The Power of Love and The Changing Times

April 8, 2011

Dearly Beloved Masters, We desire to offer you an incorporation! An incorporation takes you beyond the confines of meditation or visualization because both of these ideas bring to the mind a requirement to decide how things must work or be done. An incorporation simply says, allow this and let it be. We are bringing to the Earth a major transformation using the nuclear waters to raise the vibration of the planet. INCORPORATE THIS:

Feel the planet in love. See every molecule of water on the ball holding the love essence that Dr. Emoto has shown you in the Messages in Water. Feel the love energy pouring into the water, the emotional nature of every human being and animal on the planet. Imagine rose oil essence imbuing the waters and accelerating the transformation of the planet. Allow yourself to experience the love soothing and calming you and everything and everyone in the whole world. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE TO DO FOR THE WORLD!!! THIS IS SOMETHING THAT YOU LET HAPPEN. Your mind does not have to manage how this could possibly be. RELAX!!!

ALLOW!!! BE AT PEACE!!! There is nothing that you must do for the world but let it heal. You are not responsible for its healing. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR HEALING.

Feel the Earth mending. Feel her relaxing into the love vibration. Feel her rising up into the higher frequencies and let yourself move along with it. Allow yourself to be transported, transmuted and transformed into the Master that you are. No more doing, DOING, DOING.

THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS!!! NOTHING HAPPENS FOR “NO GOOD REASON”. There are no decisions that have to be made about what is GOOD and what is bad.

You are moving closer and closer to the transforming energy of the changes. The mind wants a date. LET IT BE NOW!!! Let it be today. Forgive casting your eyes about to make sure that everyone else is doing IT right, because that creates a deep fear that when the time comes you may be left behind because you did not attend to your own acceleration. Focus on the love that you are, rather than the love that you are lacking.

Feel the changes taking place within you. The mind wants to turn your attention back to stopping others from what they are doing. THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL OF CHANGE IS LOVING ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU DESIRE, rather than always looking for the faults and flaws of others.

Politics and religion have always been games of division. The primary objective has been to divide and conquer. War is a smoke screen of the illusion to keep the attention away from what is really being done. Beloved Masters, WAR IS BIG BUSINESS OF THE OLD ORDER. Have you not begun to notice that EVERYTHING about “big business” is beginning to collapse? Corporations, governments, the military are suddenly out of money. Yet things continue to function.

Let us get very clear!! I AM a master of clarity and what I desire to share with you is that money is and always has been a symbol of the God force. The illusion has distorted the power and made money into a god. As you begin to feel the changes on the planet in a POWERFUL and POSITIVE way you add to the up spiral of loving essence. Begin to notice that when you do not worry or attempt to calculate how things are going to work out, there is plenty. Keeping the attention on lack, loss and limit are the last efforts of the EGO to keep you enslaved in the illusion. When you find yourself saying, “I just don’t know where the money is going to come from”, STOP and get still. The mind has come to the end of its ability to figure things out. Therefore, when you open yourself up to an outpouring of new information from your spirit the next step is made obvious in just the moment that you require the insight—not one moment before. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD lets you hear the next move when it is time. The truth is, Beloved Masters that the need for money is one of the biggest illusions in this illusion. What you really require is to be healthy, happy and fulfilled. Money helps, but without the willingness to allow the good, money just puts off the inevitable negative outcome, briefly.

The discipline of the “spiritual warrior” is never to battle or defend, but to uphold the good in truth and love. Live it, LIVE IT, LIVE IT. Spirit does not have to decide what is good. Love is the guide that leads the feelings to experience what is divinely appropriate. The choices of love are never made based on “what is good for me and mine” over what is good for all. The mind in its limit only sees the “small picture” full of feat and doubt. Love opens the vision to a perspective that is so grand and so vast that there is no question that EVERYTHING REALLY IS ALL RIGHT! THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!

Worry is an investment in a bank that pays no interest. Worry takes and takes and takes, and when you are done there is no more than there was to begin with—a debt that never gets paid. LOVE gives massive returns in energy and in physical manifestation of satisfaction. Love lifts you up right now.

When you are “in Love”, (not lust or romance, but pure love) you feel as though you could accomplish anything that you could dream. Now, remember the love energy in the water. Let that love flow in the water that comprises your body. Let that love lift you up. Feel yourself at one with every GOOD thing that the planet has to offer and things will be revealed to you that have always been there but you could not even imagine, because the mind cannot take in the idea of the world without illusion.

Trust the love that is being poured out on you. Trust that we, as emissaries of God, are not here to deal out misery and punishment, but to help you remember the sweetness that was yours before you made the choice to play this game. Take each glass of water that you drink and before you take a sip, hold your hands over the water and bless it with your intensions of love and plenty for yourself and the world. If you find your mind wanting to limit who can have the good, forgive that. If you withhold good from anyone you deny it to yourself, also.

These are not words to think about, these are words to employ in every aspect of your living. The time of thinking, thinking, thinking is passing because it disconnects you from who you are. I am not speaking about snap decisions made under pressure (don’t think about it just do it), but the gentle and through choices made by allowing every decision to be guided by spirit in love. Force and fear have no place in Love.

Cruelty for the sake of being powerful, is being revealed every day, more and more, for what it is. Beloved Ones, open yourselves to the love that God pours out on you continuously and feel how clear and strong and free you feel in it. Free people who live in Love will never allow tyranny because it simply would not occur to those in Love.

Feel the changes and live them in Love. Forgive spending your time in worry and fear, looking for how to stop the conflict and dwell on the feelings of power in joy, strength in peace and the wonder of living the Magik of your ability to call good to you in a moments notice.

You are Loved beyond measure. We are delighted to be of assistance to all. We know that Love simply does not empower negative forces. It does not fight them for that would feed the desire for harm. Love feeds the gentle, holy essence that makes life worth living. Life is vital, passionate, full of energy and accomplishments and Love feeds the creativity of Masterful living. “If you wish to grow roses, forgive focusing on the weeds”. In the greatest of Love we are here. I remain your most humble servant. I AM the Lord St. Germain