The Power of Your Words

August 26, 2010

Beloved Masters, let us contemplate the power of your words, thoughts and imagination.

The power of the word is spoken about in the Master Book, “In the beginning the word was with God and the word was God….” Also, there is reference to the thought, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” Certainly, what you image or imagine has the power and passion of your desires woven into the fabric of the picture.

It would seem that in these times more and more people, in anger and frustration, are exercising the right to say want ever they think without any consideration of the impact of those words on the lives, hearts and minds of the ones who hear them or those about whom they are spoken. There has been much discussion about “first amendment rights”, the right to free speech. The right to express an opinion is a privilege. The right to speak words of hatred with an intention to wound was never the intended point of the First Amendment. Simply because someone knows words of cruelty dose not give them the express right of using that knowledge to destroy someone’s life or character. Name calling has never, Beloved Masters, been of the highest nature. Children who have not learned the powerful lessons of love may engage in attempting to “level the playing field” through their taunts. However, as the pressure of the changing times is being felt more deeply all of the time it surely is bringing up the most undesirable use of language and no consideration of the power of what is being created by those words. When words are used for lies, deceit and defamation of character they can bring long standing damage even if the one who said them stands up and says, “I am sorry”.

The feeling that you have in the center of your body, solar plexus, when you are speaking will quickly tell you whether the words that you are saying or even thinking are going to bring a positive outcome or lead to painful results. When you are angry the EGO takes away the gates of consideration and invites you to “say exactly what you feel”. The challenge, in these times is, are you sure that what you are angry about concerns the person standing in front of you when you are pushed to your limit? Was it the last conversation that really set off your irritation and now this person in front of you said something that brought things to a boil? Can you actually talk to the person/people who make you angry? Do you even know with whom you are angry? Are you actually dealing with life times of fear and limitation that has surfaced and you don’t know where to put your frustrations and rage?

Beloved Masters, you are not helpless and there are no victims. This statement can really open the door for the EGO to set up a debate, but from a spiritual standpoint it is true. Do you say, “What next?” with a feeling of resolve into more and greater lack? You have just, very simply and very quickly exercised you ability to create. You might say, “But I didn’t mean that I wanted more problems.” You create with your words and the emotions that are behind them. There are no idle words. To say “I didn’t mean to bring about an unfortunate outcome” is a bit like saying “I didn’t mean to cast the first stone”. Intension is a power force. When you are angry you do not consider the outcome of the action. When you are frustrated or “at the end of your tether” you do not want to be bothered with the fact that what you are saying is either helping you to move deeper into “the mess that you are in” or lifting you gently out of the morass.

The time to really be aware of the influence of your words is when you are in a quiet space. Contemplate how your words or the words of others how affected your life. What were you told by a parent or grand parent in your youth that changed the direction of your life for better or worse? Have you noticed how your own children are impacted by what you say? Even if there are no children in your life, have you noticed that even saying “good morning” can change the expression on someone’s face. A quiet word, a compliment can make a difference that you may never know. It would be much sweeter to find out later that your words made such an important difference that someone decided not to take their life or they took a step toward improving their life that they had been afraid to take, rather than to find that you pushed someone into sad or painful choices by your words.

Speak words that you would desire to hear from your boss or lover or friend and feel how those words rest in your solar plexus. Now feel words that have made you sad or stopped your progress and recognize that every word has energy, EVERY WORD HAS POWER.

You may begin to change the way that you speak right now. You may stop before you make a nasty remark, a racial slur or before you snap at someone who is not involved in your present bad mood. You can take the time to rephrase you statement. You might even find that there is nothing to say if you begin to align with your inner directive. YOU ARE THE DESIGNER OF YOUR LIFE!! With each word, thought or image of your life you create the next moment, the next day, the next phase of your journey.

There are those who take great pride in being spiteful, superior or intimidating. They are lonely, isolated beings and even when they are surrounded by people who “love them no matter what”, they keep a distance with their words so that those who care cannot approach. This often becomes the excuse to be even more disdainful and haughty. The thought may be that “if those around me were not such cowards they would come closer”. This thought may not be said out loud, but the sharp and critical words express the unsaid ideas. More often than not these entities live to regret their actions, but often it is too late to change the life that they created with their words and thoughts.

When the way of life seems to be rocky and fraught with obstacles is the perfect time to practice creating the life that you desire rather than perpetuating the gloomy place where you find yourself. The EGO will say that it is too hard to think of something happy when you have just lost your job, found out that you have a dreaded disease or been told that the person that you believed you would spend the rest of your life with is leaving. That is the most wonderful time to be there for yourself and spend your time paying attention to what you are thinking because in that moment you can make your life something new and positive or descend into the pits of Hell. You will think, so become the director of your life. Call upon the Angels, the Masters and God to help you rise up and live the life that you were meant to live. No one else can make your life work but you. If one strong support appears to be taken away then turn your eyes in a new direction and discover that there are many who are waiting to help you as you will allow. Make positive statements and place them where you can see them daily. Put your attention to opening a space within you that can be filled with greater love and joy than ever. The EGO wants you to look back and base your future on what didn’t work before. It is time for you to exert the power of your words to make a life that isn’t hooked into the pain of the past, but open and allowing to bring in bright, new and different ways of being. YOU ARE THE DESIGNER OF YOUR LIFE. YOU AND GOD ARE THE COCREATORS THAT SHAPE EACH EVENT.

Beloved Masters, the gift of the word and the ability to use it to craft your life come from God. These gifts are not to be taken lightly nor discounted as nothing. When you pray you are designing your life by what you ask for. Feel the power of your words and make the decision to use this most magnificent tool to the very best of your ability to make your world a better place.

Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be I remain your most humble servant, the Lord St. Germain. Adieu