Your Brain and The Changing Times

September 11, 2010

Beloved Masters, let us speak of the brain, the mind and the expansion that you are experiencing during these days of transformational shifts in the dynamics of your planet, your body and your spiritual evolution.

The brain consists of two parts that operate separately. The cerebral cortexes of right and left brain operate something like two different people inside of each person. The right brain is your artistry, your connection to now, which is, in spiritual reality, all that is—it is your connection to the cosmos and divine dynamics. The left brain is connected to this illusion. In the left brain you see yourself as singular, apart from everyone else. The left brain dictates order and structure and how you function in the physical world.

I asked this woman, Molly, through whom I speak to add the video of the brain scientist, Jill BolteTaylor, who suffered a stroke, because she speaks so eloquently of just how each part of the brain acts separately in the energy of this physical world experience.

I have been speaking for a long time about the blending of right and left brain, as well as, the blending of the intellectual mind with the Soul in the center of your physical body. The children that have been born on this planet over the last thirty years have neuro-connectors between the two halves of the brain that the previous generations did not have. The “older models”—forty and over—are beginning to develop these neuro-connectors, but it is taking time. Some are much more receptive to allowing the process of evolution to occur within themselves than others. There is the fear that if the connection to the right brain is allowed more fully, you will simply cease to be able to function in this physical “reality”. You have been dependent upon the left brain dominance as the parameters of your existence. Those who have been considered right-brain dominant—the artist, dreamers, inventors and creators of beauty—have been looked upon with a certain amount of disdain. The thinkers, planners, strategists and organizers have been honored, but this has led to battles among the strategists over who has the best answers. Science has attempted to prove that it is the most worthy to be heard, with the military following close behind.

The frequencies of the planet have been shifting much quicker over the last eighty years, with the decade of the nineties embracing the most dramatic changes of all. The energetic progress of the years between 1990-1995 equaled the time change that meant you were living in months what you had lived in years before. The acceleration rate was about one hundred times the previous rate per year. By 1999 you had accelerated 1000 times what the energy rate was in 1990. In other words, by 1999 you were living the time continuum of ten years in one. Many of you have been aware some of the time or most of the time that Time feels different. The acceleration has continued through the first ten years of the new millennium, preparing you for the total shift of the time/space continuum toward the end of 2012.

The description that Jill gave of the expansion that she experienced when the left brain ceased to function shows the truth of who you truly are. You are so very vast that you would not fit into this tiny body. You are bigger than the planet. Your left brain has created, orchestrated a plan, a life, a time frame into which you could adapt and come to believe that you are small, small enough to fit into a physical form. As the time/space continuum is changing some of you are having glimpses of what you perceive as yourself being greater than the planet and your rational is “that is just my imagination”. These breakthroughs that allow you to see beyond the veil of illusion can be trusted. The logical mind wants to worry about insanity. Look around you, Beloved Masters. You are experiencing the insanity of the changes that take you out of separation and call every part of yourself and your life to begin to function in harmony and equality.

The mind is not better than the Soul or spiritual aspects of your nature. The logic oriented left brain is not superior to the right brain. Each is different and each holds an element of balance. When the left brain does not function you have no boundaries or definition in the physical world. When the right brain is shunned or closed down your reference to what is going on in the moment is distorted or non-existent.  The Aquarian Age is electrical energy or currency (air or mind) that flows like water (feelings and spirit). This dynamic flow of new information that is being poured out by the “Water Bearer” cannot be interpreted by the intellect alone. It must be translated by the right brain, because the scope of the information reaches beyond what the left brain or finite mind can process. You are now required to have both parts of the brain operating and the more in harmony they are the easier it is for you to Ascend into the higher dimensional frequencies. You cannot “do” Ascension. It is a frequency adjustment that the mind simply cannot understand. You can study, plan, attempt to do the right thing and you still will not ascend because there is an element of relaxation and release that the mind does not grasp. When you try to ascend you move into the confines of the finite mind. All of the limits, controls and definitions of the mind actually put the brakes on the process of ascension that requires expansion beyond what the mind knows for sure.

You are experiencing the blending of the two lobes of the brain and it is “distorting” your view of reality. Just as Jill experienced the vastness of herself and thought it was cool, she also realized somewhere within her that it was not all together right. You are beginning to have a sense of your own greatness and it requires that both right and left brain cooperate.

In the left brain dominate society it has not only been “safe”, but considered appropriate that each person should be for themselves. As you enter into the future now you will realize that you are blended with all others. Your sense of self is not about separation, but definition. In the higher dimensional frequencies you will not cease to exist as a human being, but will realize that you are a Super Human Being. In this case the word Super does not resolve itself to superior, but to excellence.

It is not to be afraid of your vastness, but to delight in the freedom to be all that you are. You can have an experience with other beings, both human and extra terrestrial and feel quite at home with all. The stronger the sense of your self value the more open you become with others. You will begin to discover that all of the “outer space” stories of threat and invasion were devices of fear created by the illusion.

It is not to say that there are not those who are warlike out in the cosmos, but to understand that like really does attract like. When you are looking to be taken advantage of or threatened you will create that kind of life for yourself. In the left brain dominate society the belief has been “that is just how things are and we cannot change them”. In the new energy your life is so much more than just fighting for your right to exist.

The brain is adapting, your physical body is changing structurally, organically, hormonally and energetically. Your spirit is helping you to make the changes for the new life. You do not have to die any longer. You might still choose to do so, at least one more time, but it is no longer necessary. There are those of you who adamantly do not want to come back to Earth because you do not like what is going on here. It is up to you, in your spiritual evolution, to help the planet to up spiral so that you will not return to the chaos of fear that these changing times are causing.

Dear Ones, we are helping you in every way that we can. It is still up to you to let go of the erroneous beliefs that something or someone outside of you is going to make everything better without your participation. You are cosmic creators who have forgotten your greatness. You choose to be small and now it is up to you to accept your largesse on faith in order to reclaim it. from many sources, in the final end, you must make your own decisions. Fear constricts and you are vast. Open to the love that matches your vastness and it will guide you.

Voices outside of you cry “Wait” or “Stop”. How do you feel within? After you have gathered information from many sources, in the final end, you must make your own decisions. Fear constricts and you are vast. Open to the love that matches your vastness and it will guide you.

And so it is, Beloved Masters, the experiences that are now beginning to come to you are so very different than you have known in so long. You cannot remember the time when your mastery was the most natural thing in the universe. Use your amazing brain—both halves—to bring your to the awareness and allowing of the higher dimensions in which you will function in the times to come. Let the Soul connection be the orchestrator of your future, rather than the EGO alone.

Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, we are here to serve you. In the greatest of love I bid you, Adieu!