2018 Group Sessions - CD, MP3 or Call In

2018 Group Sessions  -  CD, MP3 or  Call In
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January-“Can Your See Me?” We hear a lot about unseen people who feel as though they do not exist. Perhaps they are ill, handicapped (physically, mentally or emotionally), perhaps there is a fear to show up and be seen or the doubt that anyone cares. St. Germain addresses this question and offers loving advice to help those who have so much to offer, to accept that they are worthy and valuable.

February-"The Divine Feminine Influence on the Earth" The February group is presented by the Goddesses Isis, Artemes and Kwan Yin. We are seeing evidence of the emergence of the Goddess energy everywhere. The patriarchy views this as the loss of masculine power. The Goddess is stepping into her role of balance of her Divine counterpart. This is not a power struggle between genders, but a movement to a much more harmonious state of being. This opening to new levels of compassion, calls for forgiveness of women for themselves and forgiveness of how men have been allowed to move through life believing that they deserved to dominate the Earth and all of her people. This shift to a gentler, kinder, more heart-opened way of being for all is bringing disruption everywhere as these changes are coming from the Soul center outward rather than being generated by the intellectual point of distancing from the issues. Each person is beginning to feel the necessity to be different. The challenge is that these changes cannot be planned, controlled or ignored.

March-"Finding Who You are in the New Millennium”, defines the movement of energy from the Full Moon in Virgo on the first, when the energy of Goddess emerging peaks in power, once again, to the Full Moon in Libra on the 31st of March, when the response of humanity must begin to reflect a willingness to embrace Love without a condition rather than the old, intolerant concepts of the patriarchal order.  More softening of heart is being revealed every day. The media seeks to cover the receptive changes with the veils of violence. It is not to overlook what is happening on either side, but to stop taking sides and begin to find ways that bring opinions of all to find a sacred middle ground. The EGO does not accept that there could be a middle ground and disdains it’s potential. St. Germain seeks to bring energetic shifts of consciousness that support new unity.

April-“All of the Beings of Earth Are One”. The arrogance of the Illusion has focused heavily on separation, differences and superiorities/inferiorities. Examining just how heavy the weight of judgments about better than/worse than feels can being the journey to releasing old measures and appreciating that differences are what makes each being beautiful, important and special. Spirit does not look for good and bad, right and wrong or who is better. Spirit enjoys the diversity and uniqueness of all of God’s creation. There would not be so many angry people if they could realize that they are one of a kind, rather than inferior goods measured against others who are also different.

May-“Other Worlds Touching your Own”. As the energy shifts on Earth there will be many revelations that can amaze and concern people who have lived in the “black and white” world of logic. The fact that everyone’s aura intermingles with each and every person that they pass in a day is nothing new to some people, but to others it can be considered offensive until we forgive old judgments. There are also the magickal worlds that are moving into current consciousness and awareness. Faieries, gonmes, trolls, elves, and all of the earth devas, plus many beings that have been so well hidden for so long that they would seem new. The Masters have always known that these worlds existed, but it is a time of major adjustments on the planet and forgiveness of the desire to dissect anything or anyone that is different must start within self.

June-"Quantum Realizations Expand the Finite Mind to New Sight”. There have been beliefs instilled over time that most of humanity is incapable of profound thought. The emphasis on the intellect and yet the denial of information to all has stopped many a great mind from developing to its fullest potential. Some much of what is occurring in humankind is very subtle and yet infinitely beyond what was accepted possible. St. Germain says, “Beloved, Masters, “Astound yourself by allowing rather than doing”. Feel, feel, FEEL” Notice the amazing changes that occur when you stop trying to do things and open yourself to the connectiveness of allowing.

July-“The Commitment to Positive Living Supports Living Mastery”. As the planet is being lifted in its vibrational frequency, it would appear that everything is falling apart. Reconstruction always requires rebuilding and often that means that some things must be rebuilt from the ground up. The strong foundations upon which the rebuilding now takes place are within rather than some spot of earth on the planet. St. Germain offers new vision and direction for all who are courageous and determined to find who they really are. When the weight of old beliefs is removed from ones shoulders the energy of revelation lifts the life to higher vision and Enlightenment offers insights that were not available until the old filters were removed. The choice to live positive requires that each person be clear and present with self and understand that positive choices change the life to move in a whole new direction. Your positive choices have a powerful influence on others. Coercion and control are not positive choices. If the choice feels unsteady, anxious or aggressive it requires the time to feel into, “How can this positively assist myself or anyone else?” When you find yourself in a situation that feels unbalanced, it probably is. Always feel for the Love to guide you.

August-“Are You Feeling the Changes Yet? The closed heart will deny the changes for fear of losing something. People will avow that they do not feel anything. A big part of the issue is the expectation of what spiritual changes might be like. Logic looks for some great, powerful, earth-shaking physical or emotional event. The changes are great and powerful, but often very subtle. If the attention is out in the world then the changes may go unnoticed, because the biggest, most important shifts and changes are occurring in the energy of the heart and/or the Soul Center, the solar plexus. The most vital transformation doesn’t change others first. The strongest transformations start with personal redirection that comes, quite frequently from a “change of heart” rather than mind. Doctors, people with a badge, priests, ministers, rabbis, even politicians have been trusted to be honest, fair and considerate. Now, it would appear that the real sense of trust comes from the Soul recognition rather than the ideal that certain occupations are trustworthy. Feel the spark of FAITH within and if there is a doubt take a moment to feel deeper within for the spiritual signal that you are safe. Safety is not a rational, it is a strong feeling of clear seeing from the inner places. Intuition is trustworthy as long as you do not enter in to an inner argument with logic, which can distort your perceptions.

September-“The EGO Mind is a Double Agent”. The EGO mind is like a two-headed serpent that is always at war with itself. One head is “right” and the other head is “wrong” and if we are prone to listen to the logical mind we can never be completely be satisfied with anything that we do. The EGO will make you THINK that a certain choice or a certain path is correct and as soon as the decision is made the EGO arrives to question every part of why you would choose that way and make suggestions to look at it this way or that way, but always with a critical judgment that implies doubt. If we listen to the logical mind we can never be completely satisfied with anything that we do. The EGO will make you THINK that a certain choice or a certain path is correct and as soon as the decision is made the EGO arrives to question every part of why you would choose that way and make suggestions to look at it this way or that way, but always with a critical judgment that implies doubt.

Examining different ways of doing things brings a broader perspective and greater flexibility, but the EGO uses failure as a weapon and too many choices as a danger to the “right” choice. Humanity is at a cross roads and each person, must get comfortable with faith and trust as strong allies in moving through these challenging times.

October-“Forgive Avoiding Your Inner Self for the Sake of the World’s Drama”. What is going on “out there” in the world can be fascinating, worrisome and distracting. Keeping you focus on how you are being swayed by that outer drama is imperative for you personally. Are you aware of what you are creating when you react to the actions, thoughts and deeds of others? Are you aware of how much personal power you are giving away to the opinions of others? How would you like your world to be? Then it is to begin to make a conscious effort to hold the desire for a world that pleases you. IT BEGINS INSIDE OF YOU! Telling others what they must do simply creates more contention. Paying attention to your own creativity recreates your world to something new and wonderful.

November-“The Wisdom of the Ages: Mysteries Revealed”. People dig through old papers, books and scrolls seeking to find the Ancient Mysteries. They read old languages and attempt to interpret the messages according to modern thought, often inserting personal opinion when things are not clear. As the Awakening occurs within humanity, there is a resurgence of those turning to religion in the hopes that the answers can be found through the interpretation of the church. Each being is blessed with intuition and the ability to discern from within the truth that has been present, energetically since the beginning. The mysteries have been veiled by fear and   misinterpretation, so that there is a certain amount of dread in getting the answers clearly and truly. St. Germain assists us to feel the power of the mysteries within ourselves.

December-“The Spirit of the Season Lies Beyond Outer Affairs”. The focus of the world is being drawn away from self to “What can I buy, what can I get, what can I own, rather than “Who am I really, when all of the things are gone?” So many are finding themselves at a point of question, “Who am I without my things?” It is one of the most powerful and yet, often devastating questions anyone must ever ask. When there is crisis, people will often come together when they would not in “Good times”. How we reflect each other is so important. The question, “Would you take people that you do not know into your home?” is being asked everywhere. How would you feel about someone who offered you assistance? People in other countries are still people. Remember that those who came over on the Mayflower, even though they were “founding fathers”, were people that the English did not want in their country any longer. Often the accusations against them were false, but it did not change how they were viewed even in their own country.