Our Fall Intensive 2017 — The Elements and Elementals of Magik

Fall Intensive Our fall intensive will be November 10, 11-12. The title is “The Elements and Elementals of Magik”. The elements effect everything in life. Each person has a primary element that is the element most easily accessed in many situations. It also shows in the personality and the nature. All elements are accessible, but the primary element is a personal dynamic. The elementals—gnomes (earth), sylphs (air), undines (water) and salamanders (fire), as well as, Aether (spirit) are a natural part of life and even though most of the time humans have little or no awareness of them they still play a very important part of life in general and how the natural aspects of life function. St. Germain will talk about our elements, how to work with elementals, how to interact with aspects of nature and how to become much more attuned to how they feel, look and respond positively. We have been so long deliberately out of sync with nature, but as revelation brings us into harmony with the truly important factors of Life once more, the magik, which is the true living of Life, is reinstated, no matter what the beliefs of more recent times have mandated. Magik is only to be feared if there is the breaking of the Divine Laws that set it in motion in the beginning.

The intensive will be from 10-2 on the 10th, 10 am to 6 pm on the 11th and 10 am to 4 pm on the 12th. The cost for this three-day intensive is $350.

St. Germain will be offering this workshop here in the beautiful mountains of central, western Wyoming, not too far from Table Mountain, which is one of St. Germain’s special places in the world. This area is filled with sacred vortexes and is a wonderful place to feel the magik, both ancient and now. We invite you to join us in this amazing opportunity to remember the magik and rediscover yourself. The cost for this three day workshop is $350.

You are invited to join us in person. CDs and mp3s of the work shop will be available. The intensive is $350 for the three days and the CDs or mp3s will be $150 for the work shop. Call 307 335-8113 for reservations or information.


St Germain’s Personal Growth series will continue in 2018. The Teachings will be The Magick Continues–The Virtues, A Master’s Tool Chest starting in January. We invite you to join us through call-in and/or CDs/mp3s. The Personal Growth Package includes one hour with St. Germain each month as well as the CDs/mp3s of the Teaching and Q & A each month for $120.00. St. Germain also does a group each month that brings in other aspects of what the Teachings are offering.


January Teaching–Practical Magik-How Do You Create? We create all of the time, every moment with each and every thought. We take it for granted and often create things that are not at all what we wish to have happen. To feel into the emotions and energy of our creations before we actuate the potential outcome is vital, because what ever we send out returns to us magnified.

February Teaching–“Living Your Magik Now!!” Because the world wants to get ahead of everything there is a tendency to leave self for “new ideas and change”. Magik operates where you are. It influences the future, but it cannot be made to work where you are not. You send out a spell to influence and precipitate change and it begins the process of shifting the time/space continuum from where you are forward, rather than from out there back to you. Any attempt to live life away from Now simply creates a feeling of being unsupported or alone. Magik constantly supports your being in the moment NOW. Living Now is Magikal.

March Teaching–“Focus, Concentration and Discipline”. The EGO seeks to create confusion, to DIVIDE AND CONQUER! It is almost magikal how keeping your focus on positives, concentrating on the moment and exercising the discipline of staying centered and clear about where you choose your life to move can change everything right NOW!

April Teaching–

“The Youth of Magik”.  Many people are seeking Youth, but they are looking outside of themselves for pills, potions, surgery and other “miraculous” things to make the changes while inside they still feel “old, tired, and uninspired”. The remembrance of Magik restores true joy, fun and enthusiasm of life which is what youth often has that the mature human feels is too irresponsible. Find and feel the Magik and youth begins to move in your life.

May Teaching–“The More”. People want more, think about having more and then doubt that they can obtain more or if they believe that if they do get more there has to be a price. St. Germain will speak about the greater levels of “MORE” that exist beyond the limits of Illusion. There is always More and plenty More where that came from.

June Teaching–“Logic, Practicality, Science and Nature”. Logic and practicality at least verbally embrace science, but often dismiss nature as something only to be exploited for financial gain. There are many scientists who are beginning to go where science was not allowed and they are finding the wonder of nature and the fact that nature is a bridge to where life on Earth must go to survive. Those who seek to destroy nature are bringing karmic balance to themselves, much quicker now as time is moving so much faster.

July Teaching–Leading up to our intensive in November St. Germain will speak about the elements for the next four months.

“The Element: FIRE”. The elements are an important aspect of magik because of the integral involvement with nature that magik brings. Fire is the easiest of all of the elements to work with and manipulate. St. Germain will talk about how fire is influencing things on the planet.

August Teaching–“The Element AIR”. Air is associated with the mind and the breath of Spirit. When we use the element Air in our magik we call in laws of communication and sending of messages. The flow of Air brings so much good into our lives.

September Teaching–“The Element EARTH”. The element of earth provides grounding and foundations in our lives. In a spell, calling earth is drawing energy of protection and power through the earth element. Earth strengthens the physical body, affairs that are connected to physical life and healing and strengthening our earthly endeavors.

October Teaching–“The Element Water”. As water makes up at least 85% of the human body, it is an extremely important element. The Earth herself is primarily water. The emotional component of humanities totality is undergoing major shifts and changes. In magik the element water brings cleansing and clearing. Water can cool the fires of anger and wash away old wounds. Water and Earth create grow and abundance, while fire and Water act as motivators in spell work.

November Teaching–“The Tools of the Magikian and Using Them Well”. The year of Practical Magik 101 is almost complete. St. Germain brings ideas, review and reminders around what the year has brought us.

December Teaching–“The Blending of Magic and Magik to Become Magick”.

We are drawing the ends of The Golden Circle of the Ancient to meet the Now! As the Circle closes we begin to feel the essence of the Sacred Spiral lifting us higher. The Magick of the Ancients is returning. The Magic of the Illusion is being transformed and humanity is experiencing internal changes that have to do with the evolution of the planet and the Human Race. These shifts are required. How we allow them is personal.




January  Teaching– “Sacred Alchemy: Using Your Power in Love”. In 2016, St. Germain is going to talk about sacred alchemy and how it can change our lives. For January, we get the reminder that we are alchemists through how we use the creative essence of Love in our lives. It is more important than ever that we understand, where ever our thoughts and emotions are being directed has a huge effect on others, but an even bigger effect on us.

February Teaching–“Sacred Alchemy: Keeping Your Personal Energy High”. When you are down, depressed, frustrated or angry it is a clear indication that your spiritual energy level has dropped. Rushing to get a cup of coffee or a power drink only supports the illusion of energy and soon you are down again. In fact, stimulants can make you even more angry or depressed. You are surrounded by the energy of Source inside and outside. All you have to do to fill up is focus on beauty. Look at the beauty around you. If you cannot see something beautiful, then remember something beautiful that you have seen and let the energy of that memory bring a sense of fulfillment into you. Keep focusing on the beauty, until you begin to see the things around you change in color and shape. As they brighten and become more beautiful feel the changes in your physical/mental/emotional bodies. You will feel lighter and freer. Keep filling yourself up with beauty when you feel the lease bit down and soon you will find it is much easier to keep your energy high.

March Teaching–“Sacred Alchemy: Faith and Prosperity” People have no idea just how much faith influences the flow of prosperity into the life. The more trust there is in the Love of the Divine the stronger the connection to Source.  Even in times when the balance of power on the planet is shifting, when there is a firm faith, things seem to be revealed when it is time. Power sources in the physical plane are beginning to change. The old resources are beginning to dwindle and fresh new ways of bringing energy to homes and highways are coming forth. There is always plenty. The necessity of looking to the unknown future and allowing revelation to show the way takes great courage and, yes!, Faith.

April Teaching–“Sacred Alchemy: Courage is not the Absence of Fear”. We are being confronted with change on a daily, sometimes momentary, basis. Courage is not living without fear, but the willingness to move through it to find out what is on the other side. The old order has told us that if we are afraid we mustn’t move. We must stop and make ourselves as small as possible. Everything in the cosmos is calling us to stand up, be strong for ourselves and feel the Truth emerging within us; a Truth that allows us to live with kindness, compassion and respect of all, because we are One.

May Teaching–“Sacred Alchemy: The False Darkness”. As the Illusion is passing the realizations are coming up from the depths of self that there has been a darkness imposed on humanity that wasn’t a part of the Truth of Spirit. God created all things in balance, light and dark, but this darkness was woven from the web of the separation and now that it is passing humanity is feeling a new energy of Love and the potential for the Magik of Mastery to return to Earth in its purest form. St. Germain discusses how we can now move out from under the false darkness (the burden of lineage issues) that has weighed us down for life times and feel new freedom.

June Teaching–“Calling All Magikians”. Own who you are. Feel the sense of empowerment that flows through you as you recognize the truth that is emerging, as the mists of the past are breaking apart. We see you. We know who you are. We honor you in Love. Your very Beingness is precious. Feel it. FEEL IT. FEEL IT!! Feel you heart opening like a flower to the love light. Feel a deeper sense of yourself than you have known in life times. Love your Magik.

July Teaching– “Sacred Alchemy: The Art of Prayer”. Prayer is a blending with the divine. It is asking to be show the way in quietude and reverence. It is a stilling of the mental chatter. It is the waiting to hear what Spirit has to share. The Art of Prayer is a Sacred Art just as living life well is. Prayer is a path to the Love and Magik that are returning to Earth now.

August Teaching–“Chaos and the Healing of Our World with Sacred Magik.”. When acts of violence are perpetrated in Sacred places over and over the doors that have held The Other away begin to weaken. The Middle East holds one of the largest areas of Sacred Space on the planet. The continued violence is creating openings for energies, that have been feared because of the Illusion taught that they were evil, to return to the physical realms. As the Magik is free to return each being is faced with new choices about the use of power.

September Teaching–“Sacred Alchemy: Stepping from Illusion into Reality; Discovery of Self”. The Illusion was created to prevent humanity from progressing too far. The limits and fears of “shadow truth” have kept us huddled in smallness. The courage to step into new, bigger, more beautiful creations brings a dawning awareness of who we truly are. In order to experience reality, we are required to feel how reality feels. The experience of our true self is beyond emotions. It is astounding.

October Teaching–“Sacred Alchemy: Magik, Physics and Recognizing your Mastery”. Magik is the first understanding of what in the modern world is called physics. The technology of the these times is amazing, but the magik of the ancients is still far more advanced than anything that this world of today can imagine, partly because you have be warned away from your own personal magik for so long. Anything that science and technology can create outwardly, you can create within.

November Teaching–“Sacred Alchemy: “The Words You Speak Carry Great Power”. There is much power in the words that anyone speaks. Over the last few months the political arena has been a hot bed of unpleasant words. Threats leave a toxic energy in the atmosphere where they are spoken. The words that you speak evoke energy that influences the lives of all involved and many that will enter the space afterward. You can enter a temple and feel the reverence of the words spoken there, even centuries. You can enter a room where an argument has been and even though you did not hear the fight the energy of the space is charged with the electrical power of anger. Not only what you say, but what you are entertaining in your inner space, also carries great power.

December Teaching–“Sacred Alchemy: “Drawing Faith from Within”. The world tends to look outside of self for everything including conformation of well-being. When you begin to trust your own inner knowing to show you the internal support, that nothing outside can replace, you find a strength that has been waiting to be acknowledged for life times—the deep Faith of the Ancients has always been with you and within you.



The Personal Growth Package includes the monthly Teachings, Q and A as call-ins or CDs, mp3s or DVDs and a one hour personal session with the Master to discuss your own personal growth, evolution and concerns each month. The package is $120 per month with a six month commitment. We  still have some openings. We have now starting our third year and nearly everyone who started in 2014 is still taking part in the Personal Growth. It is so exciting to see people having amazing, life changing experiences that are occurring in their own life. This is not about what others are doing, THIS IS ABOUT YOU! As you make the spiritual connections within, you see a world that has always existed right where you are, but could not be Revealed until you were ready. St. Germain is so helpful in giving information, assistance and support without interfering in your personal process.

2015 Teachings


We talk about EGO as though we understand and yet it is an aspect that often causes us to wonder exactly what is going on in our lives, with other people and where we are headed in general. St. Germain will assist us to have a clearer vision of how EGO works in our lives and what we can change in order to integrate the EGO so that it becomes our servant rather than a dominating force in our life.

The feed back on this teaching has been gratifying. St. Germain has brought a whole new perspective to understanding what EGO is and how it works.

February-Let’s Talk about Energy

Since everything that we are and all that is in our world is energy, St. Germain directs our attention to using our own personal energy in ways that not only up lift and recreate our own lives, but help others to find a higher consciousness and clearer appreciation of who they are and how to move forward. As we begin to acknowledge that everyone has a purpose, whether they have found it or not, and that reason for being is now becoming clearer all of the time.

March–Relationships and Power Struggles

We have all encountered “differences of opinion”, arguments, heated discussions and distancing in relationships of all kinds. St. Germain helps us to discover why these conflicts arise and how to begin to heal the old patterns that cause us to fall back into power struggles that began in our childhood. We can move into a loving place with ourselves that allows us to send positive, powerful energy to help others feel more aligned and brings a willingness for cooperation for all.

April–Connecting to Universal Energy

We think of energy as the ability to make it through our day without fatigue or the power to meet the challenges of life. As the planet is escalating into higher frequencies we are beginning to be made aware of the truth of the space that we occupy and how much Universal input we are receiving. We can no longer think of ourselves as small. The Universe is becoming a bigger part of our lives every day.

May–Allowing Personal Peace

We have believed that peace is something that we have to make happen. Often we think that it is something that others provide by how they live or what they do. Now it is becoming more apparent all of the time that we create peace within and how we create that not only establishes a peaceful environment for us, but funds the world with a whole new sense of peace as a personally involved process.

June–Life without Pain

Pain has been such a part of life on the planet that it has spawned industries to help people deal with their pain. If there were no pain most every one on the earth would be much richer. The drugs, surgeries, pills and potions that are bought to stop the suffering cost billions of dollars each year. As each person begins to consider where they are directing their thoughts and how those limits contribute to the pain, each one can begin to “CHANGE THEIR WORLD AND THUS THE WORLD”.

July–Keeping the Power of Love

St. Germain continues to build the energy of our Mastery again in July by reminding us that our ability to Love is a sacred gift given to us by creation. For a long time we have set it aside in order to play in the Illusions, but Love never left us. It is the flame that burns on the alter of the heart/Soul. It is the light that guides our awakening and shows us by faith the next step and then the next one. As we live in personal peace and discover that life can be without pain, we are called to keep the power of our Love as our deepest treasure.

August–Your Realm of Influence

The space that you live in energetically is your realm of influence. Most people have the idea that their realm of influence is quite small. Actually, your realm of energy influence is about 30 miles and growing all of the time. You influence people that you will never meet, as well as those that you know and are close to. This is not just another bit of trivia to think about, marvel over and dismiss. This understanding requires to be anchored within you so that you live according to the way that you wish your world to be. You do not make your world by forcing others to comply to your wishes. You create a world that is for the highest good of all and the result is that you also achieve the highest and best for yourself.

September–Motivation without Force

We have been so accustomed pushing to accomplish everything, from the need to do more all of the time to the competition to get ahead and succeed. In the push and shove of life we often loose the drive to create in the force of “doing”. When we come home to our inner self we find the spirit of life never went anywhere. We still can have the motivation to move forward without the force of having to over achieve. Love provides the canvas upon which we can design our lives and live them well.

October–The Mystical Connection of Remembering

As you recognize the changes within yourself you begin to feel the Magik of who you are more and more. It may seem small and fleeting, but each remembering brings the connection closer. You are experiencing your own personal dawning of the Age of Aquarius and it brings excitement to your life and the intrigue that draws you forward, deeper and deeper into the mystical memories of both past and future.

November–Pride and Self Value

Pride can be both positive and negative depending on where you place your attention. The arrogance of superiority can cause pride to be painful, not only to those who are judged less but to the one who judges them less. Personal Self Value allowed the filters of fear to be removed and the appreciation of self to expand which then allows a totally different perspective of everything.

December–Envisioning Your Future Self

St. Germain has named 2016 the Year of Embracing the New Self. This teaching opens the door to the potentials that we can experience in envisioning who we are becoming and what we can create in the shifts and changes that are occurring.


The Teachings for 2014:



Success is Real and Sustainable–March

How do I Know That I Am a Master/Magikian?–April

Death and Living–May

Fear is not a Weakness–June

Masters are Interdependent–July

The Money is Always There–Where are You?–August

Mastery is not Hard Work–September


Loving Relationships–November

Sexuality, Creativity and the Divine–December


You can go to Molly’s YouTube and hear clips of the Teachings. Go to, MollyRowland33.

Check below for descriptions of the 2014 Teachings


2014 PERSONAL GROWTH Teachings

Our  Teachings and Q & A continue each month plus all who choose can spend an hour of personal time with St. Germain each month to experience the loving assistance of the Masters in our own personal growth.

Our January Teaching with the Master –Karma .

Karma is the Divine Law of balance. It is not about punishment or retribution, but the maintenance of
harmony in the universe. As long as we have life in physical form there will be Karma in those lives. Karma is the unconditional Law of Kindness and Truth in Justice. It is not designed by the logical mind but was set in motion before we were created so that the universe would continue to function by Divine design.

The Teaching for February–Control

The perspective that the Masters have on Control is that it has no energetic space in the higher realms. Control is an energy of war and conflict and therefore cannot operate with much effect in Love. Letting go of the need for Control is a powerful move into our connection to our Mastery.

The Teaching for March–Success is Real and Sustainable

Our March Teaching with the Master is “Success is Real and Sustainable.” St.
Germain spoke of this in the newsletter article in February and now he wishes
to expand on that beginning. Success has been seen as a Golden Opportunity that
belongs only to a chosen few. Yet success is so much more than just a monetary
increase. It is a whole new way of life.

Our Teaching for April–How Do I Know that I Am a Master/Magikian?

So many people have been asking this question. It is kind “Are we there yet?” St. Germain says that we are making great movement and that we truly are already Masters. It is just recognizing that we are from the inside that makes the difference.

The May Teaching–Death and Living

As so many are leaving the physical plane, St. Germain reminds us that even death as we have known it is changing. We are learning to live real for the first time in thousands of years and it is shifting how we relate to everything from each other to the Cosmos.

The June Teaching–Fear is not a Weakness

Fear is not a bad thing as long as you do not give it so much power that it immobilizes you. It is time to realize that fighting Fear only keeps it close. Feel the Fear and move into it, embrace the energy and move on through. Fear is an illusion connected to physical life,  a tool of the EGO that has gotten out of hand. It can be a mental construct and can feel very real until you meet it and then fear scurries away, disappearing into the fog of confusion that the EGO creates, waiting for another chance to bring limit to the life. Fear can be a tool for a Master to use in understanding the next step of evolution.

The July Teaching–Masters are Interdependent

We are moving into spiritual essence that calls us to be more cooperative, unified and accepting of one another. St. Germain speaks of how Masters are neither dependent or independent, but interdependent. In the Illusion It has seemed important to do things all by ourselves to prove that we are self-sufficient. In Mastery we share with others on all levels and in all things in Love.

The August Teaching–The Money is Always There–Where are You?

We have reached appoint where money seems to be the most important thing in life. Yet many people believe that they do not have enough, no matter how much there is. Others are chasing the illusive dream of lots of money with no effort, while “hard work” is their motto. St. Germain reminds us that everything that we desire and everything that we require is right at the tips of our fingers behind the veil of our disbelief. As we merge into higher dimensional frequencies we begin to see thing totally different an suddenly, what we could not see before is right where we are. St. Germain discusses the “blender” technique that helps us to put everything–both positive and negative in a violet blender and create an alchemical elixir that can transmute the old limits and bring us into contact with who we truly are.

The September Teaching–Be Yourself–Living Beyond the Limits of Judgment

We are told to be ourselves, but what does it really mean in a world where we are constantly told that anything of value is “out there”? St. Germain tells us of our deep connection with God that exists within us and sustains us in these ever changing times. We look to others to tell us if we are all right, if we are good enough, even if we can succeed. As we find that connection within we can live beyond the illusion and all of its many judgments. we can LIVE REAL!

The October Teaching–Happiness

We think about happiness, we think we might be happy if certain things come into our life, but St. Germain shows us how to recognize happiness and realize that we are happier than we might have believed.

The November Teaching–Loving Relationships

The planet is moving more and more into an energy where involvement with others is not just for gain or conflict, but to truly have a loving union with everyone. Yes, everyone! Loving relationships begin within self and if you do not feel the Love within yourself, it is not altogether possibly to fully relate to anyone else, especially in intimacy (In-to-Me-See).

The December Teaching–Sexuality, Creativity and the Divine

You might wonder how these concepts connect, yet just for starters the eight house in the astrological chart embraces all of these aspects in one essence. Sexuality is power, money is power and the eight house of the horoscope is about shared values. Most of all our personal value in connection to God/good is power. Are you owning your power? Do you live powerfully in Love? Can you accept without fear just how truly powerful you are? St. Germain will shed light on these questions and more.




St. Germain gave us sacred teachings that have been there all along, but were treated as though they were for only certain groups of people. NOW is the time for everyone to remember who they are and these teachings are simple, clear and timely.

January 2013 Teaching  “An Introduction to  the Teachings”

St. Germain gives amazing information about things that he will discuss throughout the year

February’s Teaching  “What is Real Love and What is Love Really?”.

We have beliefs and ideas about love that range from romantic to power struggles. St. Germain redefines Love on a higher level including ourselves first. The energy  of the Teachings is as powerful as the words or more so. Yes, it comes through on the CD’s and mp3’s.

March Teaching  “Affirmations, Decrees and Meditation”

Not only is this about the power of affirmations, decrees and meditation, but excellent information on the clear understanding of just how these energies affect our lives and how to use them wisely.

April Teaching “What Do You Believe Rich Is?”

It is time for the whole of humankind to remember the absolute dynamics of our ability to manifest. It is not something that we continue to DO or MAKE HAPPEN, but in reconnecting with the fullness of our own dominion over the energy of the Universe we can bring about wonders when our cosmic energy is used in Love.

May Teaching “Forgiving the Inner War”

We have fought for, over and about everything for so long that we do not even realize when we are fighting. The energy of conflict prevents much of what we desire from coming to us as the frequency of the Earth is up spiraling. “Doing” is an out focus of energy that leaves us feeling depleted. Fighting separates us from the clarity of what we are really seeking to create. War gives no quiet place to get within ourselves to find the inner wisdom that will support us in what we have been praying for for life times–Connectedness to the Creator. St. Germain speaks about the power of letting go, through forgiveness, of the inner dialogue, fight or flight and things that distance us from who we really are.

June Teaching “Forgiveness”

After we begin to acknowledge the inner war we can find the compassion to forgive ourselves and others much easier.

July Teaching “If You Desire to Be Well You Can”

We have been taught to fight disease–mentally physically, emotionally. War does not induce healing. Wanting a healing or needing a healing energetically olds the power of wellbeing away because the focus is still on getting rid of the disease. When you Love yourself so well that you can focus on being well with all of your being, you surely can be well.

August Teaching “The Master That You Are”

St. Germain always calls us Masters because we are. As we are willing to accept that we are Masters having a human experience instead of small humans struggling to become something that we already are, the ability to live as a Master is easy.

September Teaching “Under the Dome: All Escape Routes from Self Are Closing”

St. Germain uses the TV series based on Stephen King’s book “Under the Dome” to demonstrate how we have been trapped by our EGO in the Illusion. The Master shows us that the way out of the “trap” is coming home to ourselves within.

October Teaching “By What Measure Do You Value Yourself?”

We have been indoctrinated to believe in personal lack and limit. St. Germain calls us to discover the wealth of wonder that exists within the inner realms of our consciousness. These are not the mental realms where negative thought dwells, but the connected places of Higher Consciousness. Do you measure yourself against others, feeling that you come up short or that you are better than others? Or do you value yourself by your true measure which is the wonder of who you really are?

November Teaching “The Vulnerability of Freedom”

Humanity cries out for Freedom and is willing to go to war to get it. Yet there is a vulnerability in the process of living in freedom that cannot be won in the physical realms. The vulnerability is connected to the Love and Compassion that make freedom real and True. If you really desire to be free you are required to forgive the war to get it.

December Teaching “The Grace of Living: Your Life is Sacred”

St. Germain calls this the Master’s Gift to you. We have lived so long apart from the truth of all that we are. We are Divinely created and in the forgetfulness of the Illusion we set aside the understanding of our greatest. As we live in Grace we remember the grace of our being. The life that we are granted is indeed Sacred.

The Teachings and Q & A will be available on CD or mp3 for $15 for each evening.




The groups are informational sharing’s that St. Germain offer once each month. They do not necessarily reflection the monthly Teachings, but will augment the information that the Master is giving at the time.

CDs and mp3s of all of the groups are available for $15 each.