Molly Rowland is a trans-channel for Saint Germain and the Council of Light,

Ascended Masters, (both male and female), Archangels, and members of

the Space Brotherhood.                         Molly 2014 Ad Pict

She has been a channel for over 50 years and has been trans-channeling for over 28 years.

The words trans-channeling mean to bridge across dimensions. Molly works in the Masters places while they channel through her in physicality.

Trance channeling means the channel is either asleep or inactive while the channeling is taking place.

St. Germain has spoken, “She will be called The Voice of the Gatekeepers.”

Molly’s ability to put you directly in touch with your personal Gatekeeper is unique.

With a background in astrological counseling, Molly has well over forty-five years of professional experience in astrology and tarot. She is a teacher, advisor, lecturer, and radio/television personality and had her own radio show in Billings, Montana and Spokane, Washington. Molly has worked in both the United States and Canada and has clients all over the world.

Molly will soon be offerings web casts of the Teachings and Q&A of the Personal Growth series.

Molly has three children and fourteen grandchildren. She was born in Fort Worth, TX.

She now resides in Lander, Wyoming at Rainbow’s End on the old Red Butte Ranch. Molly and a group of friends and sister/brother healers are creating the Rainbow Center for the Humanities in Lander, a healing/educational center with the focus of bridging races, creeds, religions and all age groups together, to bring a greater sense of awareness and wholeness for all. “We are not looking for followers. We are looking for companions along the Way.”–St. Germain

Molly feels that the work she does has changed her life in positive and expansive ways.

She says, “I always had a sense of knowing there was something more than just daily life, even when I was small. It wasn’t that I was dissatisfied on earth, but I did have a longing for something more.

Working with the Masters has been a slow evolution and a life work that has satisfied that longing.

It is not a ‘magic pill’. However, if the advise and counsel of the Masters works for me, I know that their teachings will create life changing healings for any who are willing to apply these truths to their lives. Spiritual development is an ‘allow it for yourself’ project, and the Masters are willing to assist our changes, as we are willing to allow their help. Many people would like for someone to do their work for them, (save them). The Masters have shown me that reclaiming Self, and the power of Love, (that we all had before we entered the ‘Game of Illusion’), is amazingly refreshing and enlightening.”