Why Do You Fight?

September 28, 2010

Beloved Masters, so much these times do bring to your inner doorway. It is a time of forgiveness of the faults and flaws of the lineage. Humanity has been encouraged throughout time to look outward. You have been taught to be concerned for and about others first. This has over time brought distorted perceptions. If there is no clear connection to truth within then the EGO begins to design a world where it is your express job to teach others where they are wrong and you have no clear perception of just what “right” is. This outer focus has caused humanity to drift into a sleep state, hypnotized by the separation from self into believing that God left you. You have spent eons of time discovering what this planet is about and how it works and what it can do for you. You have become so focused on what you can get from the Earth and other people that you have absolutely forgotten the power, the magik and the mystery that belongs to you. The mystery isn’t something that has been denied and therefore is unknown, it is what you truly are and it has been buried, cast aside for so long that it has been relegated to the realms of myth.

Humanity has come to function as “Jonathon Livingston Seagull’s” pack fighting over things that don’t really matter with the belief that no survival can happen without them. Masters, it is time to live the majesty of your divine inheritance.

Why do you fight? Let’s begin with a simple practice to show you something about energy. Science may say that not everyone can see energy because some people say that they cannot. The truth is that everyone has the ability, but some have come to be so trapped in the intellect that it would be far too fearsome to allow the register of the energy of the sixth sense. That would be an admission of “things that don’t exist”. Stand in a place with good light, preferably with a background that would let you see light flowing between your fingers. Put the tips of your fingers together and the slowly move them apart. Let your eyes go slightly out of focus. This is called “soft vision”. Don’t push your eyes out of focus and, please, don’t try to see something. Just relax and watch as an observer, to see if you can recognize the light that emerges as you move your fingers apart. You may not see it the first time, but as you RELAX you will be much more capable of seeing essential energy. It is something like an aura, but may appear to be more like threads than a halo. As you see this light, you might begin to see the energy “lights” that pass between two people as they interact. If the two are lovers, you might notice that the threads curl around the other person like a caress. The same might be seen between parent and child. However, because the Parental Order has determined that the parent is always right and the child is here to learn what is right from them, if the child is not being compliant the energy may actually look as though the parent is sucking energy out of the child. (For those of you who have seen the Harry Potter movies, the dementors are a prefect example of how this energy might look.)

If two people are in a heated argument the energy may be sucked back and forth between the two as each makes their point, determined to convince the other that they are wrong. The energy may change colors and a lot more reds and/or blacks may appear. If there is hatred there may be what has been called “army green” in the strands of energy being pulled back and forth. If one can brow beat the other into submission, at least for the moment it can be noticed that the losers energy flows to the winner and the one who lost the battle seems to slump or diminish before the winner. This, Beloved Masters, is why your fight.

Your human lineage has taught that if someone does something to you, “you had better get back out there and fight back”. Now your parents may not have able to see your energy lessen, but there is a feeling that goes with loss that is quite identifiable. It doesn’t feel good. People have a tendency to avoid that energy because it feels like a vacuum. If you have been around someone who is depressed it just might feel as though you are being drained of energy, because the depression drains the essence of love away from the depressed person and others can feel the emptiness. These depressed or depleted people begin to attempt to get their energy back, often times in inappropriate ways. When someone is upbeat, happy, joyful or elated their energy is infectious. People just gravitate to the energy like flowers seek light. If you could see people standing around someone who has just won the lottery or gained something in their life that makes them feel loved, they are sucking up the energy. If the “winner” is not normally a joyful person, it doesn’t take long for them to begin to feel tired, even dejected. They begin to think that winning the lottery wasn’t all that it was said to be.

People want to feel good. If they don’t they begin to search for ways to feel better. Often, this kind of search leads inadvertently leads to a fight. The unconscious desire to get some energy and winning creates that feeling of fulfillment. So often the one who is hoping to win doesn’t succeed, because they feel so down that they cannot even find the power to take get energy from someone who is in a good mood but unwilling to share. Some people just naturally donate energy to others, whether they know it or not. If you are very attracted to someone, you may give them energy because you feel so good around them and you want them to stay.

This age old battle for energy has been the focal point of all conflict. Even on the battle field where the soldiers cannot see the enemy there is still the idea than if the opposing force is wiped out the ones who are left standing are the winners. Since this whole concept is a part of Quantum theory psychologists and psychiatrists have not been able to understand what happens. If you cannot see energy or don’t know to look for it then the mind just dismisses the whole idea of fighting for power as being an energy war.

It is time to remember that there is another source of power besides that of other humans. This power source is eternal, never ending and quite willing to sustain you at all times. It has always been with you, but because you have been taught that you are totally separate from this source there is doubt and for some even fear. Prayer is a powerful connection to this source, but you have been taught that prayer is for those outside of you. It is time to understand that the power of prayer is for everyone and everything. Prayer raises the vibration. There have been teachings that said you cannot pray for the darkness because prayer will only make it stronger. Beloveds, prayer strengthens the essence of love. In darkness there has been the absence of love. Your prayer pours love into the situation and that changes the direction of the energy.

Control is a power game. The one who can gain control may momentarily have a surge of energy if they can get the upper hand. If a controller attempts to take power from someone who knows their own space and boundaries then there may be a neutral energy. No power is lost or gained. This is where self-awareness is so important. The old game of telling people how powerful you are, how important you are or how superior you are has no impact in this energy. If the ones who are attempting to impress others by touting how powerful they are, do not believe what they are saying they will not have the energy to stand against those who knows their own spiritual strength. The ones who are truly seeking the higher dimensional frequencies have less and less interest in fighting for any cause. Here again, Beloved Masters, there are much better ways of resolution than war. The EGO just wants to create a blind spot in the reasoning so that “when all else fails fight” is still an option. Those who are discovering their spiritual strength actually are creating, consciously or unconsciously, a protection that simply directs them into paths of peace. The intellect is not yet ready to concede that such a thing is possible, therefore the fighting seems to be more intense than ever.

You cannot just say, “Well, now that I know about how to use energy, I just won’t give my power away” because the first time you are engaged in a power struggle, your EGO will tell you that you have to fight if you want to have a chance to win. Beloveds, war never healed anything. Those who accept that conflict is necessary are holding themselves away from peace and ascension. Spiritual evolution does not occur in hatred or fear. Oh, Dear Ones, there are many who are still attempting to push the old ways. You are tested at every turn and the only way that you can truly know what is best for you personally is to connect within and listen to higher levels of guidance. The Ego screams louder and louder because it is losing. It still believes that if it makes enough noise you must pay attention. God speaks quietly. Love is so strong that it does not have to push or shove for attention.

Even if you cannot see the energy moving between two people or even in a crowd, you can certainly feel how the atmosphere feels in the situation. You can watch body English, facial expressions and experience the inner knowing that this is or is not an appropriate place to be. It is time to learn to center even in the midst of conflict. As you find your center and obtain a sense of calm you will hear the inner voice leading you to a safe place. Many are the stories of those who were in the middle of a crisis when they felt a sense of serenity. Suddenly it was as though they were in an altered space, even though war raged around them. This was not accidental or coincidental, it was a connection with the energy of love that surrounds you ever minute. All you are required to do is let go of the tension of battle and conflict and let the peace that passes understanding flow in.

The Master Jesus demonstrated this sacred power again and again. He could stand before an approaching army and turn the tide of soldiers simply with Love. Each and every one of you is capable of establishing this power because it already belongs to you. It isn’t something that only belongs to a chosen few, though it may have appeared to be that way because for so long you have believe that only certain people are picked for special privilege and thus another point of battle emerged in an attempt to get that special power for self. IT IS ALREADY YOURS! IT HAS BELONGED TO YOU FOREVER! REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE ONE WITH ALL LOVE RIGHT NOW. THUS ENDS THE WAR.

You are powerful. Allow the love to show you. There is no necessity to take energy from someone else. That becomes like a drug induced high. As the energy fix wears off you have to find another place to get power and soon you feel more and more depleted just trying to find a new power source. No one else can make you powerful and power that has been portrayed in this illusion is diminishing. You are powerful because you are. The more you recognize that the less you will need others to tell you that you are great. When you no longer need the boost, you will get it everywhere. People will SHARE energy with you because they can, when you are not attempting to take it away.

You are being showered with energy from the galaxy, the universe and abundantly from I AM. You have unlimited supply. Forgive the old ways of not enough and allow the plenty that God has for you.

And so it is, Beloved Masters, until we meet again in what ever manner that may be, in the greatest of Love I bid you Adieu! I AM the Lord St. Germain