March 10, 2011

Here we are Beloved Masters in a time when emotions are bigger and more obvious than ever and the denial of feelings is just as great.

Feeling is the higher octave of emotion and therefore as there is the willing movement into higher frequencies the Soul begins to balance the emotional reactivation of the mind or mental realms. There are many people in these times that believe that they have an absolute right to follow any emotional reaction that crosses their mind. If they think that someone is bothering or offending them they should just be able to verbally or physically attack that person or kill them. Slander of character or defamation of the reputation is a common activity and there is a belief that these things should be done without any repercussions what so ever. Emotions are directed by the mind (EGO) which operates mainly in realms of limitation and fear based on “what is known”. (That is just how it is and it isn’t going to change) Feelings flow from the realms of the Soul as spiritual guidance and upliftment… Feelings are extremely powerful and never destructive. Feelings bring personal assurance that all is well, but FAITH is required because feelings do not always come with explanations. When there is depression, doubt or a sense of lack these are emotional reactions to being out of control of what is happening.

Feelings and emotions, even though the two words are used interchangeably, are two different frequencies. Someone may say, “I feel sad”, but the truth is that they are experiencing emotional reaction to something that they cannot control. Feelings and control are mutually exclusive. People may say that they will just stop feeling a certain way. YOU CANNOT CONTROL YOUR FEELINGS OR EMOTIONS WITH YOUR MIND (EGO). Mind is an instrument of the physical world and as such functions in the vibrations that are more attached to material affairs. As there is an allowing for a shift in consciousness the frequencies change and the mind is opened up to a place where spirit becomes the director of the life instead of EGO.

The patriarchy is so afraid of emotions that a collective of physicians in the New England states got together in the 1990’s and declared that emotions do not really exist therefore deserve no treatment or acknowledgement. Beloved Masters, that is a demonstration of abject fear. Feelings and Spirit operate in higher frequencies, while mind, even though it is unseen, is believed to be controllable therefore safer to deal with. There have been many erroneous ideas are how the mind works. Let us clarify some things. One: No one goes into someone else’s head and “messes” with their mind. Each person is like a huge broadcasting station—both sending and receiving ideas and information. Everyone broadcasts information about how they are experiencing life and when that energy indicates “I am a victim” those who are looking take advantage of weaknesses step in. The manipulation may be called sympathy or pity and if the person really believes that they are a victim then sympathy could be just what they think they need. As their mood passes the emotions may change and they may decide that they don’t need what the other person is offering and then a battle of wills occurs over who will control the energy. This is a primary factor in why many relationships fail, why people buy things that “they don’t want or need, really” or why there are conflicts of opinion all over the planet today.

Two: If you could see how the energy moves between two people when they are having an argument or when love is new you would begin to understand much more about how emotions work. In an argument there is a need to be right, so the person with the stronger will may win because they can intimidate or brow beat the other person into submission. Control games have been foundational in every aspect of the world game. When two people “fall in love” they each want the other person to love and approve of them so they give energy to the object of their affections and in most cases, at least in the beginning, the sharing is equal. However, most people cannot keep up that intensity of power sharing  and the two begin to revert to the patterns of energy use that they were accustomed to before they met.

Everyone likes how it feels when they are in the limelight. They feel energized and empowered. When the energy is withdrawn there is a let down and something has to be done to get the good feeling back. Children learn very early in life how to get attention, whether it is positive or negative, to get the energy fix necessary for life force to flow. In love, the parent gives energy naturally and easily to the child and therefore the child feels safe and nurtured. When the parent is in over whelm with life, too many other children or their own personal emotions they simply do not have the strength of love to give to the child and the child begins to “act out” in order to get attention. In an adult love relationship when one partner feels as though they are not getting sufficient attention, arguments, accusations and threats may fly. “YOU don’t do enough around here”, “YOU are never home” or even “YOU don’t love me anymore”. An irate EGO does not stop to think that if “I don’t like being accused or berated then my partner probably will not like it either”. Rather there is a sense of justification in being angry. YOU messages are like verbal vomit. They are hurled at the other person without consideration of what the outcome might be. Usually, the outcome is an angry response. I messages give the other person space to consider what is being said and respond quietly, because they sense no threat. “I feel that you would rather be somewhere else. Do you feel this is true?” “I wish we could do more together. Would you like that?”

Emotional reactions and control games are simply ways to get the energy flowing toward self. If it doesn’t come pleasantly then it still must come. Recognition is imperative. Look at the “reality shows”, talent shows or dance shows–anything that will get attention (the flow of love)—the longer the better. So winners get more attention. Why? Because they are attractive to positive, upbeat energy. They are feeling good rather than just vying for attention. The energy is flowing to them naturally. Most people do not deal well with losing because it is equated with failure. In fact, losing is so painful that many people will go to immoral or illegal lengths in order to look good. (to get the flow of positive attention or any attention for that matter) Beloved Masters, judging by appearances is being revealed for what it is just as so many other illusions that humanity has labored under. “Ain’t nothin’what it seems?” Emotions, EGO, the mind have carefully instructed societies all over the world that if someone looks, acts or appears to be a certain way then that must be what they are. This has gotten a lot of people into great difficulty. Clarity is a virtue of spirit that blows the clouds away and allows recognition of what is actually going on, rather than just wanting things to be a certain way and refusing to see the truth.

Comfort comes with certainty. In the past certainty has been based on material affairs—money in the bank, a savings account, a house, a car, a family, a love relationship. In the changing frequencies certainty would be called FAITH. FAITH, according to the Master Book (the Bible), is the evidence of things unseen. The mind only registers things that occur in a narrow frequency band. The Soul brings assurance because it registers in frequencies that the mind cannot even imagine. FAITH is a feeling oriented vibration. The planet is being required to release its hold on “how it is” and allow the fruitful future to blend into the NOW.

In the chaos of the approach of 2012, the EGO is creating its last stand by attempting to convince everyone that the world is coming to an end. The third and fourth dimensions are receding and humanity will be living in the fifth dimension and up more consistently. This is not death, but because the mind decided that anything above the fourth dimension could not be accessed in the state that has been defined as alive. If you are experiencing energy beyond the fourth dimension it must mean that you are dead. Even death is changing in the up spiral of frequency and the veil of illusions is getting thinner all of the time so that those who have been called dead are becoming more accessible and many humans are experiencing the higher dimensions and they feel, if anything, more alive than ever.

Emotions are creating a chasm in the world as the need to be right becomes so strong that families and friends become divided by opinions. The Bible describes how parents and children, husbands and wives, even the best of friends will be torn apart “in the latter days”. EGO is attempting to protect its territory by fear, desperation and out right war. Wars are occurring over land and who really owns it, over gas and oil rights, over money and who has the right to control it, over political opinion and Beloved Masters, NO ONE IS GOING TO WIN. The New Age is calling for equality, rather than control—“I win you lose, you win I lose” is a part of the old order that is dying. The mind says that human nature can never change and those who embrace that belief will live by it, as life gets smaller and smaller. Spirit says, “You are so much greater than you can imagine–stand up, look up, live up to the amazing potential that belongs to you!!” FEEL THE GOOD!!!

So dearly Beloved Masters, emotions and mind are caught in the limits of the third and fourth dimension. Feelings and spirit are there to lift you up into the new frequencies. War is the outcome of separation. Forgive fighting even within yourself and allow yourself to have ALL of the unlimited potential of the higher dimensions. Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, in the greatest of Love I remain your humble servant. I AM the Lord St. Germain.