Our Mission Statement
To offer light to all of those who are awakening from darkness.
To bring enlightenment and healing to all who seek.
To blend the colors of the rainbow into a bridge that will blend races, religions, nationalities and colors into a loving wholiness.

St. Germain–Today


Here you are in the fourteenth year of this new millenium, the world seems to be in greater conflict than ever. Where is your focus in all of this? The EGO says that you must be real, but is war a reality or an illusion that is passing. Do you understand that the pain and anger are residuals of where you have been lead to focus for life times and now it is time to change your perspective.

At the core of your spiritual being there is a connection between the sacred essence and your physical, mental and emotional self. Spirit seeks to embrace the totality of who you are and help you to realize the Magik of all that you are.

Visualize (feel deeply) your cranial brain, the area of the pineal/pituitary which is a bit like the crook of a staff as it comes up from the brain stem and into the center of the brain. See this area filled with the most beautiful light that you can imagine, but rather than just thinking about it, feel into the light and let it inform you of its presence in Love. As you follow the energy from the pineal/pituitary down the spinal column see your spine lighting up with this beautiful light and feel the strength, power and fulfillment in that light. As the light approaches your thyroid/thymus area see how the nerves from the spine bring light into this holy place. In this area is the thirteenth chakra, the chakra of the Second Coming, the connection to the Christ consciousness which is not about Jesus alone or any other Master alone, but the coming together of all the understandings of sacred life throughout time. Feel how the light moving into this area awakens you to a blending that bonds with every Soul on the planet, unconditionally. Follow the light down your spine and when it moves into the area of your solar plexus just below the heart see how the nerves carry the light into this area stimulating a feeling of At-One-Ment with spirit within and everything/everyone that exists everywhere. Sit with the feelings and allow the sense of belonging to fill you up. This is the Awakening. This is what Revelation is seeking to bring each person on the planet at this time.

This already exists within you. It is discovering that it is there that is so very important now. This Sacred wiring is and always has been available, but most who have traveled this planet were looking outside for something to change them. The changes will always begin within. It is time to remember that your Mastery is not a dictatorship over others, but regaining dominion over your own life. Whether your would be the ruler or the slave the fear of separation would still keep you from feeling the power of your true self. As you find the strength and connection within you will be lifted into the new dimensions of being where you live life fully without all of the conflict of the Illusion. We offer this meditation as a step into the connectedness that will assist you to realize that everyone on the planet is on the same journey that you are. Some are struggling with the past, some are attempting to live in the future (which does not exist yet), but as you choose to live in the present it brings you to a place of peace that you have searched for outside of yourself for life times. It was always there within. God awaits, by what ever name you might call. God lives within you Forever! In the greatest of Love!

St. Germain – Comments on 2012

Beloved Masters, here we are almost a third of the way through 2012. This has been touted as an especially difficult time in the evolution of the Earth. The reason for these dire prognostications is that the mind fears change that it cannot control and the up spiral in the frequencies of the planet is gently and sometimes not so gently taking control out of your hands. You may find that the harder you try to do something—anything—the more difficult it becomes–when you “give up”, then things begin to move. It really isn’t about giving up, but letting go of the need to say how things in your life will work. Have a goal rather than a plan. Goals are open ended. Plans have a fixed outcome.

The political scene is just another battle ground among the many that are before you in these times. What is you desire for the world? This isn’t what you would change or how you would change it, but a necessary question for your future. Remember a goal is “I desire peace”. A plan is “This is what they must do in order for there to be peace.”

You are leaving a past that no longer serves the world. You are moving into an amazing unknown. You are required to live empty for a while so that you can make a space for the good that you desire. If you don’t have the answer, don’t pretend to. If you don’t have the words, don’t speak. You cannot solve a problem based on what you knew before, therefore trying to move forward based on the past is an exercise in futility. History has been used to hold the future hostage. “Let us look at what was and do it again and call it change”, is why 2012 has been so feared. Everything that was is falling apart. It must! The doors to the past are closed and there is no handle on your side. There is “no back to go to”. You have a clean slate, unlimited potential and the attention of the Universe. You are Divine Creative Masters in the process of remembering who you are. Whether you want to change or not, you gave your permission by showing up on the planet now. There are no mistaken arrivals. No one got here by accident. Your Soul wrote the script for this life and even though you EGO may not like it, You, the Master, are actually in charge of where you are going.

We, the Masters, who have gone before you, are with you every step of the way. We cannot do this for you, because you are required to understand within yourself exactly how you are creating and why things work the way they do or not. The order of the parent—“someone is going to save me”—is done. You are Loved beyond your imagining. You have turned your back on Divine Love in order to play this game of separation and that has led to the disbelief that you could be as Loved and valued as you are. You have traded the dense Soulful nutrition of Divine Love for the illusion of romance, which is, after all, just another war game. War games feed nothing but the illusion. Revelation is exposing in every quarter of life, just how the illusion has misled you. We assist you as much as you will allow. The mind says “I want help” yet when help is offered the excuses and objections of the past blind your vision. EVERYTHING THAT YOU DESIRE IS JUST AT THE TIPS OF YOUR FINGERS BEYOND THE VEIL OF YOUR DISBELIEF!! The reason things are so chaotic is that you are so close to the breakthrough. The goodness can be felt and even in glimpses seen. You turn away and say “That is for them and not for me” or “I must decide who deserves to get what”. Either way you make the choice in each and every situation.

You are not falling short because the future belongs to you just as NOW does. You not off of the path because you are not getting what you want. Open to greater desires and be amazed that what was holding you back was your own limitations. Dare to accept all!!

The year is unfolding and it will do so even more rapidly. Thinking and planning will frustrate you because by the time you have a plan in mind the moment is past. The fighting in every quarter will continue until enough Souls are willing to let go of attempting to get what they want by dominating or intimidating others. Faith requires accepting that you are cared for and that the very best is yours.

Humanity is beginning consciously or unconsciously to recognize that you create your own reality. The extremes in prices, weather and changes of mind are all coming from the collective consciousness being influenced by its own power struggles. When you can blend energies by focusing on “the highest good for all concerned”, when you can live for the future, right Now, rather than out there somewhere and as you will live larger than this minute the truth of the beauty of these times will emerge.

We are here. We are NOW. In the greatest of love I remain you most humble servant. I AM the Lord St. Germain.