Molly’s Health Journey

In June of 2013 I fell and broke my left wrist. I had surgery and everything progressed well. I was going to my last check up and while getting dressed for the appointment I felt a sharp snap in my left hand and suddenly I could not move my left thumb. I had had my first therapy session the evening before and the therapist was very aggressive. I went to the surgeon and he said that I would have to have surgery to repair the tendon in my thumb or I would not be able to use my thumb again. I went into surgery the next morning and was back in a cast for three weeks. During both the healing for the bone break and the tendon I kept slipping out of my casts. I first slipped out of my cast in the seventh week of the bone healing. I got one morning, sat up on the edge of the bed and my cast slipped forward to the end of my fingers. I took my right hand and just pulled the cast off. Then I attempted to get the cast back on and it would not go back. I went into a brace for a week and then was mending nicely, hand working as normal when the tendon snapped. The end of the second week of the tendon break I had to get a new cast and then the next week that cast also slipped off. I went into a brace for two weeks and then into using my hand. The surgeon wanted me to be more aggressive with my healing and I said aggression was what caused the tendon to break in the first place. I love to crochet and after about three months I began to crochet again. It has proved to be excellent exercise as well as all of the typing that I do in my business. I just had my final check up with the surgeon and he has released me with a smile. After six casts and two braces I am sure that he is glad to see me go.

Here is my story from the beginning.

In January 2006 I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. The doctor called me on the phone to give me the news–no personal touch there. He told me that I had cancer, in a rather flat tone of voice. I was in shock, even though I wasn’t surprised at the diagnosis, I am a medical intuitive and could see the tumor lying in the bottom right side of my uterus, looking much like a fried egg with the yolk as the tumor. Just like anyone else, I hoped I was wrong about what I was seeing in my body.

He then proceeded to tell me that since I have no health insurance I would have to go to a University Hospital for surgery and then chemo. He spoke of catastrophic financial burden and was just getting into painting the picture really black, when I said, “Wait a minute! I feel that I would like to have five months to see what I can do wholistically.” “He said, “That sounds realistic enough.” Thus started a whole new learning curve for me.

As I mentioned the tumor looked like a fried egg. It was bloody looking and I was experiencing some bleeding which is what sent me to the doctor to begin with. I had been experiencing pain in the area of the cancer for over a year, but could not really pinpoint the cause until the bleeding started. I have heard that cancer doesn’t hurt until it is too advanced to do anything about it. I feel that that probably isn’t true, but people may dismiss the pain as something else, as I did. I thought it was just the aging process.

Before I got off the phone with the doctor, I had a major insight. I knew from my core that in order to be healed I HAD TO LOVE THE CANCER!!! When we fight something, like a disease we are focusing on the thing we don’t want rather than the healing or positive outcome. Love keeps the attention on what is desired–wellness, happiness, prosperity, love. I made the choice not to tell anyone that I felt would not support my healing, until I had gained a measure of balance within myself. The drama of disease does not uplift the psyche.

I have learned that when you have a question or desire that is very powerful, you attract answers. You have to pay attention in order not to miss the answers when they come. I immediately called my homeopath to see what she could offer me in the way of healing help. She said she would make a homeopathic treatment for me and she told me about intensive Vitamin C IV therapy. Hark! The first of many answers to the question “How do I heal the cancer?”

I live in a small (8,000 people) town in central Wyoming, which may be at this moment, one of the more backward states when it comes to alternative healing. I had no idea where I could go to get IV Vitamin C, but I thought the next best thing is to take Vitamin C orally. That afternoon I went to see my acupuncturist and she said, “Take Vitamin C to bowel tolerance” or until it causes diarrhea. I started out taking 22,000mg of vitamin C a day. That lasted a week and then I cut back to 20,000mg. After about two weeks I had to reduce to 18,000mg. I stayed on that for about six weeks and then decreased to 15,000mg and then to 12,000mg. By the end of May I was on 9,000mg and have stayed on that ever since.

My acupuncturist told me that she was not allowed to treat me for cancer. I said, “No, but you can continue to treat my kidneys and liver.” She said, “Yes, I can.” The herbs and treatments have been most helpful.

The third message I got was from a friend of mine who is a chiropractor, iridologist, nutritionist and wholistic healer. She told me about a man in northern Wyoming who had a couple of machines called Theramag. These machines work on electromagnetic field. The information that I read on them described how the magnetic field would clear the blood as it coursed through your veins. The idea I got was that it worked something like dialysis, but without having the blood removed from the body, very non-invasive. We went to the town where the machines were located and spent a week there. I was on the machines most of each day. The arm machine required an hour each time and the foot machine required 45 min. I was on each machine three times every day. The man who owned these machines, had bought the first machine for his father who had advanced bladder cancer. He took his father to Colorado where his father was placed on the arm machine for one hour and experienced such relief that this man bought the machine, loaded it into his truck and took it back to Wyoming with him. After a month on the machine, four times a day, his dad with clinically declared “cancer free”.

I returned to use the machines again in February of 2006 and this time the man had obtained a machine called a V.I.B.E. machine. The V.I.B.E. was created based on the work of Nichola Thesla–the Thesla coil. We bagan to V.I.B.E. each day before I got on the Theramag machine and it seemed to me that it increased the healing ability of the Theramags. We started out at two minutes the first day and increased the time each day one minute. The maximum V.I.B.E. in one day is ten minutes twice a day with about 6 hours in between sessions. This time as I was on the machines I watched the cancer diminish to almost a shadow on the wall of my uterus.

Perhaps the most important thing that I did was to immediately change my eating habits. I was given a copy of a “Cancer Diet”. It said nothing about Ph, but I had read Dr. Theodore Baroody’s book “Alkalyze or Die”, so I knew the importance of getting the Ph up to between 6.5 and 7.0. This provides an alkaline state in the body and disease cannot thrive in an alkaline state. The vitamin C was helping to create a healthy climate and proper eating habits would increase the state of health. I stopped eating meat, salt, sugar, dairy and gluten for three weeks. I ate fresh vegetables and fruit, organic when I could get them. I ate nuts and nonsulfured, dried fruit.

I made sure that everything fresh I ate was washed with a solution that would take off pesticides, waxes and poisonous residues. I ate as much as I wanted of the things that I could eat, so I was never hungry. After a few days, though, my stomach began to shrink anyway, because I just wasn’t eating as much. I juiced carrots, celery, cabbage, beets and made healthy drinks. The first month I juiced wheat grass, but I could not get high quality wheat grass so I juiced other veggies instead. Remember, I can eat anything I want, but I made a conscious choice to eat for life.

When the body dies it becomes extremely acid, almost immediately, which is a call for all manner of microbes to come and aid in the decomposition of the bodily materials. When you eat fast food, junk food, lots of fried food and meat, soda pop, candy and many of the things that are standard fare for the children and adults of America, you create the same climate in your body as though you have died, causing microbes start doing their natural job which brings on the onset of disease. It is a disconcerting fact, but one I had to face if I wanted to live and live well.

After three weeks I began to eat some chicken and white fish. I felt better with some protein and soy does not agree with me very well. I continued to eat for an alkaline body. I have continued to watched my food intake and I have dropped one hundred pounds since January 2006 without feeling in the least deprived. People say, “Oh, you poor thing. You can’t have bread or sugar or pasta or coffee or soda.” I say, “Certainly I can, but I have proven to myself that it just isn’t worth it.” A healthy body involves a healthy emotional climate as well as healthy physical climate.

The Discovery Channel has run a program called “Honey, we’re killing the kids”. It shows children making awful faces at healthy food because they are addicted to processed and fast food. The parents just prefer to “take the easy way” and feed the kids what they want. Now the public schools are doing the very same thing. Teenagers are dying of heart attacks at 16-20 years old.

Fifty years ago more people lived in the country, the pace of life was slower and people had a constitutional lineage that was much stronger. Today’s children are much larger, but many are not as healthy.

Since the diagnosis I have taken homeopathics for pesticides, connective tissue, detoxifier for the liver, bowel discomfort for the pancreas and heavy metal detox because of the intense amounts of mercury, lead and many other toxic metals that we get in greater doses than is healthy, including the barium that I had to drink in order to have an Cat Scan in January to see where the cancer was in my body. The medical association is totally locked into the cut/burn/poison syndrome. They often get very reactive at the idea that there might be other, kinder ways of treating a disease called cancer, which by it’s very name strikes terror into the heart and mind of the whole population–those diagnosed and those who have to watch.

My five months was up in June and I found a lovely doctor in Riverton, Wy. who moved to this area from San Diego. She is medical minded, but open to alternatives. My last biopsy showed level a, stage one cancer which is the closest to noncancer you can get and still have it. I can no longer see the shadow in my uterus and I have had no bleeding since June. My highest choice is that my next biopsy will show no cancer at all.

I turned 64 on September 6. This has been a year of challenges. My faith, my focus and my persistence have all been sorely tested. I am glad to say that the law of attraction really works–“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. I have, with the help of supportive friends and family been able to come this far and I trust that I can go the rest of the way.

In May of 2011 I have a complete hysterectomy . The cancer had gone to stage three and I had begun to bleed. I had the surgery done in Billings and Dr. Gibb was my surgeon. He is an excellent surgeon and did a wonderful job. I had radiation for five weeks. I have been on a three month check up plan and things are going well.

It is now 2014. I turned 71 in September of 2013 and my health is excellent. I am on a six month check up plan and both surgeon and radiologist are happy with my progress. My life is exciting and I feel that that contributes to my high energy and well being.

I will continue to update this page as things progress. Here are some wonderful websites that have excellent information on cancer and other diseases:
google: dr.garry gordon stop the thyroid madness

These are some extremely informational websites and some of them have links to other sources of information.

No matter what type of cancer or what disease you may be working with, hope and joy are key healers. Doubt is a killer. Faith, even with fear, can lead to overcoming any difficulty. Laughter is literally the best medicine. I have been very fortunate to have people around me who have a wonderful sense of humor. We have laughed a lot. There are those who have just disappeared from my life out of their fear of dealing with the potential loss of a friend, but most everyone as remained staunch in their support. For that I am most grateful.

Did I mention that gratitude is another major key in the healing practice? We have been taught to be thankful for what we have already received. Gratitude reaches into areas where there is an unknown factor, places where there is no proof yet of the good for which we are being thankful.