Shifting Perspectives

June 4, 2011

Beloved Masters, very often the mind has a tendency to view us as parents or teachers from the World perspective. We are considered judgmental and harsh as judges of the World have been. Many of you look to us for help and then wonder what the price will be for the assistance, because you put a price on aid and assistance. God is viewed as a stern father and often the patriarchal rigidity is laid at God’s door as though God were a man rather than an essence of Love. This is true of all divine images—what ever the consideration of discipline in the religion then the example must be tough and hold the line on rebellious children.

We want to remind you again that the PARENTAL ORDER IS PASSING AWAY, the Order of Doing is dying; the outer focus on the World has been a grand distraction of the game of separation. The Age of Aquarius is not about either/or it is about unity of all things. Multi-tasking is a word that has become popular in recent times and it applies to adapting to working in mental, spiritual, emotional and physical realms all at the same time. What is going on out there is important, but much more important is your integration of self with self. There are people who are experiencing the traumas of destruction of all that they have known and are finding a resiliency that they would not have believed they could find within themselves. It isn’t mental alone, because that would not support at such deep levels of emotional stability. Some would call it the Love of God–others might simply say that they feel renewed strength. Whatever, the description it is showing up more and more. It is the reconnection to the All-ness that is rising up from the very depths of the Soul and is changing the fiber and magnitude of each life. It is happening with those who do not yet feel it as well as those who are beginning to recognize the differences inside of themselves.

Still the EGO will say, “I want to be a Master. How do I become a Master, what do I do?” The same EGO that asks these questions will become very resistant to the answers that we would bring. “That’s not what I want. That’s not what I meant. That’s too hard or too much trouble.” Only when you are ready, at a deep Soul level, to make the changes involved in recognizing that you already are a Master will the light come on inside of you. You are not trying to become a Master, but seeking to remember that you are and always have been a Master. The EGO says, “But Masters create only good.” I will tell you again that God empowers free-will and in that empowerment all of your creations are supported. As you remember that you are one with all love and you are loved without limit your choices and intentions become more focused on the highest and best good for all. God does not see “good and bad”, therefore, God does not judge your creations. Good and bad are definitions of separation and in separation even though you are Masters, you have forgotten, so many of your creations have not been of the highest quality if you must judge them. God does not judge them. The Mind has decided that God, like a patriarchal father, judges the actions of humanity and meets out punishment. So I will tell you again and again, “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE WILL NOT PUNISH IT’S CREATION, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE WILL NOT DESTOY OR KILL IT’S CREATION NOR WILL IT EVER ABANDON IT’S CREATION.” Human limits imposed upon God are just that—limits of separation.

Love has waited within you throughout all time. Call it “God, the Mysteries or the Inner Merlin” it waits in the Soul center for you to remember who you are and that it is there.

In the chaos of the current times the EGO is doing everything that it possibly can to cause fear and resistance to remembering all that you are. You can hear anything—“black is white, dark is light, day is night”—and it is up to you, not to figure out what is right, but to discern from your Soul center the Truth for you. ALL TRUTH IS TRUE, but all truth may not be true for you in this moment. Timing is everything. The Mind operates in the limit of what it knows. The EGO controls the mental realms. Soul is guided by Spirit and has access to unlimited potential and possibilities. Making the shift from relying on the Mind alone, to allowing the Soul’s awareness to be your guidance, reveals (REVELATION) greater Truth with each event or experience in your life. The more Truth you access the stronger you become in the shifts to higher frequency—the more you understand that We, the Masters, as does God. Have you very best interests at heart. We would not push you to be or do something that does not align with you, but We will hold you in such powerful Love essence in the desire that you will open to more profound enlightenment for yourself. Nothing that is occurring on the Earth at this time is about THEM—mostly, because the world that you are perceiving is your own creation. Here the Mind rushes forth to the front of the courtroom to defend its right to be a victim. “You don’t understand what they are doing to me, to others, to the world.” Beloved Masters, there are no victims, only volunteers. What are you as a Master choosing to create for yourself and others in your world. Will you hold both friends and strangers in victimization by your words and thoughts, or will you be mindful to always speak well of yourself and others to support positive change in “your world”? Victimization is a Masters choice. YES, VICTIMIZATION IS A MASTERS CHOICE. You are a Master—choosing victimization is your own personal choice. Explaining that others are victims is a painful choice because it means that in “your world” those that you hold in victimization can never be anything more than that until you stop thinking and speaking of them as victims. Pity and sympathy are like a prison. It isn’t kind to hold anyone—yourself or any other—in that cell of limit. The teachings of the Game of Separation have been to feel sorry for people because life isn’t treating them right. If you don’t hold a positive intention for their overcoming how can they move out of the limits and into the Light. Be willing to think and speak empowering words about everything and everyone all of the time. Shame and guilt are products of a lack of Spiritual discipline. You have gotten caught by yourself not living up to the highest and best that you know, from a Soul level, you can give and be. Be Faithful to yourself. Forgive looking to us to do things for you. Forgive being angry at God for not making your life work the way your Mind thought it should, Divine, Beloved, Creative, Masters.

When you stop looking for a parent to make your life work, when you forgive being a victim to the past, you can begin to realize your Mastery. Who you have been is no longer important. Who you are today and what you truly desire to become is all there is. “The past is history, the Future a mystery and NOW is a gift—that is why it is called the PRESENT. You, Beloved Masters, are great gifts right NOW. Feel that energy, take it in, let it be yours. Stop pushing the blessings away and then swearing that you never get any praise. Love is all around you, within and without. Own it. OWN IT! OWN IT ALL AS YOURS!! What is yours is yours and no one can take it away from you, but you can create such a blindness, and you have, that you will avow that someone else took your good. Everything that you desire is right at the tips of your fingers, just beyond the veil (blindness) of your disbelief. Masters, you have spent life times creating that blindness and now it is time to let it go. It is your creation. No one else can take it away. You are required to release it.

The hell of these times is a Hell of long standing, a well established belief in fear, guilt and shame dished out by those who wished to control the Mind. If you don’t believe in Hell then forgive creating right where you are. You can create Heaven just as easily, but the EGO does not see Heaven as nearly as dramatic as Hell. In fact, the EGO keeps asking if you really want to let go of the conflict and chaos, because “what if the alternatives are less exciting”? The addiction to adrenaline rush, in many ways, is delaying Spiritual progress. “What if there is no fix in Spirituality?” You are, Beloved Masters, required to let go of control and step into the unknown on FAITH. Allow yourself to connect to the Soul essence in the depth of your body, in theSoulCenter. It isn’t physical, but We assure you that you will be able to feel it when you stop trying to. The Mind is looking for something fixed to cling to, called Soul Essence. Spirit is not and never has been fixed. Spirit is not static, but ever moving, changing and expanding. Allow, Masters, that you may flow with thatriverofLoveand Light that makes your everyday, ordinary life exquisite. You are not going somewhere else. You are changing you “right here and right NOW”. The Mind resists change. It sees change as a judgment against what it is and what it is doing. “I dare you to make me change”, the Mind says. In that moment you catch a glimpse of the angry, frightened four year old that is the EGO. Change is glorious! Now that is exciting. Change holds promise and delightful potential. Let yourself be unfettered to experience the life beyond limit—fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth dimensional frequencies. The third and fourth dimensions are not going anywhere, literally. You can cling to what you have known, that is finished or you can allow yourself to make movement, Divine, Beloved, Creative, Masters. Either way it is a Masters choice.

And so, Beloved Masters, We await what you the Master will choose. We adorn you no matter what. The choice for acceleration is entirely up to you. Until we meet again, in what ever manner that may be, in the greatest of Love, We are with you. I remain your humble servant. I AM the Lord St. Germain.