July 9, 2010

“Money is the currency flow of God. It is the symbol of all the good that life can bring. Money is not the God, but humanity has come to worship the symbol rather than the energy for which it stands.”

“People want a better life and the first thing that they focus on is the money it will take to get that good life. The Truth is that what they want are the things that money can buy and often even things, such as love that money could never buy.”

“You have heard words such as this again and again. You say, “But what can I DO to get what I desire?” “I want it to be easy.” Beloved Masters, if you have tried to get what you want through doing, thinking, planning, trying, striving or manipulation and control again and again and it hasn’t worked then why would you believe that We will tell you what to DO and that this time it will be easy? Logic wants a plan. “Tell me five easy steps to get what I want.” Then you say, “I tried that, it didn’t work, tell me something else. I tried that too it didn’t work. Tell me what to do.” “I have tried everything. None of it worked.” Now a suspicion begins to develop, that the Masters have “The Secret” and are refusing to give it. The successful people have the secret and won’t share. The victim screams in frustration. The self help books describe how to get everything you want, but when you DO it, it doesn’t work. This paragraph is exactly why nothing seems to work. You have said they don’t work over and over until it is a litany of failure.

“Beloved Masters the things you seek exist at the tips of your fingers just beyond the veil of your striving and disbelief. Let us say that you DESIRE, not want which is weak and unclear, but DESIRE to have all of your obligations taken care of. You seek to get a good job so that everything your desire will come to you. For a while the job covers the desires and you are happy. Then slowly things begin to change and you notice that the good job is no longer paying all of the bills. Why? How did you fail? Is it time to seek a new job? Perhaps, but more likely it is time for you to reevaluate what you desire and how much you are truly willing to allow. Your desires have changed and you were not, necessarily paying attention. You have grown. The World Game seeks to keep you small, in a box that is easy to control. Divine Masters do not stay small and in these times on the planet, everyone is growing at such a rapid speed that the old rules and old laws do not apply any longer. The paradigms of the old order are failing. People, all people, are being called to forgive how they have done things for eons of time and it is frightening because allowing has no control.”

“Let us consider enough. Many people in their fear of being responsible, attempt to minimize their good. They say,” I don’t want to be RICH, I just want enough.” When a man asks for enough there is a built in belief in limitation that cause him to diminish what he is asking for before he ever turns it over to God, so that the “enough” he is asking for is not enough. By the time the good arrives his requirements have doubled and the “enough” that he asked for, that wasn’t “enough” in the beginning is now truly not enough. It allows him to be righteous in his poverty because he was taught that there is never enough. Therefore if someone has enough they must be doing something wrong in order to have enough.”

“Plenty is a word that the ego does not grasp. The ego has no concept of plenty. You never hear anyone say there is not plenty. They say there is not enough. Practice with the word plenty. Say it and check your feelings. Do you feel fear or anger or nothing when you say the word plenty? That would indicate a disconnect from Divine Source. Plenty exists outside of you realm of consciousness. Intellectually, you know what the word means, but spiritually you have not allowed yourself to integrate it.”

“So you say, but I have done all that I know to do and nothing is working.” “Beloved Masters, when a child is small their requirements are little. You can thrill a child with five dollars. By the time the child is a teenager, five dollars could raise a complaint. You have grown beyond the smallness of what pleased you in the early years of your journey. Now you must deal with the ceiling of limitations that has been created for you and that you accepted for lifetimes. The order that is passing is the Parental Order and the parents have been considered complete authorities. You have stepped away from tribal consciousness somewhat, but the parents still control the lives of many grown children so that they cannot function without the approval of the parent. If the parent says that there is not enough and implies that if someone is doing well they must be separate from good/God then surly that must be true. The fear of questioning the parent and risking the loss of the parents love has dominated life on the planet for eons.”

God sees no difference in a dozen roses and a Rolls Royce vehicle. Your Divine Inheritance from God is All. Living in limitation has never been comfortable and has never been required by God, but in order to play a game of separation rules and laws have been set into place. Now humanity is being required to “break the law” in order to outgrow the old ways. You may have heard people say he or she thinks they are above the law. As you discover in love the Truth of Divine Law it supersedes man’s law, but it doesn’t defy it, because Divine Law is above man’s law.”

“Let us say that you desire a Rolls Royce, for example, but the ceiling of limitation that you have been taught is that a Rolls Royce is ostentatious, gaudy. Rolls Royce vehicles are designed to make the people who cannot have them feel bad. These are rules of the game and you have played by them until they have become laws, so you really do feel bad that you don’t have a Rolls Royce and someone else does, but you also may feel smug that you haven’t gotten caught in the lure of the World. Now the Rolls Royce becomes an issue rather than a desire. Now you have to prove a point that you deserve the Rolls Royce, while also dealing with the conflict that there is really something wrong with it.. Maybe you don’t even really want a Rolls Royce, but now you have to have one because you don’t want to be thought of as less. Now the joy of the desire is lost in all of the rules and laws that have limited you for eons of time. What is your ceiling of limitation? Where do you leave you comfort zone? Can you accept a Cadillac? A high- end Ford? A new car? This is not about what you can afford. This is about what you can allow. Are you feeling angry? This is too complicated. All I wanted was—was what? The EGO says to I, “You are a Master of clarity. Why don’t you keep it simple?” “I thought this was going to be easy.” It is.”

“What do YOU really want? Not what ‘they’ want for you, but what you really want. Sit down and begin to get clear what YOU really want. Here you may butt up against old laws. Good people do not want things for themselves, they only think of others. How does that feel to YOU, really? STOP! Don’t move on to the next thought until you consider, “How does that feel to you?” “How does it feel, not what do you think”, because feeling and thinking occur in different parts of the body. Be honest. Consider the insanity of desiring a good life and having a law that says it is sinful to desire a good life for your self. Only if you desire a good life so that you can help others is it viable. This is not about others. This is about your desire for a Rolls Royce vehicle. God does not see you as a bad person to desire a good life. The sin (Self-imposed Ignorance and Nonsense), if there is one is to believe that you can only have a good life if someone else suffers. “There is not enough.” Now there is a law. Your Divine Inheritance from God is ALL. Your ALL is not their ALL. There is no limit for you or anyone else. The better your life, not only do you have more to share, but the more you genuinely desire for others. You see just because you see someone suffering does not mean they will let you help them. They have laws also. There are those people who will help someone to survive, but would refuse to assist them to succeed. A perfect example is your welfare system. It will not allow anyone to Fare Well. It would buy just enough, but not quite enough food to survive. However, if the person or persons would begin to succeed, to rise above the limitations the threat of withdrawing survival could push them down again unless there is tremendous FAITH and courage.”

“If you get a Rolls Royce vehicle, that is not the end, it is only the beginning. This is like the cartoon character whose wife always saved him money, by not just buying the dress, but the bag and shoes and gloves and, and, and. The lifestyle begins to change because now you would like to have other things that go with a Rolls Royce life style. Now you have to let go of your limitations in order to live in the new way. We agree that there are those people who will buy an old, beat up Rolls Royce so that they won’t get caught in the trap of expansion, but even that doesn’t always work.”

“So now, let us return to the original desire. See yourself in a Rolls Royce. Remember this is just an example. The desire could be for anything that you have believed is outside of your realm of expansion, Go and have your picture made in one, drive it to get the feel and give yourself permission to have it. You are the only one who can really give you permission to have what you desire. We would suggest that you only speak about your desire to those with whom you can receive support. Remember that the EGO is going to be working overtime to throw you off balance. How people sabotage their desires is to tell EVERYONE about it. Then you are inundated with jealousy, envy, fear, resentment and the pointed questions “why do you want that? or what makes you think you can have that?” Keep you energy focused on what you desire and hold a powerful intension for it. The EGO is going to be asking its own questions. We have used a Rolls Royce because it may seem to be so far out of your realm of possibilities that you wouldn’t even consider it. The object of this is the s-t-r-e-t-c-h out of your box of limitations. The Truth is this is all about energy. Money is energy, thoughts are energy, and manifestation is energy. How are you using your energy?”

“You may be asking, “What do all these words have to do with money?” Money is the means, not the end to any desire, in the physical world. Shifting your focus to the end begins to allow you to achieve it. As long as you are focused on the means you live in limit. People who focus on the dream can bring about the dream and all the funding to bring it about. People who focus on the money get caught in making money, while the dream languishes. “The Master Book (the Bible) says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Another way of saying that is, “Where you put your focus is what you will live every day”. If you are focusing on money, but you have a law of not enough then every time you think of money you will diminish the amount you will allow. Mentally, you will subtract some of what you are asking for before you give the prayer or thought totally to God. God does not take away; humanity does that before they give the request to God. If you ask for something really big, do you feel fear or trepidation in asking, “the what if God gets mad thing?” God is not a parent. God is a co-creator! God gifted you with the same abilities for creation that He has. Yes, you are required to work with God, but not over God, but God loved you so much that you were given the creative package required to obtain everything you desire on Earth.”

“If you desire something wonderful and you have never had the experience of allowing something that big, you may actually get it because you have no preconceived notions about it. The next time, however, your EGO may step in to play Devil’s advocate. “Just because you got something once, what makes you believe you can succeed twice? Or if the first time failed, “What makes you think you can make it work this time?” Every human being has had this happen from time to time. Most people just give up or give in to the relentless voice of their EGO, which may sound very parental to many. Are you willing to be there for you? If you would defend someone else’s right to succeed why not stand with yourself to do well and have what you desire.”

The Master Carolin Myss has said, “Self esteem is the speed at which synchronicity spins.” In other words, “When you believe in yourself that energy opens gateways of possibility. The more you believe the quicker the gateways open.” I have called this “the energy that is at the tips of your fingers beyond the veil of your disbelief.”

In order to get what you desire—money, love, health or anything else that is important you are required to have faith in yourself, courage to stay with the dream, a strong belief in the importance of what you are calling into your life and the willingness to allow greater good and then greater good and then as you grow, greater good than that. Believe in the impossible.

“There is no use trying,Alicesaid. One cannot believe in impossible things. I dare say you haven’t had much practice, said the Queen. When I was your age, I always did it for ½ hour a day. Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.—Lewis Carroll “Alicein Wonderland”

“Make your “impossible dream” child’s play. There are no victims, so no one really has a better chance than you to achieve what you desire. We see you as a Divine creative Master, more wonderful and beautiful and powerful than your finite mind can take in. In fact, the power that is your Divine right is exactly what is complicating everything for you in the desire to be bigger and better. You feel the power, the largesse, the magnitude of who you truly are and even though you have prayed for it you want to hide from it. Having the greatness to be who you truly are will allow you to have the things that money can buy and all the things it won’t.”

“The answer lies just at the tips of your fingers, beyond the veil, which is very thin now, of your disbelief.”