idea of what God is according to what they want God to stand for. Beloved Masters, when you align with the God Self, when “the Eye is single” you really do see God in every part of creation. When you look into the mirror and when you look at each being that stands before you whether they have come from Earth or not, you see God/good. When you connect within, it allows you to connect with all that is.

Go to your solar plexus, feel what is happening there physically and energetically. Let yourself become one with all that you find there, no judgments or warnings to stay distant. Forgive the limits, fears and doubts and let the Love embrace you. Merge with the Love. Stay with the feelings of belonging that are so sweet. Let yourself linger. You will not become addicted to God’s Love. The EGO may say, “You cannot stay here too long or you won’t want to come back.” In this Love, in this feeling you live life more fully, more grandly than you could ever imagine–you are involved and awake to your potential. This Love is not a drug to keep you asleep. This is what being awake really is. Feel! FEEL!! FEEL!! We will celebrate with you as you live beyond the limits of illusion.

We are with you all of the time in Love. We support you in your tentative steps, your more confident moments and your full movement into your Selfhood. Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, I remain your most humble servant. I AM the Lord St, Germain. Adieu