December 2, 2010

Dearly Beloved Masters, once again you approach the time of giving and RECEIVING. You exhaust yourselves attempting to buy just the right gift, but seldom if ever does the idea cross your mind, that you are the greatest gift there is. Sit with this concept and take it in. Feel the power of the gift that you are. This is NOT about what you are doing or doing for others. This is purely, wholly and truly about you. YOU ARE THE GREATEST GIFT THERE IS!

You celebrate the life of Jesus and you have been told that he is far above you, the ONLY son of God. We are here to assure you that this concept has been perpetuated in order to keep you feeling small. You are, every one of you is, Divine creations of God, Creative Masters who are to emulate the teachings and practices of Jesus. He did not come to speak down to you, but to remind you of your Oneness with I AM. He assured you that everything that he did was an example of what you can do and even greater if you trust your abilities.

The gifts that you buy in stores will turn to ashes, but the gift that you are will keep giving forever. As you remember your value you will cease to be exhausted both emotionally and financially and begin to be flooded with ideas for giving that far exceed anything that Wal-Mart or Macy’s have to offer.

The energy of these times is calling for less outward focus of your power and more attention to allowing things to happen in their own timing. The mind gets frightened and impatient at the idea of waiting, yet if you are willing to stop pushing your energy out into an unformed future and keep it NOW you will be astounded at how quickly and easily things come together when you stop trying.

Forgive making the lack of money the reason for your limits. When you stop focusing on how little you have and how you must fit into impoverished spaces, you begin to get clear what you really desire and how you would live as a Master and the miracles of the times begin to emerge. You cannot live rich and continue to plan for lack. You have to grow beyond the past. Change is the thing that the ego fears most and it holds you hostage by outmoded belief systems that no longer serve anyone on the planet. Much of the war on the planet at this time is an attempt to keep things the way they have been for eons of time. Beloved Masters, you can no longer live there. The whole Earth is up spiraling and you simply cannot remain in the devastating conditions of what was.

Attempt to go about your business as you have before and feel how confining it is. It feels unreal, distorted, because you are attempting to live in frequencies that are barely supporting life. Take a deep breath and just allow yourself to feel beyond the scope of your mind. Open up to possibilities that you cannot control—the places where you live in freedom rather than by clinging to limit. The process of planning projects your energy out into an unknown future. As you feel into your solar plexus you can feel just how depleting it is to put your power where you cannot access it, out there somewhere. Now bring your power back to NOW, to your center, and feel the difference between reaching to get something that doesn’t exist and allowing what you desire to come to you where you are. It is literally what makes the difference between a great investment and one that will fail. When you hope something will work, but the basis is of achievement is desperation it fails. When you have faith and trust in the highest outcome and feel it, it works. When you want something to work, but you have little faith, you are just gambling with the power and it is a 30/70 chance of a positive outcome at best.

Feel into the tightness in your solar plexus and ask, “Is this mine?” Pay attention because everything that you have been trying to heal for someone else will leave you and what is left is yours to heal by loving it. You cannot solve someone else’s problems yet many of you are carrying tremendous burdens of family and friends because you think that you can make their burden lighter, but it only increases your own. It is a spiritual impossibility to take the burdens of others upon you, even though you have been taught for hundreds of years that Jesus died for your sins. He clearly understood that what he offered was an opportunity for new clarity and understanding of your own worth and value. Those who wished to maintain control had to come up with ideas that would continue to weaken you and cause you to believe that you would never be good enough for the love of God of yourself. Jesus was not a victim of God’s carelessness, but a Master who absolutely knew that you are equal in every way to his Mastery and desired above all else that you would remember that this is true.

Masters when you give from fullness, the assurance that you are safe, cared for and loved beyond your ability to comprehend, the power of your giving changes. The scope of your love beams out, the fulfillment of giving and the joy of receiving balance and you feel clean and pure within. The Ego’s interference diminishes and it can no longer tell you that lack is the only way to live spiritually. It cannot be convincing when it says that you have not done enough. Beloved Masters, how many times have you felt guilty about your giving and not been able to find where you failed?

Tis the season to be fulfilled in every way, to align with your highest and best intensions for yourself and all others and to relax in the knowing that because you desire to share you are blessed whether you can spend a lot or not. You are loved and blessed and recognized by God. We hold a most powerful intension that every up lifting wish that you have will come true for you.

Until we meet again in the New Year’s becoming, in the greatest of Love I bid you Adieu!