Questing Into the Mystery of Love; Finding Your Joy

May 22, 2010

Take heart, Beloved Masters!!! The truth is being revealed. Many do not like what they are finding because it does not go along with their BS, Belief Systems. There are those who are so invested in war that they are angry because the war is ending, along with the game of separation. Those deeply steeped in the old ways of conflict insist that there is a Holy War going on in Heaven and Lord Michael is leading it and they are God’s Warriors. This war, like all others in this game, is a design of the mind looking to prove it is superior. The wars of this planet have been fought for gain, glory and gratification. God, I AM, is not and never has been a fighter. There have been lesser Gods that have found the Earth an excellent place to take advantage of the people, because the mind-grid created such wonderful illusions that the inhabitants have been looking for the God that they believe left them long ago. God never left you, Beloved Masters. You chose to create illusions of aloneness and abandonment in order to complete you assignment of separation. You have been so convincing in your designs that you have deluded yourselves as well as others.

When you came from the Godhead in sheer innocence and joy to experience physical form. You were delighted with the experience. You experimented by taking on the form of animals just to see what it felt like to have a body. It was both exciting and a bit frightening. You had always been light, in a light body and physicality felt heavy and limiting. The challenge of being flesh was a part of the choice that you had made from free will, as Masters. At first you were totally aware of your connection to I AM. This lasted for a long time, longer than you would have believed that it could. Since you were creative Masters, you were sure that as soon as you said that things would be a certain way that they would move to follow your commands. In Lemuria you lived for many generations in peace and balance. There was a Soulful consideration for human worth and people trusted their spiritual connection. There were the dreamers who told the story of life’s unfolding. Children were taken to a dreamer at and early age and if their story told that they might be a dreamer, it was considered a great honor. Unlike the present times where those who are remembering their connection to I AM are often considered strange and in some cultures even evil. The wise one, the healer, the “fortune teller” are sought out but “no one must know that I have seen you” the Ego says. So goes the game of separation.

You had to learn how to maneuver energy in the physical world. Many of the Souls that came into embodiment went to other planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies. There are many different Universes and you had a hand in helping to create them. To hear this story now can seem confusing because you have been taught that God created everything and then gave it to you to play with. TheEdenstory has some truth, but the minds of men take information and shape it to achieve what they desire. Most of the legends are allegorical. They represent something that is so much bigger than the story.

Since Atlantes, when the Mind Grid was set into place by the Ananubi, the patriarchy has designed a world that was created out there somewhere, brought forth by a male God who didn’t need the feminine principle in order to bring about life. The Goddess has slowly been eradicated and woman has been brought to the point that the only value that she has is to bear children. If a woman is sterile or chooses not to have children then she is still in these most modern times considered unworthy. Modern women have decided that in order to be important they must compete with their brothers in the market place. Women have taken their place in the corporate world and began to fight for position, just like men. The more that women fight, the more their health fails, just like men. Historically, women have outlived men. This has been true for several reasons. One: Women have been given permission to feel, exhibit emotions, share feelings and experiences with their sisters and love openly their children, spouse, family and the people in their world. Two: Up to modern times women were given great responsibility for home and family and told that it was not nearly as important as making business decisions and fighting wars. The mixed messages of the EGO begin to be woven into the affairs of life. If everyone were equal there would be no separation. Women were very important because without them there would be no future generations. Women are important because they have been taught that there is nobility in doing what, in many instances, are the things that only slaves would do in many households. In the game of separation judgment and opinion make for conflict because each person perceives life a little differently. Some women took on the role they were given without a word and some were very proud of their role. Some women were afraid not to fit into the mold because they believed that they were incapable of caring for themselves and their children. In some cultures, the punishment for independence in a female was death. Whether the game gave small amounts of freedom and then put a price on it or whether the game took freedom away totally, in the patriarch cal society women were property to be bought, sold, bartered and used without consideration of feelings or value other than what could be purchased with her presence. In the times, throughout the game, when women ruled men were also treated as lesser beings and often used for breeding purposes alone. The lack of consideration from both matriarchy and patriarchy spawned anger and frustration.

The Mind Grid was set into place as a force field that set control on the spirit. The Mind Grid was presented as a wonderful opportunity to learn about the planet. Science, mathematics and battle strategy were among the promised experiences offered. A chance to learn about the value of the planet was explained as an important part of new growth. The mind delighted in discovering new and better ways of doing things. Investigation into the unknown was intriguing. What was never mentioned was that as the mind became more and more the focal point of knowledge, the wisdom of the inner knowing began to fade away. Beloved Masters, let us remind you as we tell this story, that it is not to lay blame or point fingers, but to outline how the gradual slipping into separation occurred.

When we tell you that you are loved, your EGO, that has been your ally in the game, rushes in to assure you that there is no love here. If you don’t believe that, just look at how hard life is on Earth. (The Spiritual Warriors are just as mistreated as the military that is forced into battle and then ignored when they can fight no longer.) Dearly Beloved, God knows every hair on your head and considers it holy. God knows every thought of your mind and what is on your heart. God is not a parent that imposes personal will on you without consideration. God’s love is beyond the scope of your mind to imagine. The EGOIC mind wants to order God and demand that God give more. The Truth is that God would gladly give you more than you can imagine, but that can only happen if you are willing, truly willing to accept it. The intellect knows the right answers and is quick to respond when a question is asked. “Are you willing to receive your highest good?” “Yes, oh yes”, the mind replies. “Can you feel within yourself the feelings of that kind of good?” “I know what I want”, the EGO responds. “But can you feel the good that is available for you?” “God is supposed to make me happy and give me what I ask for.” Now Beloved Masters this is where the problems arise. God’s will is for your greatest good and joy. However, because of free will, God cannot impose the good on you despite your resistance. So again we ask, “Are you truly willing to accept the good, all of the good that God has to offer?” The scope of God’s good will “blow your mind”. The wants of the EGO are minuscule in comparison to the abundance of the Universe. Then the “two-headed dragon EGO jumps to the other side of the idea and says, “I don’t want much. I just want what is mine.” Beloved Masters, what is yours is outside the ability of the mind to comprehend. Imagine the greatest, most beautiful, most elegant, most fabulous life that you can. Now multiply that by a billion. Now you are beginning to get the picture of what God has for you.

The planets are now bringing changes that will move the whole Earth out of the dimensional frequency where it has operated for hundreds of thousands of years. You cannot go back. You can mentally and emotionally dig in and refuse to move, but your will can only hold on so long and then you will have to surrender to greater good. Imagine that all the lives that you have lived are like an archeological dig. The stratums of Earth and layers of rock, represent each lifetime. At the bottom of the dig is your true self, bright and shining, shimmering and glowing, awaiting your return through all of the illusions and limits that you have so masterfully created. Now take a crystal shovel (clarity) and begin to dig through the untruths to reach the whole truth of you. You are not going backward in this excavation, but coming home. As the crystalline shovel breaks through the facades of misunderstanding you reveal all that you really are. WHAT A FIND THIS IS!! You are the greatest treasure of all.

The EGO says, “Why should I have to do all of that work? Why can’t God just restore me to perfection?” And so it is, Masters, if you can surrender your erroneous belief systems God’s Love will restore you. You want things to happen quickly and then you want to know exactly what the outcome will be if things do happen quickly. “What will happen if I change? Tell me exactly what that will look like if I allow it?” That and all questions like it are from your EGO. “I want to know who, what, where why, how and when before I make a choice. I want a guarantee that I am going to like everything that happens. I demand that God do what I want!!” So Beloved Masters, what do you want? “I don’t know. You are the Master. You are supposed to know these things. Are you sure you are a Master? I want proof that you are who you say you are!! If you are a Master you should be able to tell me what I want.”

Most Beloved Masters and you are really, truly Masters, also, when you can stop letting your EGO be more powerful than you, when you put God first, you will feel within yourself the confirmation that will answer the EGO’s rhetoric. Your power belongs to you, yet in the illusions of the old order you still seek to make others responsible for all of your woes. “They are making me sick. They are taking my power. They are depriving me of my good.” They can do nothing that you do not invite them to do. Again the EGO jumps forward, shouting, “I would never do those things to myself. Are you crazy?”

Let’s talk about Soul contracts and what the Soul intended versus the interpretation of the mind. You made Soul contracts with many people and the Soul was very clear when the script was written exactly what would be the highest and best outcome. Then the veil of illusions descended and you faced each agreement from the point of opinions and judgments. Now that glorious agreement to heal and overcome looks like punishment and abuse, instead of a challenge to be greater. The anger further clouds the truth and the perceived wounds hurt so much that the idea that anything good could come out of the situation is dismissed totally. The Soul’s intentions are pure and God’s Love is forever. It is time to rise above the deceptions (Ascension) and come home to you, to God.

The emotions that you will unearth as you excavate into the illusions are fraught with fear. We are with you. God is with you. The EGO asks why God would even care about what is happening to you. I assure you, Beloved Masters, that there is nothing that has happened, is happening or ever will happen to you that goes unnoticed by I AM. You simply have forgotten what you understood without a doubt in the beginning of this journey. You are priceless treasures. Why would you ever be discounted? You did it to feel the abandonment of separation. You discounted yourselves and then you discounted others just to know what it would be like if God ever left you. Illusions, all illusions. None of the pain is real, even though it seems more real than God in the confusion of the changes on the planet.

There is no there, so those who are holding out for some point where they can say, “Now I can resume my activities as though nothing ever happened”, will become progressively more frustrated. The greed, the disregard of human life, the mind that can turn a deaf ear and blind eye to suffering are illusions that have had mighty impact on the planet and the GAME HAS ENDED. It is time to go forward and upward. The only way up and out is inward. This is one of the dichotomies of Spirit moving amidst illusion.

The finite mind simply cannot figure out the next move in a Cosmic creation. The mind was comfortable in limitation and control, but it feels very insecure in the unlimited space of forever. Love is uncontrollable.

And so it is, Beloved Masters, feel our presence in your lives and when the EGO wants to plant seeds of doubt, trust your own connection. That connection is becoming stronger with each passing moment. You are Loved beyond measure and that will beome clearer, more obvious as each event moves you into the higher dimensions. Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be I remain you most humble servant. I AM the Lord St. Germain. Adieu!