Beloved Masters, it is not only a new year, but a new time, a new space and a new dimension. The Year of Perspective brings a time of considering where you are in your evolution and how to proceed. If you are still attempting to make movement by planning your next spiritual step then it is time to feel into your inner space and begin to let Love show you the way. The first most important thing is to accept that you deserve to be Loved completely. You were created in Love and Love has never left you. You have completed a long journey of being human and now the next step is allowing yourself to become a NEW human. It isn’t about dying and leaving everything behind. It is about the recognition that death was an integral part of the Illusion and none of those aspects have nearly as much effect as they once did.


The mind still wants to fight for freedom. The more that you fight anything the more you become tangled up in its properties. Fighting is a focus that pulls all of the aspects of the fight into the war. Freedom is not exactly opposite war, but in a different alignment. In order to be free you are required to make a space within yourself for freedom to abide. Freedom is not a rebel stand, but a willing allowance to let go of the necessity to fight everything. As you begin to observe how fighting and war feel within you, you begin to discover that fighting is a mainstay of life in the Illusion. “How else can I get what I want?” the EGO says. A greater question yet is, “ Do I ever fully get what I believe that I am fighting for?” or “Do I just get a momentary feeling of victory that, very quickly, begins to disintegrate and soon the EGO is seeking another fight for more?”


Consider words: People are always telling each other what they should, oughta, gotta, musta do! People will even say, “I told them very nicely what I thought” and they got upset. It isn’t just what words are said or even the smile on one’s face or an attempt to appear caring in the situation, but the energy that is conveyed in the words. How does your voice betray your anger? Sticky sweetness sounds false. Dripping sarcasm burns with the acid in the tone of voice. You can hear the bossy mother or big sister telling you that you have to do what she says when that is what the person is really feeling within themselves. You can hear the stern voice of the father even when the words are coming from a woman. How many have sworn that someone was yelling at them, even though the person talking had not raised their voice? Have you ever walked away from a conversation and even though you could not say exactly what didn’t feel good something was amiss? It just didn’t feel good. Perhaps the conversation, on the surface, seemed all right, but it left a vague feeling of uneasiness. Maybe you even realized that you had a bad taste in your month from the energy of the words. That were said—yours, theirs.


Begin to let go of battle in your life!! When someone does something that you don’t like give yourself time to get clear what is going on. Rather than immediately moving into “Let me tell you what you are doing wrong?” take time (several hours, even a day) to get quiet within yourself and ask “What is my problem with this situation?” rather than “Look what THEY are doing?” Once you begin to see what made you angry from inside of yourself you may find that they were simply being themselves and all of the indictments that your EGO wished to hurl against them come from the EGO being offended by the mirror standing before you. In this practice you can gain greater compassion for yourself and others, without making a war and later feeling uncomfortable because maybe, just maybe you over-reacted.


Mob mentality is brought to you through the media. The news is often directed at getting reactions from people. “Look what is happening, look what THEY are doing? Are you going to just sit by and let that happen? You’ve got to fight it.” You are taught from the cradle to the grave to fight. “Fight disease”. “Fight hunger”. “Fight poverty”. “Fight what you do not want in your life”. The fight keeps the focus on conflict and all of the things that you want to get rid of. Yet you are afraid of stopping the fight because IT or THEY might win out over you. We have pointed out before that there are huge wars, deadly wars being fought by people who want change and have no idea what that might be, accept that it must be anything else, but what is happening. The new outcome could even be worse—it’s just got to be different. War leaves no room for clarity. War established no firm foundations of security. It keeps humanity alienated from itself. Blind hated lashes out at everyone and everything. It can just as easily destroy the treasure it is fighting for as the “enemy”, which by the way is you. “Lo, we have seen the enemy and it is us”. EVERYONE IN THE HUMAN CONDITION IS A PART OF THE COLLECTIVE OF HUMANITY. Hate them and you hate yourself. It is impossible, by Divine Law, not to hate you if you hate the whole. Love yourself and you Love them all. Forgive withholding Love from yourself because you might have to Love someone who doesn’t deserve it. Separation has created an Illusion that things are disconnected. The Mind has decided that Nature can be destroyed for profit because it is less than humanity. Nature is part of God’s creation. The intellectual convenience of dismissing it as something for man to use up for his own devices is insanity. Use up or use inappropriately and you erode your own life force in the process. All religions, all political movements, all charity, all wars are a part of all people. Goodness granted to the few and denied the many is a denial to the few also and everyone will suffer energetically. As long as the Illusion remained in place the laws of separation seemed to work, but as the GAME HAS ENDED you are beginning to find that “how it always worked” is working less and less well. The planet is accelerating, you are moving into higher frequencies and the old ways are passing as any antiquated technology must as things progress. There are even those who are attempting to prevent things from moving forward, but that has never stopped progress entirely and now, more than ever, the attempt is becoming ineffective.


The fighting all over the ball is depleting energy, both physical, as with gas and oil, but energetically. Emotional depletion leads to depression and exhaustion. Working harder to get more because of the constant feeling of lack takes more energy than allowing yourself to be shown how to achieve the greater good efficiently. Take away the fear and remove the competition and observe for yourself how much more you can accomplish in a shorter period of time with less energy expended.


Competition has been considered a standard of business as usual—“us against them, get there (where ever there is) first, battle strategy, plan of attack”.  See if you can accomplish what you desire without war terminology. Pay very close attention to the words you are saying, how they feel in your solar plexus (if they don’t feel good to you they won’t feel good to others). Does the conversation leave you feeling down, depleted, anxious? Where is your focus? What were you trying to make happen? Were you attempting to manipulate someone else? Were they attempting to manipulate you? Do you feel defensive without even knowing why? It’s much more about energy than what you are hearing or seeing!


Do you dread going to see your parents, your in-laws, people whom you believe are better than you? Are you afraid of your boss, your teachers, professional people, your doctor, minister, any official person? They are all aspects of you!! As you begin to discover them in yourself and integrate them into you, you begin to feel much more positive and aligned. What is your inner boss (parent) like? Are you afraid of you? Do you fear the judgment of others because you know how cruel the bitter judgments that you carry feel? This is not an indictment, but a glorious chance for healing. You have accused yourself long enough and feared the lash of you accusations. You have looked to accuse others to shift the burden of blame from your own shoulders, only to find that it seems heavier, rather than lighter.


These times require total attention to thoughts, emotions, anger, reactivation, tendencies to conflict, not to “get rid of them”, but to forgive them as they happen. The mind wants to say, “I forgave everything” so I have nothing else to forgive. One: you simply cannot let go of that much at once without putting yourself into overwhelm. Two: As long as you are living on the planet you will create things to be forgiven—partly because you are human and partly because you are learning a whole new way to function and you don’t know it all. You will discover, as you accelerate, that you will never know it all because things keep developing that are new, different and exciting. Each attractive event presents a potential new direction to pursue. Even learning to forgive yourself for losing focus and running in several different directions at once like a child chasing butterflies. Having compassion for yourself in growth also gives compassion for others. Rather than looking to see how they are “screwing up”, you begin to consider what wonderful potentials they are unearthing, just as you are. Be willing to share. THERE IS NOTHING TO LOSE!! In fact, as you forgive your fear of loss, you will find that more good can reach you. The fear was like a dam that blocked the good you were looking for. When you begin to focus on plenty all of the time, you will be amazed at how your fortunes change.


Beloved Masters, keeping your perspective is important. Paying attention to what perspective you are keeping is even more important. Perspective brings balance, clarity and quality to your creations. As you begin to feel into it you will even begin to recognize aspects of what the word perspective means that you never noticed or experienced before. 2014 is a Seven Year. Seven is a number of Faith and introspection. Seven calls for entering into your Sacred Space within and finding your connection to the Divine waiting to be reinstated. Plug your most Ancient and Divine self into the brand new technology of these times that is emerging within your own body. The Ancient activates the Quantum essence of yourself to lift you into higher dimensional frequencies. You are in the process of becoming a New Human. YOU CANNOT DO IT!!! This must be allowed from the most inner connections of self to Self.


The New Human is one who has experienced the pain of Separation in order to realize some very important aspects of self. The Golden discoveries of life as a Human can now be brought into the higher levels of understanding. The brilliant technology can be used gently and compassionately rather than coldly and without caring. A New Human can be safe within themselves in the absolute recognition of the Truth of who they are—in Love and Completion of the old lessons new Perspectives are waiting to be revealed as you are ready to see, hear, feel them.


We will say this again. It is so important to make a space within yourself to experience the changes. If you rush to make change, but do not understand what the outcome can be the EGO will use the changes against you until you get comfortable with being so different. No more “What will they say if they discover that I am a Master?” Love is an exceptional guide, that will lead you gently and show you ways to accomplish what you desire that do not involve, in any way, harm to others. As you forgive believing that the only way you can get what you want is to take it by force from “those who have it and refuse to share”, you begin to see/feel and hear/feel within just how to achieve all that you desire in a warm, safe, fulfilling environment.


The mind says, “This cannot happen. It isn’t logical or practical. That is True. Logic and Practicality have little to do with the changes that are now coming into play on Earth. “People cannot change!.” Of course they can and do, but so often there has been no consideration of the outcome of their actions before they take them. A New Human is no longer the aggressive warrior, but a Divine Scientist in the purest sense of the Word, an Alchemist of the finest essence and more and more aware of the Divine ability to create without someone getting hurt—you or them—compassionate objectivity.


Who are you today? How does that compare to a year ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago? Did you really notice the changes as they took place? Now you can.


Recognize and realize that we are always with you. Feel it, feel it, FEEL IT!!! You will not find us in your head, with your finite mind. You will not ascend by thinking and planning a strategy. You must “Get outside of the Box (the mind)” and learn a whole new way of Being. BE THE HUMAN BEING THAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. How refreshing it is.


In the Greatest of Love, We are with you. Until We meet again in whatever manner that might be I bid you Adieu! I AM the Lord St. Germain.


Beloved Masters, there is a vast difference, energetically, in standing for principles and stubbornly refusing to move. There is a great fear in the land because everything is changing. There is the necessity that each person claim dominion over their own life—taking charge of their own health, wealth and happiness.


The leader of the United States has sought to offer the people of this mighty land an opportunity for all to have health care, rather than only a few. Those who have ruled by “might makes right” are afraid that if people become healthier they will not be so controllable. If people become healthier they will desire more and there would be a necessity for more equitable distribution of funds that would begin to blend upper, lower and middle class into a pool of delight and comfort—no one group saying how the majority will live their lives or seeing to it that the laws that are passed keep many from ever getting ahead.


In many ways Ayn Rand captured the trends of these times in her volume “Atlas Shrugged”. (Even a filibustering congressman mentioned this book in his discourse.) The political hierarchy had taken over the country and was bringing the whole thing down one bill, one law, one limiting idea at a time. The elite few were draining the coffers of the land and those beings who could possibly make changes chose to wait until the whole thing collapsed. The changes that are required now are not just a new group of people to step in and do the same old things, but a willingness for cooperation within the whole, operating in integrity and heart-felt pleasure in seeing everyone win. This is not about another fight. Fighting is being revealed for its futility. This is about a personal change of heart within each being on Earth. What a beautiful place this would be if each person decided to forgive their wars and seek peace within, rather than waiting for others to change. What Heaven you could have, right where you are, if you allow your Faith to lead you. A big issue on the ball right now is, “In what or in whom do you put your FAITH?” YOU WILL NOT TRUST GOD UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND HOW TRUST FEELS WITHIN YOU.


Attempting to solve the issues of the day in the same place where they started is an exercise in futility. The Master Einstein addressed this years ago—“You can never solve a problem in the same place that it started”. People are going around and around attempting to offer the same solutions that have not worked before and are far less likely to bring peaceful outcomes now. How do you feel about your life? This is no longer about changing anyone but you. The vast majority have not wanted to hear this, therefore, this is an answer that has not been considered much. If you do not make internal changes you continue to think along the same lines that you always have. Even if some of the answers that you are looking at have worked in the past, more than likely they will be less than fulfilling in the current energies. If you cannot come up with an answer for any situation immediately, don’t worry—“timing is everything”. Patience is a necessity, more than ever now.


We keep reminding you that you are Masters having a human experience rather than mere humans struggling to become Masters. You have been taught for so long that Spiritual evolution is HARD, that you look for difficulty where none would exist otherwise. In every aspect of your life look for the JOY! Joyful anticipation is not necessarily overwhelming. Joy can be quiet, still, amazing in its simplicity. Begin to look for the joy in each event of your day. If you choose to focus on misery, Dearly Beloved Masters, you will surely create it.


Let us speak of the effects of emotions on everything. People go to the doctor, many tests are made, the physical body has obvious reactions and yet the tests come back negative. The doctor finds nothing wrong physically yet the symptoms are there. The machines that examine the samples from the body do not consider the emotions. There have not been developed tests that acknowledge that emotions exist much less cause issues physically or mentally, yet they do.


Consider a computer virus or disease in the computer. There are those minds who are so invested in power trips that they will send precious hours developing contagion for computers just for the satisfaction of knowing many people will be inconvenienced. Just as there are those people who spend much time in laboratories inventing new diseases for the body, those who develop computer viruses are not considering the repercussions of the karma to themselves by what they are creating.


Remember that the human intellect and emotional system function much as a computer, therefore computers are highly responsive to human emotions. Anger, fear, impatience can cause a computer to malfunction in much the same way that you might respond if someone was reacting emotionally toward you. People get sick when the emotions go into overwhelm. Healing a computer virus can be accomplished by compassion and gentleness toward the computer. Often “mystery” viruses can be discovered when you stop fighting the issue and allow yourself to tune in to what is going on with the machine or your body. Remember that everything is a part of everything else. Healing your body, mind or emotions is similar to healing your relationship with machines, equipment or other people. Here the mind may say, “Oh, get real!” Dearly Beloved Masters, we are being very real, more real than you are used to accepting. Many science fiction tales are not so far from the truth as you might have thought. The horror stories make interesting dramas, but you are, after all Creative Masters. Computers are not going to take possession of the World unless you choose to give power to that belief. “Human computers” are not going to take over the world either though it might appear as though that could happen. The mind wants to keep things small and “safe”, yet the safety that the mind clings to is an invention of the illusion. How can anyone be safe when their focus is protection against terrible things? Safety is keeping the energetic focus on living in such Love that the vibrational frequency you abide in is holding protection in its essence. YOU REALLY DO CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY!!!


Will you continue to look outside of yourself for answers or will you began to take your power back by paying attention to how you are using your creative energy. I WILL SAY THIS AGAIN!! WAR IS REVEALING ITSELF FOR THE LIMIT THAT IT IS! It dams the flow of useful thoughts, ideas and relationships. War is filled with fear and suspicion. The focus is on harm rather than healing. “Get them before they get us” is a standard of the order that is dying.


Let us speak a moment on living in NOW. There are politicians who keep bringing up future generations as an excuse to limit the good life now. They do not wish people to look too closely at how they (the politicians) are living now, but they admonish others to “tighten the belt and do without” so that future generations can live well. How long has that concept been held before the masses and the generations pass and those who chose to do without live in penury and those who chose to live well do so. Each generation creates its own way by either changing its beliefs or clinging to the beliefs that they were taught. What is happening on the planet is no one’s fault!! Let I say that again. WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE PLANET IS NO ONE’S FAULT!! Revelation was agreed on as a part of the healing once the illusion began to break apart. The old order must change. How humanity has come to view themselves is required to shift. “The flock, fighting over garbage, while ostracizing those who genuinely seek a better understanding, is a view of the illusion. Read “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. Truth never gets old. Don’t read as a mental work—feel it, feel it, FEEL IT!!


From a Master’s perspective everything is moving according to Divine Directive. Unconditional Love is not cruel, but it requires being clear and present in your own life now. “It is not about them. It is not about them. IT IS NOT ABOUT THEM!!” Check to see how your emotions are controlling your life. Raise your frequency and prove to yourself that shifting your focus to dwell on looking for Joy in all things, rather than woe, makes life stronger, clearer and more rewarding.


Our most sincere desire is that each and every being on Earth can reconnect to the powerful truth of who they really are. We hold that intension in Love. We clearly understand that the choices are with you and we are required to honor your free will. We see the amazing potentials available now. We Love you. And so it is, Beloved Masters, until we meet again in whatever manner that may be, I remain your most humble servant. I AM the Lord St. Germain.


Dearly Beloved Masters, the discovery of self is an imperative now. The last shreds of the illusion are floating randomly and each being is required to know and recognize self at all times. The mind is a collector of knowledge, a reference library, that aspect that defines form in third and fourth dimensional realms. It is limited to what it knows unless there is the willingness to allow the intellect to blend with the wisdom of Spirit.


When there is confusion the EGO has taken control of the situation and you are required to let go of attempting to make things work in a certain way. The more the energy shifts on the planet the more difficulty there is in attempting to do things the way that you always have. Learning to relax in the midst of conflict, means forgiving the need to be right no matter what. We keep saying, “Ain’t nothin’ what it seems”. When things get difficult remember that you may be addressing a situation according to how or what you think is going on, but others may be seeing something entirely different. You are attempting to make points in the space where you are and what you are talking about makes no sense to those that you are addressing. The Bible called it “the Tower of Babel”—everyone speaking but no one is understanding.


Take a deep breath and allow you mind to clear. Let everything clear (reboot your internal computer). Ask yourself some questions to assist yourself to discover where everyone is in the situation. Ask others these questions and really listen to what they are saying. These communication glitches are becoming more common all of the time. The old order was all about making points and winning. The new energy is moving so fast that it seems slow. Each person is required to make the inner adaptation so that functioning in the changes does not feel like rank insanity. Patience is not something that goes in or out of style. It is an absolute necessity in a Master’s tool kit.


Children, especially in large cities, have become progressively cut off from social contact with both adults and each other in a personal way. Parents may feel that there is too much going on in their own lives or that there is just not enough time so children are learning from their peers rather than from adults. When the parents are available the social pressure from peers is to ignore what adults are saying. You might say, “So what is new about this?” The vibrations that everyone lives in are very different from fifty years ago, twenty years ago even ten years ago. Children are more than ever, being educated in the technology of electronics, but are not taught how to deal with the major frequency changes of the emotional nature, what they are feeling inside. No one has been taught to understand feelings. Feelings have been avoided for the most part and when they had to be addressed have been treated as subjects that belong to the realm of psychiatry. Sexuality and the negative effects of the emotional nature are blatantly displayed, yet never really acknowledged for the power that they possess in influencing the human condition.


“Emotions are scary”. “Feelings make you vulnerable”. “Just ignore it and it will go away”. But changes don’t go away and many of today’s youth believe that if you carry a big gun you can kill anything that gets in your way. The difficulty is not you cannot destroy the EGO or Spirit. Both EGO and Spirit influence physicality, but are not physically accessible. The mind says, “I know that”. But knowing isn’t, necessarily, understanding. Unless there is that inner connection with self, life can start to feel full of dark shadows as one moves into the new paradigms. The light is there but often it appears to be unrecognizable because the perspectives are changing all of the time.


There are many examples of people who have been arrested, jailed and perhaps even treated for “mental illness” and then sent back out onto the street as though the wound that caused the issued never existed. Society, the medical profession, even the church says, “Get yourself together”, “act like a man” (what does that mean? Many of these people believe that that is exactly what they are doing.)”Don’t let anyone know how you feel” (as though the whole world won’t know when the actions based on the pain make headlines)


Healing the inner war is not something that has a formula—“do this, stop that and everything will be fine” is a concept of the illusion. The outward focus of the illusion is creating all manner of challenges as the necessity to connect inwardly is an imperative. Intellectual perspective is “focus out there because that is where everything is happening”. Focusing inward is not putting on blinders to what going on physically, but rediscovering the spiritual foundations that have always existed within. No one outside of you can “fix” your life mentally, emotionally, physically and certainly not spiritually. You receive information through what you read, what you hear and what you see then it is up to each person to discover within the sense of what is appropriate for their life. The mind has set up rules (laws) to be followed based on “good and bad”, “right and wrong”, but love and compassion do not enter into the equation. Judgment associated with self-righteousness can be very cruel and is at the bottom of much of the wounding that now requires to be healed. The fear and hatred of those who are different have been tools of destruction in the illusion. Who is not different? EACH SOUL ON EARTH IS DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER—DESIGNED IN THE AMAZING WISDOM OF A CREATOR WHO SAW LOVE AND BEAUTY IN EACH ONE.


How did things get so skewed? The mind is a brilliant tool which is like a fine sword. The thoughts and words of the mind can cut keenly and bring clarity or devastation depending on the intension of the swords cut. The pain of separation has dulled the sense of what the outcome of cruelty can be. Wounded children raise wounded children. The game has gone on for so long that the “right to wound because I am wounded” has become a rule.


Parents, in frustration, say terrible things to their children, often believing that if the child is crushed they will be more compliant. The cliché “The pen is mightier than the sword” could also be stated “The Word cuts deeper than the sword”. The desperate need to be right turns parents into sibling rivals with their children. The inner war, raging in both parent and child, causes rifts that are terribly difficult to mend. The parent expects respect, but does not show the same respect for their sacred creation, their child. Children are cast into the streets because “no one knows what to do with them”.




“LOVE IS PATIENT, KIND AND FORGIVING”. Love must first be found within self for self in order recognize love for others. The patriarchy has made children just one more item of possession and as such to be compliant to the parent’s wishes. Children are and always have been precious gifts—not lumps of clay to be cast in the image of the parent’s wishes, but God created Souls with Free Will to design life by their own inner direction.


Love brings an inner connection to the recognition of Truth in its purest form. Free Will was not granted by God as a tool of destruction, but the EGO has found that by whispering of the right to do as you wish it can set those who counsel with the EGO to believe that they can get away with anything. Then the EGO turns its other side and whispers of the punishment of exercising that Free Will.


The Mind has set rules, laid down laws and said “Follow these and don’t ask questions. Just do as ‘we’ say”. The changing paradigms, shifts in frequency and dynamic downloads of high level information are all calling for the necessity to be present here and Now. The desire to escape, that the illusion has made so strong, is creating havoc because those who are out of their bodies or disconnected intellectually do not see what is happening as the acceleration of energy changes the speed with which events occur. The distortion of the illusion of Time/Space is causing more and more “accidents” because people of all ages are used to having much more time to react.


In the past, the slow-down of reflexes was blamed on the aging process, but drugs (prescription and street) and alcohol are slowing down younger people and the distortion of time causes them to believe that they are reacting normally. Being born to drug addicted parents alters the DNA. Children who are born addicted themselves have a totally different view of life, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. These factors are being overlooked, in concession to the vast amounts of money that drugs make.


Love is pouring into the planet and that is making changes no matter what. Love is far stronger than the vices of the illusion. As Love changes the direction of everything on the planet, the driving force of “Money Above All Things” will begin to pass. Those who are still attempting to make money from the suffering of others will begin to realize that like an energetic boomerang the outcome of their endeavors will change. The Truth of the Universe is balance in all things. When something changes in one place then there are naturally changes somewhere else to compensate. The Mind has attempted to outsmart the laws of nature and make everywhere an oasis. Nature has quietly maintained a balance. Money is a manmade symbol of value. It has blinded the eyes to the presence of God/good on the Earth. Gold is precious, but as with anything that is hoarded it ceases to bring goodness to all.


Revelation is pulling away the facades of the illusion, so that those who would do anything to anyone for money are being revealed. There was a  song of the sixties called “Teach Your Children Well”. Children learn much more from observation than from indoctrination. Actions really do speak louder than words. What are the children being taught by a planet of rebels who want to do what they want to do and hope the children aren’t paying attention. How did you learn?


Dearly Beloved Masters, Revelation is a harvest of life times. What are you reaping? What are you giving the children? You do not have to be a parent to be a teacher. You teach much less from telling people what to do than from living your life according to the direction of your Spirit—not “to good to be true”, but “true to the good/God”.


So Beloved Ones, until we meet again in whatever manner that might be, I bid you Adieu! I AM your most humble servant, the Lord St. Germain.

October 19, 2011

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