July 19, 2010

Dearly Beloved Masters, are you willing to be patient with others, with life and most of all with yourself?

As the frequencies of the planet continue to accelerate, the impact on the emotional body becomes more like a pressure cooker with each passing hour. The Truth is that the acceleration is beneficial, but the beliefs of the old order do not take that into consideration. If something is strange, unknown or foreign the mind sees it as a threat. The Earth has passed through many portals over the last twenty-three years, since the Harmonic Conversion. Each level has torn away a thin layer of the veils of illusion. EGO says, “Let’s just tear them all away and be done with it”. Oh, Beloveds, we watch so carefully how the changes are happening. To some extent, because it is time, the shifts are occurring quickly and we see the reactions of humanity to the differences in energy. We are holding a powerful intension that all will come to recognize that the shifts are for the greatest good of all concerned.

Patience has not been a well exercised virtue on the planet in eons. Now it is of greatest import that each person remember its value. Control, domination, self-centeredness and fear have contributed to the devolvement of the frequencies of the planet for centuries. Immediate gratification has become the rule and if there is not an instant compliance many entities react cruelly and some even react violently. The divorce from Love has hardened the hearts of the collective and there is a major healing taking place at the deepest levels of the being. This healing does not go against free will because it is being called at the Soul level. The EGO feels the changes and is pushing those who are looking back and clinging to the old ways to be progressively more violent. The mind driven by hate and fear can do unmentionable things and then shove remorse aside. However, the remorse can no longer be totally ignored as the shifts are refining the essence of the planet. So what appears to be the violent end of things is just a series of Cosmic adjustments that you have prayed for ever since you began to feel the separation happening.

When you feel the Love within yourself for yourself, patience becomes so much easier. When you can take a deep breath and wait for an outcome, rather than attempting to force the issue, what can come to you is the most positive, beautiful reward for allowing things to move in Divinely appropriate timing. The reward of patience is patience. Just as like attracts like, the art of patience is worthy of practice. The beginning of patience is letting go of the old EGOIC patterns that make you afraid there is not enough. This is a plentiful and abundant planet. The Earth of the third and fourth dimensions is diminishing. The Earth of the fifth dimension and above is eternally fertile and rich.

Patience begins the process of seeing into higher dimensional frequencies, not only seeing into them, but living there consistently. As you let yourself relax it is so much easier to be patient with others, because when you feel loving patience and live it you view yourself in a new light. As you are gentler with yourself and see others with new eyes the whole of life begins to alter in the renewing vision of patience.

Impatience has blurred the vision of the inner eye and distorted the perspectives of the mind. The more impatient, the more critical and fearful one is the more paranoia becomes the rule. Patience is an aspect of FAITH. When there is the deep, clear understanding of safety and security that FAITH brings, then patience flows along that path, following and fulfilling the promise of goodness.

Many around the world are confronted with what the mind would define as disaster. The immediate reaction is futility. A lot of these souls would swear that they believe in a Supreme Being and know that they are loved. Yet the concept is still something so far removed from the NOW, that it never crosses their mind that in order for more good to come in the old limits must be removed. People who live in abject poverty feel that they cannot lose the little they have. In the midst of the collapse of physical and emotional limits there are always those who emerge into better, sweeter lives. Those who do not believe that the good can happen to themselves will say that God loved those more who rose above the old ways. In all things, in all times, it is the Masters choice that brings the specific outcome. Intellectually, the question arises, “Why would anyone choose to suffer?” The answer that has developed throughout time is, “Suffering is the way of the world. Suffering is noble” and many even believe that suffering buys you a place in Heaven. The EGO always brings mixed messages. The “right thing” to say is “God will bring us through”. However, the reactions of those who don’t see life righting itself to their expectations is blame, judgment and anger at someone, anyone but themselves.

Now, Beloved Masters, we do understand that the way life has been lived, generally, on the planet is depressing. So when people say seeing life as better is hard to do we agree. Living life from a new perspective requires courage and fortitude which all possess but, the lack of patience obscures. “I want the change now”, “I don’t want to wait any longer” is in and of itself, an energy of blockage because the focus is on lack, limit and denial. What is wanted is believed to be somewhere else and therefore, in the hands of someone or something away from the power of self.

Getting centered, especially in the midst of crisis, is vital and the practice of patience enforces new, happy, creative patterns that immediately move into place when there is a requirement. Not only that, but patience opens the inner vision to see beyond the striving of the illusions so that what is desired can be felt and recognized even if it has not fully manifested in the physical NOW yet.

As you are willing to seek out the essence of the virtues, spiritual guidelines, and apply them faithfully in your life on a daily basis with patience you will see your life change. The changes come as quickly as you are willing to allow them. Force, reaction and anger only delay the process. You cannot plan how you will be patient because you never know ahead of time when the necessity for patience will arise. The EGO says, “I will be impatient until I need to be patient and then I will just be patient”. The insanity of that is that if you have no idea how patience feels, the balance and discipline that is required to live it, you cannot just produce patience in the moment. Patience is an energy that is felt in the solar plexus, directed by the essence of the Soul. Patience, power and perseverance are elements of living in the refined essence of the higher planes of awareness.

Releasing the pain of the chaos of the existence in illusion can only be brought about by a steady focus on what you really desire. Living your life with your eyes on God, does not mean looking up, but looking (see/feeling) within. What ever the name that you call the Creator of All Good, (we will use God), that goodness is poised to pour out blessings, as you are willing to allow. Just remember in these times of change that sometimes, for the moment God’s answer is “no”, not to deny you but to bring even greater good than you have asked for. Patience opens the way for the gifts of Spirit to come to you.

What you see in front of you in this moment is not the final word or outcome, but the breaking down of all that no longer serves you. You cannot imagine what this planet can become based on the disintegration that you are witnessing in this moment. You have depended on goods and products that purely benefited the physical. Now you will begin to use energy in different ways that will benefit mind, emotions and spirit (the unseen aspects of life) as well.

Being patient with your self brings a willingness to receive the very best from life and from others. The fact that time is not functioning as it once did means that what you are waiting on and the time it takes are very different from the past. If you notice that from one day to the next the fear shifts from one side to the other. Today the stock market reflects optimism and tomorrow it may plummet to new lows because the EGOIC mind is trying to bring a perfect balance which is impossible. If you live by the media it is like standing on a log in water and keeping your balance is virtually impossible. Patience puts your feet on solid ground.

And so, Beloved Masters, find patience within, feel how it empowers you, feel its strength and enjoy the comfort of experiencing life in higher consciousness. Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, in the greatest of Love I bid you Adieu!