The Voice of the Gatekeepers offers many services for personal enrichment. Whether it is a workshop or live event at The Rainbow Center in Lander Wyoming, in person with Molly Rowland or over the phone, each session can be recorded for you to study further to discover new truths about your path to wholiness and abundance. CD’s or mp3s available

Gift certificates are available for all services and products. You may call 307 335-8113 for more information.


The Personal Growth Package for 2017 will continue to be offered. Starting in 2014 St. Germain has been offering a Personal Growth package which includes the monthly Teachings and Q and A as call-ins or CDs, mp3s or DVDs as well as a one hour private session each month to discuss your own personal growth, changes and concerns. This package is $120 per month and requires a six month commitment.

The Personal Growth subject for 2018 will be: The Magick Continues–The Virtues, a Masters Tool Chest.

St. Germain speaks of the Virtues as the tools of Life and the building blocks of our becoming. Remembering the Virtues and how utilize them, supports the movement into connection with our deepest inner knowing and our DNA which contains all of our memories.

Channeled Sessions

Channeled Sessions with Molly can be heard in public groups, semi-private sessions and private sessions.
Public Sessions are approximately 3 hours long and for groups of 7 or more people. The public group sessions are set in advance. Check here for the schedule.

Semi-private sessions are also 3 hours long and are for groups of 3-6 individuals. Contact Molly with the number of people in the group, their names and emails and addresses and for Payment options.

One set of CD’s or mp3s  is included in the price.
Private sessions are approximately two hours and are $270.00. One or two people may share this.

If St. Germain is not your Gatekeeper, then you may call in your gatekeeper as part of the session.

Medical Intuitive

A complete scan of physical, emotional, mental and subtle bodies. Suggestions are offered on health regimens, techniques, exercises and meditations to improve all levels of health. Past life influences on health may be discussed. The cost is $200.00 and you receive 1 to 1.5 hours on CD or mp3.

Astrological Charts

Natal chart interpretation – $200.00.
2 hours, on CD or mp3

Solar Return (yearly update) – $200.00
1 to 1.5 hours, on CD or mp3

Composites for couples, coworkers, boss and employee, etc.- $200.
2 hours, on CD or mp3