The Healing

May 25, 2011

Dearly Beloved Masters, your healing and spiritual evolution comes much more quickly when your focus is on how you are changing rather than what is going on in the world. In fact, one of the greatest disciplines that all of you face is to forgive donating your precious power to things that you cannot change. Your power will assist you to bring about monumental shifts within yourself and therefore in the world. You can make a difference that is beyond words as you release the hold on how things must be and begin to allow spirit to show you the way “further in and further up” as Aslan said in the “Chronicles of Narnia”.

Your life is important to the planet. LISTEN!!! YOUR LIFE IS IMPORTANT TO THE PLANET! It is imperative that you forgive assessing your importance by outer demonstration only. Showing the world that you are important, in a time when so many are fighting for their lives and do not have the strength or consideration for what is going on with someone else, just uses power that you could put into your own evolution. When we speak of focus on self we are not advocating self-centeredness. In fact, as you begin to truly focus on your own healing and overcoming you will notice the essential difference between EGO driven disassociation and spirit guided awareness. You notice yourself, often for the first time in a long time, and have a clear idea of what is really happening to you and for you. You also become so powerfully aligned that you have the energy to see what is going on around you without getting lost in it. Beloved Masters, you cannot heal the world!! Partly because there are so many that in fear and anger will not allow healing. They do not believe that they deserve to be healed and at the same time they are demanding that the healing be forced upon them which goes against free-will. It is not the JOB of humanity to decide how others will make their evolution. That remains in God’s hands and if the EGO is telling you that God is ordering you to make others change it is imperative to get clear within that God is not ordering things to be done. When you have an awareness of your own divine mission it will be a loving, almost overwhelmingly sweet sense of the reason for you to live and move and have your being. It will not be, I promise you, to be a drill sergeant at the head of God’s army. That is an illusion of the order that is dying. Loving healing and battle cannot exist in the same place. Finding a sense of peace in the shambles of the destruction that was created to make peace is erroneous.

There is chaos everywhere in the world. Many would choose to believe that it is God’s punishment reigned down on those who are evil, even though the Bible says that it rains on the just and the unjust. There are mixed blessing in “being saved”. There could be the sense of relief that God loved enough to protect and on the other hand the concern of “Why was I saved and not someone else?” God is not fickle!! Nor, Beloved Masters, is God a judge who is meeting out punishment in the latter days. What the Earth is experiencing is a culmination of all of the thought forms that have been cast into the ethers massing together like clouds (have you ever done cloud herding on a summer afternoon?) of energy—like attracts like. Angry, destructive thought forms are pulling together and good, kind and loving thought forms are drawing together. This is not happening for battle, but there is a great necessity to be very clear about your choices and where your attention is going in these times.

There are many brilliant minds that are focused on figuring out why things are happening and what to do about them. This is just another version of battle strategy. Since the mind can only operate within the confines of the information that it has these strategies are based on the stuff of the World and not the essence of spiritual upliftment. There are books and papers and theories everywhere and every one has truth in it. Each Master in these times is in his or her own point of evolution so some things will resonate with the Soul and some will not depending on where you personally are operating. There is no better or worse place of evolution. You are where you have allowed yourself to be by choice. Things that were not true in your understanding ten years ago are true now because you have changed your perspective. All Truth is true, but not all truth is true for everyone in the same way at the same time. You are God created individuals. Some will want to argue over semantics such as saying God rather than Allah or Jehovah. Others want to have everything spoken of in ways that they have always known. Change, an internal shift of consciousness, brings more love into the Soul/heart/mind connection and opens up an interpretation that comes, not from the EGO but from the spirit. As the narrowness of the World falls away a space opens up within and without that is so grand that there are no words to tell you. When you experience it you will know without having to be assured. The Love will permeate every cell, enlightment alters your vision and the feelings of pure Love-light will bring acceptance of all things Now.

You cannot fight the Hell that is happening on Earth and win. You can let go of the struggle and be amazed at how you are lifted above the fray. You don’t stop being aware of what is going on, but you become clear that God really does have it all in Hand. You are in Good/God Hands.

What is going on in the world is distracting to becoming who you really are. The changes occur when you change, not when the World changes first. You are a Master designer, a Master creator and you are—right now in this moment—creating the next moment, the next hour, the next day. Worry is the highest form of negative creation and it makes you feel helpless. Clarity about what you desire helps the design of your world to become a work of art. The biggest, most powerful changes that you have ever made are called for now. You cannot look around you to see what others are doing. “What would Jesus do?” “What would Oprah do?” have nothing to do with the power of “What will YOU DO?” in each situation, in each crisis, in each revelation of your life. You are the one that you must turn to and find the God within your own self. You are stronger than you might imagine, but not by the measures of the World. Strength, by the World’s measure, is small in comparison to the immeasurable dynamics of Spirit within each one of you. “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my strength”. Look deep within your self to find the high places that assure you that you are well.

The healing is in breaking the addiction to looking to the past to create your future. You simply keep living the same things over and over because the focus of the mind is on what it knows rather than on the unlimited potential that exist beyond what has been before. Forgive studying the old ways. Your healing lies in the ancient ways and they are not available through the limits of the mental realms. The healing that you seek comes from forgiveness and acceptance of all that you are. Let go of what was, let go of your wars, release your struggles and determine to make each day a better day no matter what life brings you. When you look around to see if anyone is watching to see what you are doing—good or inappropriate—you are delaying you miracles, because they may not even recognize that such a miracle could happen. Be a teacher of expanded goodness and brilliant awareness. Take the lessons of power that you have been given and teach others. If you do not feel that you have received lessons of power, then Dearest Masters, reach into the depth of your Soul and bring up the words and actions that will allow you to go forth, a greater being than you have been before. Be an example—it is up to you what example you will be.

You are unlimited. YOU ARE UNLIMITED! YOU ARE A DIVINE, UNLIMITED, CREATIVE MASTER WITH THE CAPABILITY TO CHANGE THE WORLD FROM THE INSIDE OF YOURSELF OUTWARD!!! You have influence. How do you want to influence the world?  You influence by your choices every moment. You are not some small, insignificant human that means nothing in the over all scheme of things. Your personal dynamics influence the planet and all of her people. If you say you chose to make a difference, make it right where you are and the ripples will go out and touch others who will, perhaps, make different choices because of your love and peace. Just thinking that you are peaceful, but refusing to acknowledge your anger and fear, makes little if any healing. Wanting others to change so that you may see what change looks like still prevents you from having the experience of feeling how change affects everything and everyone. Become a part of the healing by allowing yourself to integrate with the higher principles. This is not an intellectual practice, but a deep, internal, all embracing process that can move quite quickly as you forgive trying to manipulate the energy.

There are groups of people who are terribly wounded and in their wounding they want someone to pay a price for their pain. Some times these groups are place in a category—Muslims, Al Kida, extremists—but the pain of the wound is everywhere and the blame cannot be placed on a religion, a country or a particular group of people. There are angry people all over the world. As you begin to connect with your divine All-ness you can release your own attachment to the wounds that you have encountered throughout time. As you forgive these wounds your inner vision clears and you begin to see all of life from a new perspective. The more clarity you achieve the greater your potential to make important changes because you are more of aware of how you created limits, because of your wounds. Being open to greater Love directs your attention and focus to how to create beauty, serenity and joy in your own invironment which becomes an energy source that feeds the clouds of peace and positive potential.

Keep the faith in these times of crisis. Keep the peace within while storms rage in the World outside. Keep the sense of comfort that comes with the assurance of Love that surrounds you and indwells you. Keep still in mind and emotions so that you may hear the guidance of Spirit. Know, feel, accept that there is nothing that you have ever done that would prevent God from loving you, no matter what the World says.

We will tell you again and again how Loved you are until you hear/feel the truth of it. We will assure you that you are accepted and embraced in God’s Love. If you break divine law the punishment that you find is from your own EGO, not from God-I AM.

Dearly Beloved Masters, feel the healing pouring into you. Allow the vessel that you are to be filled to over flowing. Let that over flow be your gift to the World and realize that you are still full. You may pour out the Love and the Goodness and as fast as you pour it out God fills you up again. If you don’t feel full, seek within to see if the EGO is still telling you that the good was never for you. You are not an empty tube flowing good to others, but not to you. You are a vessel that is to be filled to over flowing with the greatest abundance and that belongs to you. What you share with others from your fullness takes nothing from you. Actually, as you allow the more that you give the more that you receive—that is Divine Law.

So Masters, we embrace you and salute you for the courage and determination that it takes to come up over the old ways. In the most powerful Love that you can possibly imagine we support you. Until we meet again I remain your most humble servant. I AM the Lord St. Germain