Crossing the Chasm to the New World

May 7, 2011

Beloved Masters, there is no doubt what so ever that the world is in greater conflict than it has seen in memory. There have been many times of speculation—“is this the Revelation—is this the end time”? Now it is here, the latter days of an order that has controlled the world for thousands of years. The contract of illusion has ended. Where do you go from here?

What happens when there is a shift from an old energy to a new one? AC current will not operate on DC wiring. 110 volts will not work directly plugged into a 220 volts plug. There must be an adaptor so that the energy can flow between frequencies that are not apparently compatible.

Third and forth dimensional frequency is becoming less and less workable in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th dimensional currents. “Go with the flow” is taking on a whole new meaning. The realms of the EGO—the intellectual realms—must now be blended into the whole rather than operating as though the mind is far superior to body, emotions or spirit. Synergy is a key word for the new essence on the planet. Unity, oneness and harmony have been considered pleasant thoughts that can happen “some day, out there, but not here and now”. When the Earth crossed the energetic point called the new millennium everything began to shift. The very standards, by which the planet has operated for time out of time, are breaking down because these concepts cannot support the changes in consciousness that are occurring. Everything that humanity has been indoctrinated to believe about life in this place must, now, of necessity, be reevaluated. “Ain’t nothin’ what it seems!” Illusion is unreal. The idea that God created the Earth and then went away is untrue. The fact that the Souls who came here decided to renounce their connection to the unconditional love of God is how this game came into being.

We ask you to allow yourself to remember the moment when you choose to break the ties with Love and embrace the power of the mind. There were Souls from other places that helped you to play the game by convincing you that Love is a weakness and the strategy of the mind is far stronger than any power that Love could give you. As you go back to that point when you called together all of the forces of Love in order to rescind it, you will reach the place where you can feel a sense of compassion for the choices that you have made. You thought at the time that you rescinded the Love that it was a very wise decision and that you would benefit greatly from the break with Love. After all the mind is very convincing and the EGO is very wily in its manipulation. The moment that you rescinded your inclusion in the wholeness, did not occur in a specific place or time–the mind would want to find a point in history where you surely must have given up your power. This moment was more a breach in the time/space continuum that moved you from living in REALITY to existing in illusion. It happened so quickly and so very long ago that you have erased the act from your realm of acceptance. What we are telling you is that the mind itself does not wish you to recall that point, therefore you are required to call upon your spirit to guide you to that moment and help you to reconnect to ALL THAT YOU ARE. As you remember, reclaim your true self, your vision will clear and your heart will feel light because you are free of the bondage of limitation. Stay with the moment and feel the Love returning to fill you up like water in a parched desert. The mind has a place in the physical realms. It defines the dimensions of the world in practical ways. As you recall who you truly are the spirit begins to add depth, color, vivid details that could not be seen through the eyes of limitation. You are literally, closing the gap between where you began in the ethers of Love–a holy essence–and where you are today, after eons of experience in the unclear place of the EGO. LOVE NEVER LEFT YOU. You left Love.

The products of lovelessness have been greed, fear, control and war. The mind delights in strategy and war games in order to prove that it is “right or better than anyone else”. The need to be superior is a wound of the separation.

At first the intrigue of what mathematics and science offered was exciting as it brought new awareness and adventures to physicality. There was so much to learn and so much to know. The mind was delighted. Slowly the knowledge began to become a weapon rather than a tool and there were those Souls who decided that they were far more deserved of the information than others. The “smarter” minds became rulers of those that were deemed less worthy. At first there was a certain amount of compassion for the “less fortunate ones who did not have the intelligence to understand what the far superior and brilliant minds knew. As time passed the separation bred cruelty and conflict. The “peasants” were kept in the darkness of illiteracy, yet the memory of something better always burned in the psyche. Knowledge became like gold, something to be envied and taken at any price. Knowledge is still held before the world as a prize, but wisdom is almost a myth. Knowledge can be held ransom because if one cannot obtain the book or papyrus on which the words are recorded there is a belief, that the knowledge is not to be had. Wisdom, on the other hand, is an innate connection of the Divine that often cannot be recorded because it is too precious to speak of. As the smart people convinced the rest of the population that they had the “true word of God” direct from God’s mouth, but God would not be lowered to speak to lesser souls so the smart ones got to interpret the messages that God was bringing.

Slowly, there developed envy and hatred of those who had things that were considered valuable—everything from gold, spices and slaves to information. Books were rare and treasured, often not so much for what was in them, but the idea that one who owned a book was more important.

Separation created a fear of not having enough. In the beginning before the decision to embrace mind and knowledge over truth, there was no fear of lack because everything was plentiful and available. Fear created neediness to have more and more for protection and proof of status. Right and wrong, good and bad, “the haves and the have nots” became the standard to live by. People drew apart into clans and countries. Political views and religious beliefs became points of conflict that deepened the chasm between those who had at one time been close and comfortable with one another. Doubt, suspicion and fear became the rule rather than an occasional exception.

Time passed and the game intensified, until these more recent times, when the absolute intensity of separation has escalated to global conflict. No longer are there great wars fought in one place. Now there are wild fires of destruction everywhere. Every country is involved in their own conflicts. The parental order is passing, but there are still those who believe that they must manage the lives of others, like a parent, because no one knows how to do things as well as they do. There are countries that think that they must be involved in every conflict even if their own people suffer for lack of health care, education for children and many other things that are far more important than looking good in a war. Beloved Masters, it is time to release the old standards and get clear within self what is truly important. Appearances matter less and less because the masks are falling and what is going on behind the appearances is being revealed.

The tests are evident and everywhere. The tests are not “How do I look to others?” but “What am I made of?” “How do I fare when life is coming at me from all directions at once?” “Where is my faith anchored in these times of chaos?” War heals nothing! It never has–it is like lighting a fuse to the next bomb. It can trigger a chain reaction that will never stop until someone finally says, “That is enough”, and steps out of the war. Each test is personal in the sense that no one else can take the test for you. Avoidance, ducking the issue or running away are actions of a dying order. Each Soul is required to find the inner strength and peace to stand tall and strong in the midst of smallness and pettiness.

Time is changing moment by moment. The more that you would fight with time the more resistance you will experience. When you stop attempting to push your own will through, things will unfold in a way that would never occur to the finite mind. Planning has always been a form of telling God what needs to be done and when. Allowing brings peaceful, positive outcomes that have amazing solutions—sweet and simple.

The chaos is over finding ones self on the brink of the chasm and not knowing how to stop the momentum, while fearing that you are incapable of flying across the gap. The chasm between “how it was and how it is becoming” is widening in the illusion. In the higher vibrations there is no chasm, just change.

The average person (there really are no average people because all are royal Masters) does not see that the changes must come from within or they will never occur. Fighting to change the world simply becomes a distraction from the real issue which is aligning with self and discovering all that is there. A Master changes the world by changing the inner perspective so that the outer picture shifts. War gives no credence to FREE WILL. Power games are all about crushing the free will of those who do not comply.

The new Earth is not somewhere else. It is right where you are in a different frequency. When the essence of self moves beyond the fifth dimension, war ceases to be important. There is a clear understanding that this energy is inoperative in higher dimensions. All of the manipulations of the third and fourth dimensions are weakening and growing pale in the dawning of new consciousness. What is happening is that the circle of life is closing to reconnect the ancient with the new becoming. All that happened in the illusion is the myth. The Great Truths that have been relegated to mythology are emerging from the mists of time as clear and powerful ways of being. The mind (EGO) is being integrated into its rightful place which is not higher than anything or anyone else. Spirit is willing to clearly guide those who are willing to SEE. Spirit will not step in and overpower a Master, because FREE WILL is a gift of unconditional Love. God created Divine Laws that govern all of creation for all time. These laws are not continuously changing to suit current management. They are not up for debate. These laws were set in place to keep balance in the Universe. They allow the free will to operate with great latitude. The only time there would be preventative measures employed is if a planet is stepping beyond the boundaries of consideration for the Universe. There was once a planet, Maldek,  at destroyed itself by nuclear energy and sent waves of destruction out across the galaxy obits of planets were changed and destructive debris was sent into the atmosphere all the way to the Pleiades. The Earth is being closely monitored, by the Masters that are assisting the shifts to be made as smoothly as possible. Neither God nor man would have such a terrible disaster occur again, especially now as the frequencies are adapting to new levels of existence.

There are people who are afraid that if they send Love to people who are being destructive the “dark ones” will gain power and take over. If that were the case, Beloved Masters, few on Earth would be capable of receiving Love. Hate and fear cannot exist in the same place with the essence of Love. Denial of goodness to anyone else prevents what is being denied from coming to the one who would knowingly deprive others.

Now, Beloved Masters, it is time to wake up and hear the beautiful words of Spirit within you. These words require no interpretation. They are spoken in the ancient language of Love which requires no interpreter. Love speaks through feelings and puts a song in your heart and soul. The process of forgiveness is a great healer. Forgiveness is not just saying words, but feeling the power of releasing old limits and beliefs that no longer serve you. When you become one with the essence of letting the old pass away and allowing the unknown future to bring you treasures beyond your imagining, you cross the chasm between the “worlds” and you may not even realize that you made the shift.