How You Create Your Future

September 9, 2011

You feel the anger and frustration every where you turn. You turn on the news to hear what is happening now and you feel even more helpless than before. What is wrong with the government? Why can’t people do what is right? How can the attention be on things that are not important? When will I get a job? How will I pay the bills? The mind is wild with fear and speculation. What are you thinking? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Are you listening to what is going on in your mind or are you on automatic pilot? When have you checked in with yourself to see how you are creating your world? You are creating your world you know.

The mind fights for its right to keep fear going. It shouts about wrongs that remain unstopped. The analysts and the warriors keep going over and over the same bits of trivia. The world is starving for hope and peace and it is constantly given empty ideas that satisfy nothing. Why? Why? WHY? Because you are not thinking clearly. You are allowing the EGO to continuously introduce “new” ideas of lack and limit.

You are the peace maker in the midst of conflict. You are the wise Master in a world of insanity. You are the absolute light and the totality of darkness and it all exist within you. When you own the darkness within the darkness without has no hold on you. When your secrets are no longer something to fear you live your Mastery. Take your life one idea at a time, Masters. When the whole scene is thrown at you at once you go into overwhelm. When you simply focus on the moment things gain perspective and you are more than capable of taking care of each event that happens.

STOP!!! Take a deep breath and rest your mind for a while. Notice that when you attempt to rest the mind, it wants to keep cranking out thoughts. Where do these thoughts take you? How long have you gone over and over the same ideas in the hope that this time you will find a different solution? THE ANSWERS ARE NOT OUT THERE!! They never have been. You may hear people say things that you agree with about what others should do, but have you considered that to these people you are the others. The question “Why don’t THEY do something?” is rhetorical. You look into the mirror of others and ask the reflection of your self “Why?”

Listen to I Beloved Masters, “Nothing changes until it is time. It is now time for change and the old order still want everything and everyone else to change.”

What are you feeling in your solar plexus as we rerun your daily affairs energetically before you? You may say, “It makes me angry or I feel fear”, but what you are experiencing is your emotional reactivation to what is going on outside of you. What are you feeling? Everything that is going on out there is within you. In fact, you are the one who is creating it. The EGO shouts “Not fair. I didn’t make these things happen. It is not my fault that no one can get along. I didn’t cause the weather. God is punishing us”. What for? Why would God, who loves you more that you can imagine, punish you? Let go of the illusions that blind your vision to where you are going. God’s divine intension has always been your highest good.

Nothing is as it appears. You are punishing yourself by going over and over the same old limits. The intellect knows certain facts and each person has a scope of experience to JUDGE by. Your scope of limit was first instilled by your parents who taught you the limits that they learned from their parents. It does not matter how educated or uneducated your parents were, it is how you have chosen to use of the limits that they taught you. Brilliantly educated people still operate in the small box of what they know. The educated mind may understand the manipulations of the World game somewhat better, but the World operates in limitation. The World believes that if you have money you have power. However, there is the underlying fact that there is a fear of power in the World and the more power one gets the more they may fear losing it. When you understand that anything that exists in the World exists in you, you begin to be free of the fear that something outside of you can take what you have. FOR EVERY RULE THAT THE WORLD (EGO) HAS SET BEFORE YOU THE SAME “EGO” HAS SET A CONTRARY RULE TO CONFUSE YOU.

Example: Men have created the belief that women are far too emotional to be good at making decisions when it comes to war and World affairs. Yet “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

When it comes to sexual affairs (the biggest power game on the planet) men are ruled by their gonads and swear that they are helpless to restrain themselves.

Women weep and men will pretend to be stoic, but emotions—even though they are played out differently—still tend to undermine life on the planet and distort things. The truth is that everyone has emotions and each person experiences their emotional responses differently. People stand and judge, yet they cannot see themselves. Forgive the separation and accept that each person is part of you. They may represent the parts that you have rejected throughout life times, but each one is a part of you and the healing is in accepting them. The mind says, “I cannot accept a murderer or a rapist. I am not like those people. I would never (fill in the blanks).”Everything that you see out there exists within you.

The only thing that is internal about men is their emotions so they believe that they can convince the World that they are completely steady in all things. When a man has a problem he wants to go inside and think until he gets a solution that he believes is the answer. The only thing external about a woman is her emotions, and because she wants to talk about feelings–men are disturbed by the exposure of, often raw, emotions. Women do not want solutions; they want to understand what they are feeling. They will talk about how they feel until they begin to “get it”. There is no right and wrong in this set of oppositions—it is the requirement of balance. Because over the last several thousand years’ men have held sway in how the affairs of the planet function, there have developed a set of judgments around the rights and wrongs of male and female behavior.

The illusion is full of directives about how to live. Have you ever noticed that dictators want to tell you how to live and they are there to enforce it? A good Teacher will give you an example or set you a task and allow you to find the answers yourself. The Mind gets frustrated when there are not immediate answers, yet the personal experiences that you have teach you far more than someone else telling you how to have an experience or how you should experience certain things.

Many students will pay out great sums of money to go to a college where the teachers have a certain mindset about how things work. The “smart” students will catch on quickly that in order to get a good grade one must simply know what the teacher wants and give it to them. A Master in the becoming (rebel) will see that there is truth in what is being said, but there are also illusions. These students will probably not get the best grades, yet they will emerge with a broad new scope of possibilities. Here is another of the downfalls of the illusions. The fantasy has been that if one is well educated they can get ahead. Now there are thousands of well educated people who are out of a job because they are “over qualified”. The EGO always plays both ends against the middle. It is not whether one is educated or not but what one chooses to do with what they have.

There are brilliant people who are so caught up in the illusion that they just keep repeating over and over “I can’t get a job”, “There are not enough jobs” “I will never get ahead again”. The sad part is that they are absolutely right. There are those who “don’t know any better than to believe that they will succeed no matter what” and they do. The fire in the belly is often far more powerful to motivate one forward that the knowledge in the brain alone.

So now we come to the point of shift in these times. Letting go of how things were and adapting to new ways of accomplishing is imperative. Defending what no longer works is inefficient use of energy. Look around you and see that those who are still trying to get a job, but keep bad mouthing themselves and everyone else, are having a much more difficult time than ever. You can keep repeating what you have been taught or you can pay attention to the fact that those old ways are falling to dust. You can keep throwing yourself against the wall of the past or you can turn around and begin to move forward, even if you are not sure just where you are going—at least you are moving. You are no longer stuck in the muck of the old ways of thinking. Sometimes, just realizing which way you are facing can be a life changing event. Are you still looking back? How long have you been facing that direction when you swore that your desire was to move forward? The future is an unknown but backing into it will not ease the way. Often backing forward just slows things down even more.

WHAT YOU AFFIRM IS HOW YOUR LIFE WORKS!!! Are you listening to what you are saying about your life? People will make positive affirmations and then go about their day repeating the same old limiting ideas that they have always thought and they cannot understand why things do not get better. To make a positive affirmation in desperation cancels the outcome. Feel the energy in your solar plexus when you say, “I need or I want” before your statement of expansion.

Make an affirmation for new good with a mind full of doubt and a belly full of fear and the positive idea dies before it is born. Get excited about your life. Your EGO may say “I can’t”. Then it is up to you Divine, Beloved Creative Masters to care enough about yourselves to change the direction of your thoughts again and again until you find that you are focusing on the positive outcomes rather than looking for the next failure just to prove that you are right.

The answers are all within you. They are NOT in your head. They exist in the deepest, most powerful place—the center of your being, your Soul center. When you can just stop thinking it is amazing that the most brilliant answers come to you, shining in the light of Love. Another of the rules of the illusion is that Love is weak and if you live by Love you will lose everything. Beloved Masters, without Love what is there to lose?

There are the horrible tyrants—Hitler, Voldermort, in Harry Potter, the military in the movie Avatar, that are talked about over and over and Love always overcomes. That Love wins, is not a sugar-coated illusion, Beloved Masters, it is Eternal Truth.

The Earth is being brought to a point of Spiritual multi-tasking where you use your mind for identifying form and your Soul for the development of vast new good. This will assist you to see from a perspective that shows you what has value and what is waste. To give power to the old ways depletes you and leaves you feeling exhausted. To be open to different concepts empowers you and brings new vitality. You don’t have to ask, “Is this the right way?” Feel how the energy lifts you when it is Love. The momentary high of doing something you shouldn’t burns out far more quickly than ever before and leaves an emptiness that nothing seems to fill. “Sneaking around” was a child’s game from the Parental Order. Who are you fooling but yourself? God knows everything you create and so, Beloved Masters, do you. God does not judge you, so  you are the only one who  can decide what you are designing for your life.

Resisting the draw to the old ways takes strength and perseverance. You are called on to stand with yourself as you never have before. This is not the fight of the old order against what others are doing, but the recognition that you create every thing that happens in your world. They are creating what happens in their world. How do you wish things to be? YOU CANNOT CHANGE THEM AND YOU CANNOT STOP THEM. Your mind keeps wanting to take you to those places again and again, but the changes will only happen when you stop attempting to make the shifts outside of your self. All creation begins within. Wanting a peaceful world, but focusing on conflict leaves no place for peace within, so what keeps manifesting is fighting, anger and strife. Make peace within and the world begins to comply. People may not change, but you see them differently. You begin to allow yourself to live well and life supplies the stage and all of the props for a great life. What will you do with the opportunities? It is you choice. It is no longer up to someone else to tell you what to do.

The chaos is a part of the changing times. Wanting it to go away so that you can have the space to create what you want is outer focus. If you are holding on to the chaos within yourself then you will find no quiet place to create change that is to your liking. Listening to your EGO defend the right to fight is a distraction that denies you new material to design a new life. You have help, but that help is the support to allow you to go a new direction, make a new way and find your own direction. No longer will you be told what to do just so you can rebel against it. You have the tools and the savvy. We are holding powerful intensions for your unformed future.

In the greatest of Love we support you. We give you the answers again and again until one day you say “Why didn’t you say that in the first place?” and then you begin to realize that we did. You are so Loved. Until we meet again in what ever manner that may be I bid you Adieu. I AM the Lord St. Germain