Molly’s Cancer Update – April 2007

On April 13, 2007 I went to get a check-up and the results are THERE IS NO CANCER!

I walked into the doctor’s office and she said, “Are you ready to have surgery?” I Said, “No”. she said, “What if the tumor is back?” I thought, “Isn’t that interesting. You never told me the tumor was gone.” If I had not been able to see for myself that the tumor was gone I might have thought nothing about it when her ask that question. Then she went on to say, “What if the cancer is worse?” I thought, “What if it’s better or what if it is gone?” She would not even entertain the thought that I might be healed. She did the biopsy and even biopsied the cervix this time.

She told me the results would be back in about a week. Ten days later I had heard nothing. To me that meant it had to be good news because if it had been bad she would have been calling to brain-wash me into surgery. I called the clinic. I was told the results were on her desk and she would call me that afternoon. About four p.m. the receptionist called and said that the doctor would call me in the morning. If I had been worried about the results this kind of treatment could be nervewracking. Thursday came and went and still no call. Friday morning I called again. It had now been two weeks since the biopsy. Finally the doctor came on the line and said that things were about the same. I said what stage of cancer did the report show? The last report had been stage one, level A which is the smallest amount of cancer you can have and still have it show up. She told me that the pathologist had not given a stage and I knew that the cancer was gone. The medical profession will not give you a clean bill of health for five years, just in case they can still sell you on having surgery or chemotherapy.

I thought to myself that it must be awful to have spend your life selling sickness, disease, drugs and death in the name of saving lives. I was offered no hope or possibility of overcoming without following the medical directive. Now the medical establishment is attempting to take away all freedom of choice that anyone has for alternative healing. There is an intense drive by the doctors all over the world to stop our right to alternative healing by calling it all alternative medicine and making us have to get a prescription to even get vitamins. If this law passes then only thieves can get the help they require without having to go the “cut and drug” path. Because Mexico and Canada signed an agreement with the U.S. about medical practices if these laws are passed there will be no more Cancer clinics in Mexico or Canada offering real healing rather than just remission. Only doctors will be able to take thier families to other countries for help.

There are good, honest doctors who truly believe that they are doing their best, but there are just as many or more who are selling drugs to make more income and they don’t care if the drugs that they are giving you are incompatible with your body or possibly other drugs that you might be taking. It is becoming more and more an imperative for people to be responsible for their own health and well-being and to be informed rather than ignorant of what is happening to their own bodies. If you don’t have “health insurance” you have to pay attention to the care you are getting. I am seeing so many people who develop one disease–cancer or diabetes, etc.–and soon they have three or four other things wrong because the medicine for one condition aggravated other weak spots in the body. Doctors rarely take into consideration the emotional connection to all disease, therefore the root cause is never addressed. In loving consideration of yourself it is wise to be very involved in any healing practices that you receive. Many people would be very conscious of a wholistic practioner and what they are doing because it is somewhat unfamiliar, but the same person would become unconscious if a medical doctor was working with them. Be alert, be aware,be considerate of your health no matter where you go for healing. We cannot just go out and buy a new body if this one quits working.