Earth Changes

October 19, 2011

Beloved Masters, you are waking up to the very essence of your being and it is not at all what you thought it would be. The energy is softening and changing so that the very fabric of life is different. Many of you are feeling concern about the state of your mental health because you have directed the affairs of your life under strict mental control. Now there is a necessity to release the rigid thought processes and relax your grip on the Illusion. It is becoming more and more like attempting to hold onto air. Your mind is beautiful and it is completely necessary to your ongoing, however, the mind is being required to stretch and adapt new concepts that are strange and unique to how you have been in the past. RELAX is a word that has been associated with something to try and get. The mind suggests that relaxation is something that exists somewhere else besides where you are. You have to “get away” to relax. Taking a vacation from daily affairs, has been considered the prescription for getting some rest in the Illusion. Have you, Beloved Masters, ever considered just how tiring all of the planning and preparation for “Getting away” is? It temporarily distracts the mind from the daily grid, but it does not rest body, mind or emotions long term. Drugs, alcohol, partying—anything that takes your mind away could seem like a rest, yet the mind struggles to regain its balance and get “back into the daily affairs” again and again. The body is requiring more rest than ever, but until there is “core level” relaxation the emotional tension continues to build and most people are still attempting to pretend that emotions do not exist. There is a mental image of the EGO standing before you, hands on hips, saying, “All right, how would you DO this any better?” The same mind that is asking the question will then attempt to answer it. Einstein said, “A problem cannot be solved in the same place that it started”. So the mental frame in which the chaos is created will not produce a peaceful outcome.

Feel into your center and examine what is going on energetically in your diaphragm. How is your breathing? How is your anger level, your stress level? Are the plans that you are making working for you or do you find that there seems to be an obstacle at every turn? Why don’t things work like they used to? Did they really work that much better before or does hind-sight just blur the edges so the past seems better? Dearly Beloved Masters, you are in a new place with your life and yourself. The old solutions do not apply to today’s challenges. A mechanic that worked on cars in the 1970’s must completely relearn how to repair today’s modern, computerized vehicles. Your own personal computer (mind) has changed its technology and the thinking processes have to adapt in order to function NOW. Your “wiring” is different. Your chakras, nervous system, internal organs, mind, emotions and physical body are all responding to the shifts in very subtle ways, but nothing is as it was. Trying to pretend that nothing has changed is creating conflict in every stratum of society. The “Old Order” said that if you just lay low everything will go back to normal. The very core of the Earth and essence of the Universe has shifted. There is no normal to go back to. The status quo keeps changing every day. You may notice that the stock market is on a roller coaster ride of daily changes as the folk who buy and sell to make the trends are less and less sure of just what is happening. Their loss of equilibrium is causing insanity in the money market. Today the economy is improving, but tomorrow it will be worse than ever. Who is doing all of this and “how do we stop them?” You are the THEY that is causing the drama—by your opinions, judgments and fears. Every idea that you have creates!! The emotions that accompany your thoughts are intense energy charges that inspire action. Drop a pebble in water and it affects all of the water, not just where you dropped the pebble. Barely touch the edge of a trampoline and the effect shakes the whole powerful, tightly stretched fabric.

As you begin to accept the powerful creator that you are, you begin to be aware of just how much you influence the whole. Every thought and idea charged with emotion—whether it is joy or anger—affects the collective consciousness. You are amazing!! You are not a victim, but if you say that you are, then you will design a life of limit and lack and missed opportunities in order to be “right”. What would it take to be rich? What would you lose if you were wealthy? WHO WOULD YOU BE? Who are you now? Don’t THINK about it—FEEL IT. WHO ARE YOU? In the deepest, most internal spaces of your own essence—who are you? Your physical life has been erected as a distraction to yourself. You have been taught to believe that everything outside of you is what matters and that YOU are insignificant. YOU ARE THE ONE THAT CREATES EVERYTHING OUTSIDE OF YOU.  You are prime creator of your world. Like it or not you are the most powerful person you know, because you have your fate, your destiny and your beingness in your hands—energetically speaking.

The emergence of the New Earth is in your psyche. Would you hold an intension of a World in disaster or would you have the courage to give the World a gift of New Thought called unconditional Love? Can you give this to yourself? You absolutely cannot give someone else something that you do not have or do not understand. Experience is the greatest teacher. You can tell someone about your experience but until they are willing to live it for themselves they cannot fully grasp what you are talking about. Each Master will have a different experience because each one is totally unique. Arguing over who had the “right” experience is an exercise in futility. Enjoy the variety and in the offering of diversity you may find tools or materials for your next great creation. Rather than copying someone else, experiment with finding the greater you that exists within.

The chaos in the World today is “living proof” of how people create. The opinions, judgments and disagreements have escalated as the Old Order is passing. The fear of facing something new and unknown has brought up the entire gamut of lineage issues of the world. It does not matter where you live, what stratum of society you live in or how much money you make—everyone is meeting their Pandora’s Box of limitations.

The insanity of attempting to continue to push for more and more money when the illusion has put a cap on the currency flow as it has functioned up to now. Revelation is drawing the veil aside so that the deviousness of greed is evidencing itself everywhere. There are many who are beginning to sense the fact that when you are willing to be all right in this moment—NOW– everything begins to work. Each situation can be a happy, peaceful event if there is the willingness to allow things to work. You do not have to know how it will work only to be open to the fact that everything will be fine. This, Beloved Masters, is not some “airy-fairy” way of looking at life, but the natural order of “business as usual” for a practicing Master. You have mastered limitation. The same power that will bankrupt you will enrich you. Pay attention to what your EGO is telling you. When you make the changes that are required to live well in the new energy, the EGO will be relentless in attempting to show you where and how the changes won’t work. That is the foundation of the chaos that is racking the World at this time.

You are required to be aware of how your EGO is trying to stop you from progressing along the Master’s Way. You cannot just say “everything is be fine” when you feel scared to death. It requires that you study yourself and your energy and begin to recognize how the EGO presents itself in its many disguises. You cannot lie to yourself. You are required to discover the truth that a Master lives by within you and then implement that wisdom in the affairs—daily, mundane, ordinary affairs of your life. Forgive separating your Mastery from your life. You haven’t lived until you embrace your Mastery. The “end of the Mayan calendar” marks the beginning of opportunities for greater living. Business on the planet must operate in a vastly different way. Manipulation and control are devises of the Illusion that simply will pass away in the changing energy of the elevated consciousness. A Master in awareness of the Truth of self would find control a useless tool. Greed functions from the belief that there is not enough. A Master is connected to the unlimited supply of the Universe provided in Love

We speak to you of the experiences that we live in. We have experienced physicality so the EGO cannot really use the argument that we have no idea what you are going through. We have not had your exact experiences; however, there is an amazing similarity among all experience, varied though it is. The desire of the Masters that we are, to assist the Masters that you are, is powerfully motivated by the passion of our living in Love and the wish to share that unending flow with everyone on Earth. We are with you in your growth and in your apparent “failures”. There are no failures, only misinterpreted changes. Be patient with yourselves in this time when you are living between the lines.


Each day brings Revelation! The spotlight of emergence is everywhere. Being enlightened is recognizing how you are creating each event in your life. Your thoughts are often unspoken words. If there is a lot of emotion involved and you go over and over an idea it begins to take form, even if you are afraid to say it out loud, even if it is something that you think you would not really do. The power is in the passion. Worry is a form of passion. It is not for the highest good of anyone, but it carries a lot of creative punch. You CANNOT CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS WITH YOUR MIND, so saying that you “didn’t mean what you said or thought” is a lie that you are telling yourself and that can be painful. Beloved Masters, acknowledging the truth of yourself, what ever it is, assists you to make important and loving changes in the direction of your journey. Honesty is not brutal. The EGO has attempted to convince you that self knowledge is too difficult to face, but when you are courageous and willing to know who you are fully, you find an amazing, blazing light of divine good within. This light has always been there, but it has been hidden by the shadows of Illusion. This is the Ascension! This is the second coming of Christedness!  This will not be brought to you from outside. No one can give this to you, but you. If you accept the challenge of self discovery, you become you own teacher, Guru, leader because the wisdom has always be there. You just turned you back on it to play this game. Now the Homecoming is where you are—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is not about getting ahead—ahead of what or who? This is all about you. There is no measure of your divine potential against another creative Master. Each one is unique. What another person is doing is their own design. It may look terrible or wonderful, but it is what they choose. What do you choose? How would you have the World be? Are you focused on your World and your own design for greatness or are you measuring against others and finding that you or they are falling short? Bringing the addiction to “Yes, but they……..” is bigger than anyone can imagine. It isn’t either they must change or I cannot stand it. It is “I AM powerful for myself”, “I AM willing to change my life” and most of all “I AM willing to Love myself so well that I can Love them (who ever they are).

We seek to empower each Master to awaken to their own divine potential. Our intensions are greater than you can imagine. We cannot change you, but we lend our essence to your desires. In the greatest of Love I remain your most humble servant. I AM the Lord St. Germain